Part 1

Piper ran quickly up the stairs. She'd heard a loud explosion come from the attic, and was worried that it could be a demon. She prepared herself as she rounded the corner and entered the attic. She relaxed when she only found her younger sister Paige standing there waving smoke away from her face.

"What the hell are you doing?" Piper asked, "you scared me to death!"

"Sorry," Paige offered sheepishly.

"Well, why are you making a potion...what demon needs vanquishing?"

Paige paused in her motions and took a deep breath. She began to explain to her sibling that she'd heard about this 'demon' who was a threat to their Charmed Lives. She also explained that this 'demon' had already messed with their lives by casting spells on them.

"And where are you getting your information from?" Piper asked after a while.

"Ermm..." Paige began, only to be interrupted by the entrance of her other sister, Phoebe.

"Paige I got another one of those letters...Oh hey Piper!" Phoebe said as she spotted her elder sister.

"Letter? What letter!" the eldest Halliwell asked, cleary confused.

"You haven't told her yet?" Phoebe asked Paige.

"I was just going to tell her when you interrupted me!"

"Well, she needs to know Paige!"

"She is standing right here!" Piper snapped, earning both of their attention. "Now...what this about a letter!"

Phoebe and Paige then began to explain that 'Ask Phoebe' had been receiving some strange letters saying that the Halliwells were in danger and had been for some years. They explained that supposedly a 'demon' had been affecting their lives for a while and they were unaware of this fact.

"And you believed this letter writer!" Piper asked, not convinced by the whole thing.

"He was very convincing..." Phoebe said.

"If it's a 'he'..."

Phoebe looked at her younger sister. "You don't think it's a he?"

Paige shrugged, "it could be a woman."

"I don't think it's a woman..."

Piper whistled and shook her head. "Who cares if it's a woman or were 'they' convincing?"

Paige told her that the person had asked if they'd noticed sudden changes in their lives or any odd aspects of their lives.

"We fight demons for a that odd?" Piper said with a cocked eyebrow.

"Phoebe actually replied with that..."

"You what!"

" should've seen the reply!" Phoebe said.

Phoebe looked through a stack of letters she had and pulled one out to show her sister.

"Dear Halliwells,

You're lives can't be anymore odder then mine and my brother's. Ever heard of 'Hunters'?


"Hunters!" Piper said, after reading the letter.

Phoebe nodded, "Paige looked them up in Magic School."

Paige then began to explain that 'Hunters' were mortals who hunted and killed evil supernatural beings.


"Yes Piper, mortals!" Phoebe said, "as in humans, not witches, whitelighters, demons or anything else."

Paige continued, saying that these 'Hunters' usually went unnoticed by everyone until a particular one - John Winchester. It appeared that John's family had become noticed by a certain powerful demon, resulting in the death of his wife. John raised his two boys and trained them in the art of 'hunting'.

"So what, is this powerful demon after us now?" Piper asked.

"No, it's a different demon...the 'Kern' demon, I think 'SW' called it," Paige offered.

Phoebe explained to Piper that they had been looking back over their lives and did notice some changes and oddities. She mentioned the incidents with Cole and the whole Piper suddenly wanted a 'normal' life. Or Leo becoming mortal. And the biggest oddity they had found was the sudden introduction of Billie Jenkins...which made no sense. Not to mention their change in style and the way they now totally ignored innocents and the personal gain rule.

"Ok, ok I get the point!" Piper sighed. "So what do we do about it?"

"Well, 'SW' and his brother have offered to help us" Phoebe replied, ignoring Paige's comment that 'SW' might not be a guy.

"They arrive in San Francisco in two days," Paige added.