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Chapter Ninety Two

Memories Part Four

Secret Satellite-Two Years ago

Beta Entrance-0400 Hours

Beta team arrived as they began entering the location on satellite. They knew their mission and being experts they were ready to carry it out.

The commander took the point position as the door to the access panel opened.

Taking a defensive stance like their training indicated several separatists greeted them carefully.

"Identify yourself," the commander said as they had them now under gun point.

First the lead officer showed the cloth on his arm as he gave the correct code to the commander.

The commander raised his arm as his team lowered their weapons.

"You don't know how glad we are to see you," the officer for this replied.

The commander stared at him, "You know of our mission?"

"Correct, we will guide you to the main security center, that one point will allow you to access all security systems all over the satellite," the officer replied.

"Where is the target now?" the commander asked.

"Likely in his quarters," the officer replied.

"Alpha will handle that matter, let's begin," the commander said as they all entered and the access panel was once again sealed.

The commander went on, "How much resistance will we expect?"

"Are member numbers are low, we couldn't risk building such a large force, we should be cleared until we reach the main security rooms corridor, I personally assigned the patrols for this area so we will have the easiest access of your three teams," the officer replied.

The commander looked at his team, "Stay cautious, let's move out," the commander said as they begun.

"What will you do with those we come across…many are new recruits that arrived recently," the officer asked.

"We are equipped with tranquilizer darts as well as normal ammunition, as long as they don't resist we will put them to sleep, however if they resist they will be considered a conspirator of that supreme commander and eliminated," the commander said as those were his orders.

"Very well, let's go," the officer replied as they began moving through the area.

Delta Entrance

The shuttle was heading inside as the commander inside in charge of the delta team knew just what they had to do. There mission was to completely secure the shuttle bay to cut off escape, and if necessary support alpha team if needed.

The commander saw the shuttle bay doors open as their shuttle was docking.

The commander quickly turned to his team, "Be swift and take out your targets quick, with the intelligence provided we know where security is placed, remember if one gets loose the entire operation is blown, remember that."

"Yes sir," they replied as now was when it counted, they had no support as this had to be done.

Inside the crew for the shuttle bay was going over the false paperwork they were sent from the shuttle as they believed this to be a special envoy team.

One went out to greet them.

The shuttle came to a stop as the doors opened.

A plain clothed Zaft soldier part of the delta team would go out and make the greeting with the team inside prepared.

The team went to different exits on the shuttle as they would do this as quickly as possible.

The soldier walked down as he greeted the shuttle crew.

Both saluted.

"Sorry for the late visit but orders are orders," the soldier replied handing the crewmen and clip board.

"Understood, is this more parts the commander ordered? Strange as he always informs us of these things," the crewmen said looking over the board.

The soldier played it cool as he could see now that his team was coming out of the shuttle from all different areas. More plain clothed officers were unloading equipment from the back as many soldiers were inside and other soldiers were coming out of the other side of the shuttle and even some from the landing gear.

The soldier kept his speaking up as he saw them all getting into ambush positions.

"I just need a few more signatures," the soldier said as the crewmen was signing the release papers.

The soldier saw that everything was ready as the cargo was going by the main control room for the shuttle bay and that was what they needed to secure to cut off communications.

"Here you go," the crewman said as the soldier took back the board.

"That will just about do it," the soldier said pulling out a small pistol and placing it to the person's chest firing.

The crewman was stunned as he fell prey to the tranquilizer dart.

Their orders were the same don't kill unless they had to.

The team busted out from the cargo containers and headed for the control room while others took shots.

The security force inside expect this as it all happened to fast.

Snipers fired their darts into security personal as they fell.

"What is this," another said moving to fight back before another dart struck them.

Control Room

The door was busted inside as the crew inside jumped up.

"Contact…" one said before taking a sharp blow to the back of the head knocking him out.

Another moved backwards as they were all shot with darts. The dart made him fall asleep instantly.

Everything seemed to go as planned before they heard some gun fire outside.


A few security agents took cover and opened fire as they attempted to call for help.

"Don't let that happen," the commander said as they had no choice.

