Part 3

"You bellowed..." Chris said as he orbed into the attic.

"I did not bellow," Piper snapped, and then took a deep breath before getting down to business. "I think we need to discuss when you'll be leaving and returning to the future..."

Chris stared at her as if she ha grown an extra head; mind you that wouldn't happen until Wyatt turned 8 and Chris shivered just thinking of it. "Leave? But what about what turns Wyatt?"

Piper sighed, "you've done enough for us to make sure he doesn't turn - now I'm telling you to return to the future!"


"Why? Why! Because I'm you're mother, that's why!" Piper shouted, folding her arms across her chest and giving Chris the look that only an angry mother could achieve.

Chris shrank back, startled and gulped. "Ok ok, I'll go back!"

Piper smiled. "Good. Now be a dear an orb me up 'there' - I need to 'chat' to the Elders."

Chris did so and then returned back to the Attic.

"Like I'm going to go back to the future; damn that's a good trilogy," he muttered to himself. "The future doesn't have Playstation AND here they haven't started that stupid 2 alcoholic drink limit yet. Return to the future, " he scoffed, "yeah right!"



Prue materialise in Phoebe's room and straight away wished she hadn't.

"Oh god yes..." came the groan from the bed.

Prue coughed and began to tap her foot.

"Do you mind? You're making me lose my concentration," a male voice said irritably.

Prue rolled her eyes and flicked her wrist. The man suddenly disappeared, leaving a confused, half naked Phoebe in be alone.

"Phoebe put some clothes on and meet me downstairs in 5 minutes!" Prue ordered.

"Prue!" Phoebe gasped out, so shocked that she almost fell off the bed.

"Now Phoebe!" snapped Prue. "I had very little patience when I was alive and I have even less now I'm dead! So move it!" And with that she disappeared from the room.