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Aurora cried out, when it was a struggle to open her eyes. The bright light didn't help any either. What had happened? Where was she? Everything just seemed to be a blur. But, when she heard his voice, everything began to click again.

"There she is." He exaggerated in a sweet and sickening tone. "Never thought you were going to wake up."

"Maybe, I shouldn't have." A grimace, as she rubbed at her eyes again. "What the hell did you do to me?"

Aidan wagged his finger at her. "You always did ask too many questions."

"They'll find me." The laugh sent chills down her spin. "Dave won't stop until he does." He looked at her, with a deathly glare, at the mention of his nemesis' name. "This is all because of him, isn't it?"

"You're mine, Aurora." He said it, too calm, too cool for her liking. "And you always will be. No matter what."

"Why are you doing this, Aidan? You brought everything upon yourself." She watched him snarl like a dog. "Truth hurts, doesn't it?" Aurora had no time to react, as his hand wrapped around her neck.

"You made me do all those things. You, Aurora." He squeezed and she whimpered in response.

"None of this would be happening, if you would've just fucking listened to me!" Aidan watched in satisfaction, as the blood started to drain from his wife's face. "I never wanted to hurt you." His voice calm, and in a twisted way, filled with sympathy too. "I love you, Aurora."

"Please …" Aurora barely managed. Her hands clawed at his face in desperation, but it was of no use. He was stronger than her, and always had been.

"Don't be afraid, baby." He cooed. "I told you, we'd be together forever."


Melina climbed out of the taxi in a hurry, Randy following suit. Melina barely even noticed the taxi speed off. "How did you know of this place?" Randy questioned, staring up at the barely lit motel sign.

"Aurora …" She started to explain. "I remember her mentioning it. Something about, Aidan bringing her here, when they'd have their personal getaways." Melina cursed to herself, noticing the office being closed. "What kind of fucking motel is this?"

Randy just stared. "All the money in the world, this is where he brings her?" Even that scared a man of Randy Orton's stature.

"There!" Melina pointed out in a loud whisper, making Randy nearly jump out of his skin. "That's Aurora's car, parked over there."

"I'm calling Dave."


"What?" Randy looked at his sister in disbelief.

"He has cops on his tail. It'd be too big of a scene."

Randy started to protest, until he saw the silhouette of a male, crossing by one of the room windows. He ducked his sister out of sight. "Did you see that?" Melina shook her head. "There's somebody in that room, just ahead of us."


"I need to call Dave."


"Melina …" But Randy wasn't quick enough to stop her, from breaking out of his grasp. If it hadn't already, all hell was about to break loose. "Son of a bitch." He whispered harshly to himself, before retreating after his sister.


Dave sat impatiently on the hood of his car, as he watched, in his opinion, the two numb nuts for detectives talk seriously into their cell phones. How in the hell were they supposed to find Aurora this way? Just fucking standing around, wasn't helping anything. If he had a gun at that moment, he didn't know if he'd shoot himself or the two blonde haired partners. "What in the hell are we doing?" His thoughts, finally spoken out loud.

"Look, I know you want to find her in a hurry, but when dealing with something like this, we have to have a plan going into it or else we risk our and everybody else's lives."

Paul snorted at his partner's explanation. "Got that right. And hell if I'm going to risk my life, for somebody I don't even like." He directed a sarcastic glare, in Dave's direction.

"I think I just might cry." Dave's statement, drowned in nothing but sarcasm.

Shawn directed his own glare, at his partner, before his attention fell back on the other male. "We'll find her, Dave." He tried to assure.

"Of course. Who knew sitting around could be so helpful." Before any response could be made by the detectives, Dave directed his attention, to his buzzing phone. It was from Randy.

Sunrise Motel. Hurry.

He read the text message, a couple of times over, as if to make sure, he had it memorized. He looked up to see Paul and Shawn, drowned in a serious conversation, probably about him, Dave thought. There was no attention on him whatsoever. Quietly, getting back into his car, Dave snuck one look back at the two males, before he sped off. "Thanks for nothing, assholes."