He was in the best position as he fired his lethal round from his rifle killing the two that were causing trouble.

The commander shook his head slightly as he took command heading for the control room.

"Clean up here and take your positions," the commander ordered moving into the room.

The delta team had the easiest mission as they would work in ambush style with little resistance.

Control Room

The commander walked inside.

"What is the situation?" he asked his team.

"We have the shuttle bay under our control now," the soldier said.

"Alright, moving to the second phase, have our soldiers secure the entrances, rig them to blow if opened, nothing is getting in here…I want constant eyes on those entrances if that maniac tries to escape," the commander ordered as he prepared his radio to receive orders if alpha would need it.

For now they were done and if all went well their mission was now over.

Alpha Entrance

Alpha soldiers used the thrusters on their space suits to head for the maintenance dock they were to enter from.

This team was the most equipped and the most deadly of the three. The commander was considered a high elite and a first class coordinator. Never has there been an opponent that could match this commander in skill and wit.

The commander saw the maintenance hanger which they were to enter from as the team was ready and the commander started opening the hatch manually. They had the code for the hanger as the code was accepted and the hatch opened.

Weapons ready to fire as the hatch opened but they found the room empty like it should have been.

The team started moving in as the commander was the last one.

Once inside they reactivated the airlock and the hatch closed as the room filled with oxygen.

Once it was in the green the team saw the doors leading inside open their welcoming party was waiting for them.

With the red cloths around their arms they knew them to be allies. This commander however kept his guard up until he was certain which was verified by the lead resistance member.

"Welcome commander, welcome to a dawn of a new day," the member said.

The commander nodded as from what he heard and the tone, this was a really bad place to be. The target must be really something to put this much fear and hatred into his own people.

"Where is the target now?" the commander asked getting down to business.

"Currently in his quarters, however its hard to keep track of him…we do however have a list of all possible locations, however from what we know he is in his quarters," the member replied.

"Then its all up to beta team for now, once security goes down we will make our move," he said turning to his team.

"Ready yourselves until we get that order, until then we will remain here on high alert, maintain radio silence until you hear from the beta team," the commander ordered as his team did just as they were told.

The resistance members watched with one thing they haven't had in a long time, well since the tyrant came here…hope.

The commander readied his weapon as now all they waited for was the order from the beta team, he had no intentions of having to use the delta team for backup as they never needed it before, they would finish this quickly and go home.

Kira's Quarters

Kira sat at the edge of the bed just staring out the window. His senses were going crazy as he kept that stare up.

Sarah finally stirred next to him, as she opened her eyes she recalled immediately what she did just a few hours ago. She did something she would not have normally of done, but something about it felt right, she could tell immediately he was no amateur but that was her first.

As she focused her eyes she saw him just sitting there looking out the window, and for a split second a small string of fear went through her body, he had this small smile on his face and for whatever reason it didn't feel that good.

She could have watched him longer as she was debating on speaking but he did that for her.

"I see you're awake," Kira said not looking at her.

She slightly sat up embarrassed but glad that his words weren't something like get out or leave like she heard from some around the satellite.

"Ah, Commander I ah…" she tried saying.

"You're first?" he asked.

Immediately she blushed, "You could tell."

"Your inexperience will go away with time," Kira said still not looking at her, "It has been awhile since I have been somewhat satisfied."

That comment was one that seemed very cold to her, however from what he said it didn't seem like he was going to throw her away. Maybe the chance she just took would work out in the end.

If only she knew years down the road.

"Is, is something wrong sir?" Sarah finally asked as he went into silence.

Kira now turned to her as he slightly pushed her back down, "Let's just say something fun might be happening."

The next thing she knew he kissed her again, she lost herself again as if she thought a little longer about his last sentence that didn't seem directed at what they were just about to do again.

Beta Teams Advance

So far so good for the team as they had the second in command officer with them so it was all working out running into no resistance.

The commander knew all to well their operation was the most vital as if they failed everything was going to go to waste. The targets floor as well as what he was working on was well secured at night and it was a death trap for the alpha team if they didn't deactivate those measures.

The officer unlocked an elevator with his code, "Once we reach the next destination we will be in the security control floor."

