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A/N: Well, if u look at the reviews I did forget to do the little short in the middle of it so um here it is!

right when Dan is killing Vlad a heart is seen in the ghostly wail

Danny Phantom: pops into the screen with mini ghosts on sticks sing-songly Capture the little ghosts, capture the little ghost…WEEEEEEE! La la la la la la la….humming

Valerie: walks into side of the screen die ghost. shoots Danny with anti-ghost gun

Danny Phantom: Ho! head pops off and rolls off screen

Valerie: ducks out of screen

fades back to continue the story

A/N: Well I think that's it…sorry that it's extremely short but that's all there is…so, um…until there's another Potter Puppet Pals this story is basically over. But until next, R&R!