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Chapter 28

An hour after they had fallen asleep Jack walked in, he halted when he saw them, unsure of what to make of it. But both of them were too deeply asleep for him to really want to disturb them, he'd talk to David later. He left, shutting the door behind him and went to see his wife. He had missed her so much. He looked around but she was nowhere on deck and wasn't in the cabin. There was only one other place she could be. He scaled the rat lines to the crows nest and sure enough, Mari was curled up, with Orion on her shoulder. He smiled a gold toothed grin and climbed in next to her, wrapping comforting arm around her, she leaned into him.

"Is she awake yet?" Mari asked.

"She was, but it couldn't have been for long, both of them are asleep. David is on the floor and Rhia is turned on her side, and they're holding hands." Jack said.

"When she is up and about again things will certainly get interesting. With Bill taking a fancy to her and all."

"Bill likes her? I mean in that way?"

"Yes, he, I guess, 'told' her before this little adventure. When we were aboard the Dauntless."

"How did he 'tell' her?" Jack asked.

"I have no idea. Neither of them are saying anything about it." Mari said, as jack ran his fingers through her brown hair. Silence fell around them as the ship rocked in the waves. Sleep overcame everyone on the Pearl. Not a sound could be heard aboard it.

Dawn broke and peeked in through the cracks in the wood cabin; it lit Rhia's face and woke David. He moved slowly and quietly into a more comfortable position, when his hand moved, Rhia's tightened its grip on his hand. She stirred, but did not wake, after another few minutes, the door slowly opened as Bill entered quietly. He took a seat at the foot of the bed in a chair. Silence reigned for a long while, as both of them just watched Rhia sleep.

-Bill's POV-

Why doesn't he ever leave? He hasn't moved since we cast off, he needs sleep too. I could watch over her, but he won't let me. What does he have against me? I'm not in the navy anymore. I hope Rhia's alright; it looks like she has been awake. I bet she has and he didn't say anything. He's trying to keep her to himself. She's not an object dimwit. I'll just ask him if I can take watch for a while.

-End POV-

"Why don't you go and get some sleep, I'll watch over her and call when she wakes up. You look dead on your feet." Bill said.

"No, I'm fine thanks." David said, although knowing he wasn't fine, he was tired. After a few minutes of hesitation he nodded grudgingly.

"I guess I could, but just for a little bit. Call me if she wakes up." David said, and stood up. He kissed her forehead and then her hand. Reluctantly her grip lessened and he was able to pull his hand away. Reluctantly and quietly he left and went to his cabin.