"How much resistance will we get?" the commander asked.

"Very minor, I made sure to have them change shifts around this time and I delayed the next team substantially, we will have time to shut down the floor once you arrive," the officer replied.

"Won't they contact for assistance when they realize the floor is sealed off?" the commander asked.

The officer smiled, "They will immediately contact me, and I will give them a valid excuse, everything will work out," the officer replied as they had to make several trips to get the entire team up so the first trip was taking the best from their unit as well as a few technical members to get started."

They boarded the elevator as they started heading up.

The commander quickly looked at the map as the floor they were heading to was L shaped, and the main control room was at the end. The other rooms contained other support rooms but if they took the main control room those rooms were useless. The commander also noticed that the soldier's security room was at the intersection of that L shape hallway so they had to be swift and quick once they got out.

The commander turned to his team, "Once we get out spare all those that don't resist…however if they engage take them out, we cannot afford to take chances."

"Yes sir," the team said.

"Technical specialists, we will get you inside and begin immediately taking the satellites defensive measures off line," the commander ordered.

"Yes sir," they said getting ready.

The elevator came to a stop as the officer prepared himself as well as the team, and the doors soon opened.

Main Security Floor

The guards heard the door as this wasn't expected, but they had no time as soon as the doors opened they were immediately shot with darts and knocked out.

"Advance," the commander ordered as the team split up and took each side of the hallway staying close to the walls.

The officer looked around as the staff was so far not in the hallways, as the work load he gave them was massive to keep them busy in the other rooms.

The team advanced as they spotted where the security forces would be stationed however they did nothing for the moment.

They advanced to the L's intersection as half the team had their weapons pointed at the door while the commander was getting ready to check the other side. Using a small mirror he kept with him he moved to the edge of the hallway and used the mirror to check the other hallway. He saw nothing until he looked where the control center was and the guards were heading their way.

"Shift change," the officer said close to him.

The commander put his team on hold as they waited for them to get close. Using hand signals the commander gave the order for them to take out the approaching guards and the rest to storm the security room with a flash grenade.

The commander timed it perfectly as he gave the signal.

Two soldiers moved out shooting the approaching guards with darts making them fall.

Three others moved towards the security door and opened readied the grenade while one pointed his weapon and another moved to open the door.

They were ready as the door was pushed open and the grenade was tossed inside making them move back.

After they heard it go off they waited a second moving in.

Inside the room security forces were taken by complete surprise as they were affected by the grenade.

With no time to act the team moved in hitting them all with darts.

The commander was pleased as his team returned with the message of cleared.

The commander nodded as now they moved down the last hallway heading for the control room.

"All this for one man," the commander said still not believing all this.

The officer looked at him, "That one man is a beast, trust me when I say this but it's necessary."

The commander still couldn't believe all this but orders were orders.

They moved for the security room as the officer swiped his keycard through doing all the checks.

"There should only be staff inside, give them a scare and there shouldn't be any resistance," the officer told him.

"Very well, however knock them out anyway," the commander said not taking any chances.

The officer's code was accepted as they stormed inside.

Main Security Control Room

The staff was immediately startled as guns came flying in.

All were shocked however the team opened fire with darts immediately knocking them all out.

The commander fired the last shot as the room was completely open.

The commander looked around spotting many terminals, monitors and one of the most advanced systems he had ever seen.

"Amazing, I don't think I have seen anything like this in the capitol," the commander replied.

"The target modified some of this to his liking," the officer replied.

The commander couldn't believe it as the officer went on.

"It is divided into four sections, section one is for the new warships security, section two is for the mobile suit hangers, section three is the targets personal security, his floor and all main places, and the final section is for the rest of the satellite," the officer told them.

The commander looked.

"We will ignore one and two for now," he said looking at his technical people, "One of you on three and the other on four, open up the path for alpha and give them a line straight to the target," the commander said.

"Yes sir," they said as they started just that, first thing was first though they shut down this floor and locked all other doors so the staff couldn't get out cutting off their communication as well.

With that they secured their position and immediately started working deactivating the security around the commander and clearing a path for the Alpha team.

