Actions and Consequences

Disclaimer: Not mine. All Marvel's. Oh, this is AU of the movie so Hugh and Famke arent mine ither. Can you imagine what the movies what have been like if they were. God, so kinky it would be sickening but so COOL because it would be Logan and Jean!Oh, I also wanted you all to know that I heard this song that, part but not all, of it sounded like our favorite love triangle, with Logan singing it. It's called Just Be Your Tear by Trace Adkins. I don't own it either.

Author's Note: Well, this is sort of like a story written by TheForsaken, but her's or his hasn't been updates in two and a half years so I figured I could do my own little version. Oh, telepathic mesages in this.Check out my other fics,X:3 Alternate Ending and Untitled if you want to! RR! Please!

Prologue: Living For Love

Dr Jean Grey stepped out of the Blackbird with determination to save those she loved. She didn't hear anything as the man known as Logan or Wolverine followed her out. He was silent and graceful like the animal he was named after. He crept behind her fighting against the winds she was making to hold up the things positioned in front of and behind her. That was the first time she even noticed him.

Damn it Logan! Get back inside! Jean's voice sounded in his head.

I'm not getting back in that plane until you do, and if that means dying then that's what's gonna happen darlin'. He sent back. It took all his might to send and fight the winds at the same time. He made his way directly beside her, he was ready to grab her as soon as she let the Blackbird up and the waters down.

He watched as the only friends he had, other than the woman that stood beside him, flew upwards into the sky. He could vaguely make out the faces of Storm and Scott in the cockpit, Rogue standing behind the white haired woman. Scott banged on the window with all his might but with no avail. All were crying for the friends they thought they were about to lose.

Logan felt the winds calming slightly. "The calm before the storm," he thought. He then felt light droplets of water starting to hit his back. He turned, and with all his might, grabbed Jean and held on for dear life. His body fully covered her's. He pushed her face into his shoulder and wrapped her arms in front of her so that she was fully protected from the on coming downpour.

He felt the leather on his uniform ripping under the sharp edges of debris being thrashed into his back. He knew that no matter how much it hurt, he had to try his hardest to keep the woman under him alive. When he felt as if every inch of his skin had been bruised, cut, or beaten and that he could take no more, the waves stopped and he and Jean were both being dragged up to shore by the water. He felt the soft feel of land under him and he looked at Jean writhing beneath him to get the water out of her lungs. He felt as if he had the urge to do the same and rolled off of her, pouring the contents of his stomach, that consisted mainly of lake water, into the land off to the side slightly of where they landed.

I love you, I just want you to know that Jean. He sent as he drifted off into oblivion for a few long hours.

I love you too, Logan. Thank you. She sent back with all the strength she had left within her. Then, she, herself drifted off into that sweet oblivion of wonderland and dreamless sleep.