Full Summary:

What if something unsuspected happened? Harry and James Potter, both entering their sixth year, only in a different time. As Time changes, the world did as well. Now, they're going to learn the differences between those years and how they can erase the mistakes of the past... by switching places.

Switching Places

Chapter 01:

The Purple Potion

"Are you sure?" Remus asked, eyeing the purple liquid with a frown on his face.

"For thelove of Merlin,Moony, yes!" Sirius sighed. "It's safe!"

"But this potion is so hard to make..." he protested. "...Shouldn't it be darker?"

"Moony!" both Sirius and James yelled.

"I-I think R-remus is right..." Peter said. His voice was shaking. "I-it can go wrong in many ways..."

"Come on, Wormtail," Sirius grinned. "Even you want to see how the future looks like! And besides, it's harmless. You'll only have a vision of it, nothing more."

"B-but what if it goes wrong?"

"We'll deal with that when it happens. Now, who goes first?" Sirius asked.

"I will," James said, volunteering himself.

"You're sure, Prongs?" Remus asked. "The future might not be as bright as you think it is."

"There, there Moony... Don't be so negative! I just want to know if Lily and I..." He finished that sentence with a smirk on his face.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "There we go again... Hey, Padfoot! Are you still there?"

"Huh, what? Oh... right." James filled a glass with the purple potion. "Well... Here goes nothing!" he said and drank it all in once.

"And?" Sirius asked, excited. "How do you feel? Do you see anything?"

"Nothing's happening," he answered, some-what disappointed.

"See?" Remus said. "I told you thatwe should have cut those Vivanium-flowers in the first lights of the Sun."

"Aww... but that was way too early," Sirius sighed. "And besides, nothing bad has happened anyway. It's a shame though... all the trouble we had, just to collect the ingredients and it all ended up to be worthless potion, isn't that right, Prongs? Prongs?"

"James!" Remus yelled.

James found himself unable to move. Everything spun around and his head was filled with thoughts that weren't even his own. Everything slowly went darker, until, finally, only darkness was there to greet him.


Harry Potter lied on his bed, looking through the pages of his family-album. Photo's of him with his parents, photo's of Sirius... Photo's of the ones who had died, and would never come back...

When he'd reached the photo's that were made during his years in Hogwarts, he silently wondered if these people would soon only exist in pictures...

Tomorrow Ron would pick him up. He was going to stay at the Burrow for the last few weeks. He was already looking forward to it.


But then again... who wouldn't look forward to it, if they spending half their summer vacation at the Dursley's? Somehow, the Order's warning hadn't worked as good as he thought it would.

When he stood up, he noticed that he was feeling dizzy. Oh no... he couldn't be sick now...

Slowly, Harry started moving downstairs. Everything was now spinning around him... he didn't even knew which direction he should go.

"BOY!" his Uncle Vernon barked.

Harry wanted to open his mouth but before he could do that, he tripped. Once on the ground, he didn't stood up again.


"Prongs! Prongs!"

"Merlin, what if we killed him?"

"Shut up, Wormtail! Prongs, can you hear me!"

"We killed him..."

"I said; shut up! Prongs, wake up mate."

He recognized those voices...

"Come on, Prongs! Please...!"

"Look! He's opening his eyes!"

"Thank God... Prongs, can you hear me? It's me. You're going to be alright."

Why did these people look so familiar...? Prongs... wasn't that...?

"Hold on, buddy. Moony just left. He's getting Madam Horspetch."

He knew this person... He definitely- Then suddenly it hit him. "Siri-" he tried to say, but it ended up in a cough.

"He needs water, Wormtail!"

Wormtail... Pettigrew, was he here? He wanted to get up, but his body did not cooperate. What happened? Suddenly he felt something cold and wets pressing against his lips.

"Here you go, James," Sirius said. "Drink up."

He swallowed the substance, which was most likely water, but in his mind, everything was a big mess. James... Sirius had called him James. But James is dead. And so is Sirius... But then... how...?

His eyelids began to get heavy... He felt terrible. He didn't understand what was happening. Maybe it was just a dream... It had to be... He closed his eyes and felt into a deep sleep.


Author's Note:

Sorry, I really had to stop here... So... what do you think?