The commander began tuning his communicator as soon he could contact the alpha team for them to make this mission finally complete.

Immediately the technical crew found a lot of difficulties.

"How is it going?" The commander asked.

The crew shook their heads, "This encrypting is something I have never seen before, luckily we have the codes or we wouldn't be able to break it."

The officer stepped forward as he had all the codes and handed them over.

The crew went back to work as it was taking effect fast.

"Bringing down security to the targets floor," the one on three told them.

"Clearing the path for the alpha team," the other on four replied.

The officer smiled, "Two more minutes and security is down."

They typed in the final numbers as the security system was shutting down.

"All green," the one on three replied, "Target is now open, locks are open, defensive measures are down."

"One more minute," the one on four told them.

The commander watched as he was getting ready to contact the alpha team.

The last crewmember was just about finished as he saw the monitor turn green, "Security is down," he told them.

The commander now contacted the alpha team.

The officer smiled slightly, "Now he will know the terror he placed us all under."

Alpha Teams Advance

Alpha team was on standby keeping guard as they waited for the call.

The commander waited patiently until finally he got that call.

"Alpha team respond," the beta commander said over the radio.

The commander picked it up, "Alpha here, situation?" he asked.

"The package has been opened, proceed to final phase," the beta commander said.

"Copy that, radio silence is now void, alpha moving to intercept target," the alpha commander said turning to his team.

"Move out," the commander said as the doors were open and the team advanced.

The resistance was with them as they would lead the way.

Near Kira's floor

Alpha team memorized the map they had as they were advancing quickly. Being early morning hours they didn't have to worry so much about people and since Beta was in charge all doors and communications around here were locked and blocked.

They met with a few staff members as they were already out but since none resisted they were only hit with darts. The alpha team new all security stations were locked down and would be until they had the target.

"If they got out how much resistance would we receive?" the commander asked.

"All our fighters are out working with the other teams so all of it, none know about the chairman's order so they would follow the targets commands," the resistance told them.

"Let's hurry," the alpha commander said.

"You are sure the target is in his quarters?" the commander asked nearing the floor.

"Yes, however he could be in the training room as well but that is rare," the resistance said knowing Kira's schedule well.

The commander didn't want to take any chances, "They are in the same floor correct?"

"Yes, why?" the resistance asked.

"We will split the team up, he is only one man so we should be fine…half will take his quarters and the other half to the training room," the commander ordered.

"Very well we will split as well, I will guide you to his quarters while the others will take the training room," the main resistance fighter replied.

"Good," the commander said as they found the floors door.

The team moved into a ready stance as the door was opened up.

All they found was a long empty hallway.

"One way in and one way out," the commander said.

"Correct, his room is the farthest down and the training center is about midway," the resistance said.

The commander turned to his team, "Move out," he ordered as they held their weapons defensively moving towards the two rooms.

"What about these other rooms?" the commander asked quietly.

"No one knows, not many are allowed on this floor," the resistance said not making the commander feel easy, however since Beta was in control all were locked except those two rooms.

They split up getting ready to check as the commanders half was nearing the targets door.

All now waited as they got into position ready to take the doors and when they were ready on both ends they would hit the doors at the same time.

Beta Team

All inside watched from the monitors as the alpha team advanced the commander knew it would be over quickly and then peace would be restored.

Delta Team

Delta team did what they were supposed to, they now could hear what was going on through their radios but that was it. It didn't seem like they would be needed.

Alpha Team

The commander saw his team ready as he gave the order and they moved in.

Kira's Quarters

Kira sat straight up as he was immediately hit hard with one of his feelings; a very small smile was on his face.

He looked next to him to see she was quite worn out, but there was little time for that.

Sarah noticed he sat straight up, she didn't know where he got that stamina from.

"Sir…what is it?" she asked noticing him getting dressed.

Kira didn't look at her, "Get your clothes on," Kira told her.

Sarah looked at him strangely, until she thought this was the moment he was going to throw her out. The rumors seemed true now, she couldn't believe this.

"I suggest you hurry up…took long enough," Kira told her.

