Part 5

Sam then began to explain about how he and Dean had found out about the 'Kern' demon. Apparently the two brothers had stumbled across a website called 'Charmed Designation'. Which Dean had believed to be some kind of cult but Sam thought it was more of a fan club of sorts.

"Fan club...cult...same thing really," Dean muttered.

That comment earned a few smiles and the odd laugh but also a rolling of the eyes. Sam continued to tell them that 'Charmed Designation' had a lot of information about The Charmed Ones and their lives but also had information about someone known as Kern.

"I'm not sure I like the idea of this 'Charmed Designation' knowing everything about us," Piper commented.

"Yeah," Piage agreed, "I mean that's just too freaky."

"What do they say about us exactly?" Phoebe asked curiously.

"Well Actually..."

Sam and Dean went on to explain that the people at 'Charmed Designation'; or 'CD' for short; were split up into different groups. It appeared that each of these groups 'worshipped' a particular sister and battled against the other members to decide who was the best sister.

"And who is the best sister?" Phoebe asked, earning disbelieving looks from her sisters.

"Well after 3 'competitions' that involved the sister 'worshippers', the result of the first and third one were Piper and the second was Prue" Dean said, shrugging as he didn't really care.

"HA!" Piper scoffed smugly, clearly pleased that she had 'won' the most times and the other two hadn't one at all.

The other two huffed and glared at Piper and the Winchesters, somehow blaming them for the information.

"Ooh cat fight!" Dean said with a grin and a quirk of his eyebrows.

"You're impossible" Sam groaned.

"I'm a guy!" the elder Winchester shot back.

"I'm a guy but you don't see me ogling everything female...he's a guy but I bet he doesn't either," Sam said, pointing at the Doctor.

"Ah...but, I have an excuse," the Doctor said, quite relieved to be talking again. "After all, I am an alien."

"You can only use that excuse so many times y'know" Rose commented.

"I know, but it such a bloody good excuse."

Piper whistled earning everyone's attention and then asked if they could get back on topic.

Sam and Dean continued explaining their findings. They said that the demon 'Kern' came up an awful lot in 'meetings' between the groups within 'CD'. Apparently the people at 'CD' had compiled a whole list of aspects of the Charmed Ones lives, where the 'Kern' demon had interfered without their knowing.

"So what are we going to do about it?" Piper asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Dean asked, "we find this demon and send his sorry ass back to hell!"

"I love a good vanquish" the Doctor commented with a grin. "And you 5 are bloody fantastic at them by the way."

"Right well...Paige has already been making some potions" Phoebe said, "and maybe Piper can make some really strong and powerful ones!"

"What's wrong with my potions!" Paige asked indignantly.

"Nothing, it's just Piper's been making potions alot longer."

"Paige at least you can make potions," Piper offered helpfully.

Phoebe turned to glare at her sister. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

"You've got to be kidding me..."

"Just because I very rarely make potions and when I do they may go a bit wrong..."

"You burnt a hole in the kitchen counter!"

"Oh please that was barely a scorch mark!"

"I really wish I had some popcorn right now," Dean said to Sam.

"What is with you humans and popcorn?" The Doctor asked no one in particular. "I mean what's so bloody amazing about corn that's been heated up and then covered in salt or butter or toffee...Ooo or sugar! OK I admit the sugared kind that the British and Germans serve is tasty..."

"It was a lot bigger than a scorch mark Phoebe!"

"Ah, still on that are we..."

"Oi! Why don't you lo' jus' shu' i' fer a bi' eh?" Rose shouted, standing with her hands on her hips. The Charmed Ones did so and glanced at her - maybe they were surprised by her tone or more likely they didn't have a clue what she was saying due to her accent.

"Thank you...naaw, shouldn' we be concentra'in on haaw ta ge' rid of this 'Kern' bloke?"

"What did she say?" Paige whispered to her sisters.

"Sammy was she talking English?" Dean whispered to his brother, who scowled at the use of his nickname.

"An excellent point my dear Rose...oh dear I sounded dreadfully like Sherlock Holmes there," the Doctor prattled. "The question would be, how do we go about looking for the bloke...demon?"

"We could write a spell?" Phoebe offered.

"We could send Sammy to sleep and wait for him to dream something...OW!" Dean rubbed the back of head where his brother had hit him.

"I could concentrate really hard and try to orb everyone there?" Paige said, not entirely sure of the idea herself.

"All good ideas but there's one that would save us soooo much time and energy..."the Doctor said, looking at everyone as if waiting for them to say the answer.

"Y'mean we could use the Tardis?" Rose asked.

"Correctmundo!" the Doctor said happily and then frowned. "Which is a word I told myself I would never use again."