Here's my first try at a songfic...dunno if its any good but hey I'm trying out a new thing.

This fic's based in the future...

Chris stumbled into the dark alley, blood dripping down his chest as he clutched his shoulder in agony. He couldn't do this anymore! Fighting against his only living family was just too much.

"Sound the Bugle now, play it just for me,
As the seasons change, remember how I used to be.
Now I can't go on, I can't even start.
I've got nothing left - just an empty heart.

He slumped to the floor, a small cry of pain making it passed his blooded lips. There was nothing left for him anyway; his mom, dad, aunts...grandfather - they were all gone .

"I'm a soldier, wounded, so I must give up the fight.
There's nothing more for me, lead me away...
Or leave me lying here.

Chris lay on the alley floor - he had nowhere to go. Maybe he should just let the next demon, to arrive, kill him or maybe he'd just stay here and die. Either way it didn't matter.

"Sound the Bugle now, tell them I don't care.
There's not a road I know that leads to anywhere.
Without a light I fear that I will stumble in the dark.
Lay right down - decide not to go on.

Suddenly a bright light appeared before him and he thought he could see the face of his mother. Her voice then floated over him.

"Chris you mustn't give up - you have to save Wyatt" He nodded absent-mindedly. "You have a destiny to fulfill!"

"Then from on high, somewhere in the distance.
There's a voice that calls remember who you are.
If you lose yourself, your courage soon will follow.
So be strong tonight...remember who you are.

As she continued to talk, he felt the pain in his wounds subside and glanced down just to make sure that they were indeed still there. He realised then that he couldn't give in - he wouldn't let Wyatt oppress the world.
Evil couldn't win and as the laster 'good' member of the Warren/Halliwell line, he wouldn't let them...he couldn't.

"Ya, you're a soldier now - fighting in a battle.
To be free once more...ya that's worth fighting for...

The End

Song: Sound the Bugle by Bryan Adams