Sarah looked at him strangely again but she did as he said, well at least he wasn't throwing her out but now he was acting strangely, he seemed almost happy for some reason.

Kira glanced at her normally he wouldn't care what happened to one of his one nighters, however she was a little different, she was satisfying enough and as well as being a councilmen's daughter and Ryu stated they needed the council so he couldn't allow her to be hurt.

She was trying to get ready fast as she noticed him staring at the door.

"Sir what is this?" she asked.

Kira however got hit with another feeling as he immediately pushed her hard towards the corner.

Sarah flew back hitting the wall but she was well out of the doors sight. She focused as she heard the door open and she saw the Commander roll off from where he was.

Alpha and Kira

Kira got the danger feeling as he shoved her out of the way rolling off the bed and taking one of his guns from the holster.

The commander outside gave the order as the team charged in shouting however the commander wasn't expecting what happened next as the sound of gun fire was heard rapidly as a shocking event happened.

All the commander heard were two shots.

Using his perfect sense Kira fired two shots at the two he felt coming through the door. The shots were so precise all it took was the two shots for the people to fall. One was a lethal head shot while the other went through the neck.

The commander saw two of his men fall as he looked inside seeing the target, one look into his eyes was enough to put him unease, but what was worse was the satisfying smile on the targets face.

However now was not the time to admire as Kira fired again striking another on the outside near him.

"Return fire and fall back," the commander said as they were dead in the open with no cover, all rooms locked so they were screwed when it came to cover.

The team now fired back.

Kira's senses told him when enough was enough as after the third shot he swung his body out of the way but not before he saw a fourth one charging for him.

After this the rest of the team that was supposed to raid the training center was heading their way and a fourth which saw the death of his comrades wasn't taking it as he fired wildly heading for the door.

Kira decided to use this one as he allowed this one to get closer.

Kira once again used his senses as he heard the man stop as he could tell he was close; Kira had a strong feeling for what was happening as he made his appearance again.

Outside the commander ordered this guy back but this one was taking the risk.

Kira dropped back down to his knees as he immediately swung back around seeing that person was doing just what he felt, grabbing a grenade. Kira this time fired two shots striking the fool straight in the arm and one in the leg. He wanted this one alive.

The soldier was hit as he had no time to get the pin out as he dropped the grenade and fell straight for the room as he would land straight inside.

The entire time Sarah was frozen out of the way where Kira pushed her down, shock and confusion were still over her as she didn't know why she was being fired at and who was doing it or anything at this point. She stayed there as she saw the recent event as a soldier fell inside the room in pain.

Kira smirked as before the soldier fell completely down Kira snatched the back of his head driving it harder into the ground, not hard to knock him out but it definitely dazed him heavily.

Kira then pulled him inside.

The commander watched in horror as he saw this person drag one of his best inside one handed.

"Hold your fire," the commander said as now the worst case scenario happened, the target had a hostage.

The team moved back farther but their weapons stayed on the door, with now they had nothing to do.

The resistance was still alive as they didn't know what to do now, but this was just like their commander.

Beta Team

Beta watched everything as now things were going terrible wrong.

The commander looked over at the horror in the officers eyes.

"So this is the target?" the commander asked noticing the officer's hand was shaking a little.

"Its…it's not over yet…order them to resume fire, we cannot let this chance pass us by," the officer ordered.

The commander scrunched up his face, "Isn't that exactly why we were sent here…or do you think like that target now?"

The officer took a step back, if they sacrificed one person to achieve a goal then he would be no different then the target.

The beta commander however knew now that they were in trouble, three of the alpha down and another taken hostage, which was just great.

Kira's Floor

Inside the room Kira dragged the man in as Sarah watched him place the soldier's arms behind his back as he twisted them so hard she heard the bones break.

"You will be very useful soon," Kira said kneeing the man in the back and staying on top of him to keep him down.

"Sir," Sarah said regaining her composure.

Kira searched the man as he took a few grenades but that was it.

"Sir," Sarah said again.

"Quiet," Kira replied as he stood up leaving his foot on top of the man.

Sarah watched as he knocked a picture off the wall near there and saw a safe.

