Are you there god it's me margaret How could anybody beleive that me and Norman are dating?Well it's true and I can't beleive it!I mean first he was a droop now he's my boyfriend.Well it's when Norman kissed me on the lips and everybody saw it!But I'm quite popular now that I have a boyfriend.Phillip Leroy moved to another school after he got expelled and I became Jewish.The PTS's have been banned by our mothers' after they found out what it meant.Here's a thing that never happened to me,I have boy troubles!I mean Moose has also been my boyfriend,after he found out my true feelings for him and Norman found out and there's going to be a fight tommorow about who gets the girl,and that girl's me!

That night I was thinking about dumping somebody but that would be mean.Then my mother came in and I stoppped thinking."Margeret," she said."What are you doing up so late?" "Oh just studying mom," I said lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling I can't lie to somebody in the eyes so I just yawned pretending I was actually tired."If your studying honey,then where is all you're books?" She knew I was lying to her so I just gave up and told the truth."Mom,I have boy troubles," There I said it and nothing could stop me."Oh honey!" She said practically crying,"You're growing up so fast!" She ran out of the room and went to the bathroom.I was thinking in my mind:Why the hell is she crying!
I got so tired I slept on the floor and my mom picked me up and put me on the bed all tucked in.I was really cozy.

The next morning at school:The boys already started the fight and tears came in my eyes while everybody was screaming "fight" Then I had to say it,"I don't want to be with any of you guys!" I ran out and went to the classroom all alone while everybody was watching.Then Nancy came in,"Why did you come here?to laugh at me?" I said sobbing."no I came to say do you want me to beat them up?" She asked."Sure," I said and we both started laughing.I was beggining to cheer up,maybe this wasn't so bad and maybe what my mom said last night was right,I am growing up! That night I was lying on my bed.

Are you there god?It's me Margaret thank you for making me grow up.You've been really helpful these days also I'm sorry I didn't talk to you last night I just had a lot of complications god,God do you think I am growing up because it seems like I am?And God,if I hurt any of the boys' feelings then forgive me god it was for there own good and that was the main thing that was pressuring me.So forgive me if it was wrong but I thought it was right and since I'm growing up,I need to make my own decisions.

Since I had to make my own desicions,then I choose Moose as my boyfriend because I never even liked Norman.He's such a droop!

I really like this story it's so cool!