Kira quickly pushed the buttons opening the safe, Sarah saw he had more equipment inside.

Taking a long knife and more ammo she saw him reach back over taking the other of his two guns.

"Quite an eventful evening don't you think?" Kira said as she heard him speak again.

Sarah looked at him, was he enjoying this or something.

"What about you huh," Kira said kicking the soldier once hard causing him to grown.

"Monster…" was all the soldier got out.

"I am deeply hurt," Kira replied as he finished readying himself.

"Sir," Sarah said again, "What is going on?"

Kira this time decided to answer her, "Isn't it obvious, we have terrorists trying to take my prizes, since you made it this far I guess you got into my security center…however to break the locks is impossible so from what I gather you have inside help correct?" Kira asked the man.

The soldier stayed quiet, but how could he know that much by just an observation.

Kira eyed the soldier, "Judging by the slight jolt and narrowness of your eye I am correct…" Kira said bending down lifting up his head, "Nobody can hide anything from me," Kira said releasing it.

Sarah finally stood up, she think she got the story, someone was here trying to take the weapons they were developing or something.

"What do we do sir?" Sarah asked.

Kira looked at her, "Other then what I am thinking when I look at you, its time to play a game."

Sarah looked shocked, "Game."

Kira looked back to the soldier, "How many of you are there?"

The soldier said nothing.

Kira grabbed his broken arm twisting it more. The soldier cried out in pain again.

Outside the team heard all of this but could do nothing.

Sarah turned her head away, she was getting a first look at the rumors she heard, however this situation was different, they were in trouble outnumbered and didn't have a clue on the entire situation.

"A tough one, I like that," Kira said releasing the man.

"If I had time I would pry the answer out of you, but it looks like I just have to get your commander to tell me instead," Kira replied.

The soldier heard that, "He will never talk, don't underestimate the commander."

Kira stepped on the person again, "Such loyalty…however he will talk, after all he showed a great weakness one of which I am will to gamble will make him talk to me."

The soldier didn't understand what he was saying.

"Shall we begin," Kira said as he glanced over at her, "Stay out of sight and don't move until I tell you," Kira ordered as she did just that.

Kira grabbed the man by his uniform standing him up, he was limp on one leg but Kira's strength had no trouble holding him up with one hand as he positioned himself behind him.

"Let's go," Kira said holding his broken arms behind the man and crouching down behind him keeping his body hidden.

Outside all soldiers watched as they saw their comrade now out in the open.

The commander and the rest aimed their weapons however could do nothing, the commander then saw what was behind him.

"Give it up, you have nowhere to go," The commander ordered.

Kira smirked, "Oh Big man…I don't think you are in any position to give me orders," Kira said twisting the soldiers arm making him cry out.

The commander grew angry as from all angles they had no shot.

Kira knew that as well, "You know maybe we got off on the wrong foot, I will give you an ultimatum, you lay down your weapons, tell me the exact number of people on my satellite and I will give you a swift execution, if not I will take my time."

The commander stared angry, "Do you think I have any intention of agreeing to that."

"Very well…then we shall do things my way," Kira said.

The commander couldn't find a solution out of this.

Kira spoke again, "Just remember you're in my play pin."

The commander kept his forces on ready trying to find a solution, the only thing they could do was sacrifice one of their own to get him, but that went against his pride and code of honor.

"I am done negotiating with you, I want the exact number or I will kill each one of your soldiers every ten seconds then snap this mans neck one the spot," Kira ordered.

The commander was in a quick bind as Kira wasted no time with his free hand gunned another soldier down.

The commander couldn't take this anymore as he moved closer.

Kira then counted out loud, this was sickening.

"Five seconds to go," Kira ordered.

The commander lost four men already so he figured he could by time to think of something.

"Very well," the commander said.

"Good boy, how many?" Kira asked.

"Two team's twenty men," the commander said.

The commander watched as another shot was fired as Kira struck another one down.

"What are you doing?" The commander asked.

"No one can lie to me, I will know when you are lying," Kira said as he started the count again.

The commander figured he had no choice, "Three teams…he went on but Kira stopped him.

"That is all I needed to know, you were most helpful," Kira said as he smirked.

The commander watched as something was tossed from behind his captured soldier.

"Grenade!" the man shouted as the team quickly tried to move back.

Kira placed his weapon to the back of the hostages head and fired the shot as he didn't need him anymore.

The commander watched in horror as Kira jumped back into his room and the grenade exploded taking out half his remaining team.

Back inside Kira changed the clip with a satisfying smile on his face.

Sarah stared as she didn't know whether to be fearful or impressed, he was taking out an entire team by himself but his methods went against everything she remembered for Zaft training.

Kira finished, "Its time to end this discussion."

The commander outside moved his forces back as they kept their weapons on the door.

"Do you see now sir," the resistance fighter said still alive.

"He is taking out my entire team…I have no choice," the commander said taking hold of his communicator contacting the beta commander.

Beta Team

The Beta team watched in horror as their main team was being annihilated.

"We should send in the Delta team," the officer said.

The Beta commander looked at him, "Not yet, wait until alpha orders it."

The Beta commander waited and then he got a call from the alpha commander.

"Do you need reinforcements?" the beta commander asked.

"No…not yet, they were my men…I need you to do something else, we will finish this," alpha commander said.

Beta commander listened as he granted the request and told the technical team.

Kira's Floor

Inside the room

Kira waited for the chance as he decided to finish this off. Quickly taking a few pills which he didn't need until now he prepared to head out.

Sarah watched as he took those things.

Kira was about to head out when all of a sudden everything went black as power to the floor was cut.

Sarah saw this looking around and then heard him laugh.

"Darkness," Kira replied looking up.

"Sir," she said in a small panic.

"No need to worry your pretty little head, I am the darkness," Kira replied as that made no sense to her.

"Stay here," Kira told her as he headed straight out the door casually.

Outside the room

The commander saw everything went dark as the rest of his team activated the night vision on their helmets.

"Now we win," the commander said.

"Sir!" one said quickly.

The commander looked only to see the target stroll straight out of the room and stop in the middle of the hallway.

"He truly is crazy, no matter we take him out," the commander said as he noticed something strange, the target shut his eyes.

"Monster," one said as they moved to fire.

Kira however only smiled as both guns were raised and he fired straight towards them.

The commander watched as he horridly took out two people.

"What is this," another said as he was shot dead.

The commander and the others couldn't believe this until it then made sense to him.

"Cease movement," the commander said as he was fired at but luckily his reflexes were a little better as he moved out of the way.

The commander was down only to a handful of people left.

All were silent and still as the firing had stopped.

"What excellent sense," the commander told himself as Kira was using his sense of hearing and his abilities to fire with his eyes shut.

Even moving with him could point him straight to a target with his abilities taking over to make the shot; they truly had first rate prey.

However this prey when cornered not only shows his fangs but strikes back.

The commander saw one of his soldiers slightly lift his rifle trying to take a shot as Kira shot him dead.

The commander's anger was high but even slight movement was enough for him to hone in with those abilities, just what were they facing here.

It was silent until Kira spoke, "I am truly bored, time to end it," Kira said firing three lightning fast shots taking out the team members.

The commander was stunned again, he was just toying with them, his senses went even farther then that advanced technique he was using.

"Open fire!" The commander ordered as this was all that was left to do.

The remaining people opened fire however Kira was now on the move he wasn't standing still anymore and by the time the team could get a lock on him he had shot them dead.

He quickly passed by one using his knife to make the lethal slice while firing another shot.

The commander was down to three people not including the resistance who were now cowering in the corners shaking like leafs.

Kira quickly took out another one as he fired another shot; the commander had a good shot however Kira's bullet struck his rifle making him loose focus.

The commander had enough as he quickly used his radio for a code to give the beta team to return the lights as for some reason he moved better in the dark.

The two remaining and the commander threw their night vision on the ground while the lights came back up.

It was in that few seconds of focusing that Kira got a hold of another one using him as a shield while he took aim at the remaining member. A deadly shot to the head to him out as Kira used his knife and drove it straight into the back of the one he was using as a shield.

The commander turned not believing this speed as Kira dropped the man and aimed both guns at the commander and the commander in turn had his gun pointed at him, they were locked into a stale mate.

Kira and the Commander

Both were not moving weapons pointed at each other.

Kira had a slight smile on his face and the commander knew why. The commander knew with this guy's senses if he tried firing Kira would strike him dead before he had the chance to pull the trigger, he only had one way out of this.

"You killed all my men you monster," the commander said.

Kira smiled widely, "Foolish man, your pride and weakness killed your worthless men."

The commander grew angry.

"If you would have sacrificed that one earlier you could have won, however you showed me that weakness when you wouldn't advance so it was far to easy to accomplish this task," Kira replied dominantly.

The commander now lowered his rifle and moved for his knife.

"Oh, you think you can take me on in hand to hand…though that is your only option since my trigger finger is far faster then yours," Kira told them.

The commander cringed a little as Kira saw through that but it looked like he would accept this challenge.

Kira decided to play along as he holstered both weapons moving his own knife, "You better provide me some entertainment or I will end this quickly."

The commander removed his helmet and body armor as he moved his own knife back and forth.

Kira's smile however disappeared as the commander slightly froze in something he never felt on the battlefield before, fear.

With the Beta Team

The Beta team commander watched.

"The Alpha commander is by far the best in Zaft with a knife," the commander replied remembering.

The officer wasn't so sure, "I hope it will be enough."

"This is his last stand," the commander replied.

"What if he fails?" the officer asked.

Beta commander looked at him, "Take that when it happens, I have a feeling it will end here."

The officer sure hoped so but he knew that look in the targets eye.

With Kira and the Commander

The commander made the first strike as Kira caught his arm with his hand surprising the commander a little.

The commander moved to knee Kira to back him up but Kira blocked with his own knee, "I am growing bored if that is all you have."

The commander went into a rage speeding up a little more, Kira had to dodge these.

"Better," Kira replied just dodging left and right.

"My turn," Kira said after a while as he made an aggressive strike as the commander had to use his arm to block, his arm was sliced but it was better then his neck which Kira was aiming for, his speed was just far too much, this man was in a different league that the commander never saw before.

Kira side kicked him in the stomach sending him into the wall.

The commander cried out in pain, "Not yet," the commander said taking an aggressive charge.

Kira dodged the first slice as Kira swung at him and this time the commander caught his fist giving him a little more confidence.

Kira locked his fingers as it was time to show him who was superior in strength as Kira pushed him down.

The commander cried out as he dropped to his knees in tremendous pain. Kira then bent his fingers all the way back snapping them making that hand useless.

"Pathetic," Kira said walking backwards.

The commander saw his back turned, "You dare take me lightly," the commander said using all the adrenaline he had left to head straight for Kira.

Kira easily used a backspin kick straight to the man's throat sending him back into the wall gasping for breath he couldn't catch.

Kira walked back over to him kicking his hand away from the wiggling body as Kira used his knife and pierced the hand with the knife as he stood their and watched.

"Should I end this or just watch you perish," Kira said as he knew the damage he did to the throat would suffocate the man soon enough.

Kira removed the knife as he looked strangely at the commander.

Kira let him suffer until he sensed the last breath but before that happened he pierced the commander's skull finishing him off.

Beta Team

All were stunned inside.

"This isn't happening," the officer said as the elite team was completely wiped out.

The commander now watched in anger.

With Kira

Kira removed his knife kicking the body to the ground as he looked dead into a camera.

"The role of hunter has now changed," Kira said heading back to his room.

Aprilious One

Ryu watched everything as now everything was nearing completion, just a little more and it was finished.

Ryu called in a subordinate, "Make sure you route this throughout the satellite now…let them all see the new legend being born."

"Yes sir," the subordinate said making it happen.

"It's time for the finale," Ryu said as he watched with great interest at what he created.

Onogoro Island-Present

Lacus listened as his story moved to the final act, still all of this was hard to believe but she would listen.

Kira didn't want to remember all this but he had no choice as it was a part of him. He had to get this out or he would never be able to put it behind him and he would never be able to clean up this mess he made.

Kira moved to the final part.

To be continued…

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