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A/N: Taken place day after the prom. Burke never got shot, and Meredith knew Christina, Izzy, and George, all of her "intern friends" before SGH

Chapter 1:Violence is not the Answer

The ambulance came to a screeching halt in front of Miranda Bailey and her intern Christina Yang. The doors opened as a EMT stepped down from the ambulance helping with the stretcher,
"27 year old blonde Caucasian female, stab wound to the chest, unconscious," said the EMT.

"All right Yang, you got- Oh my-," said Bailey, getting quiet suddenly

"It's…. It's…. It's Izzy," responded Christina.

"All right Yang," said Bailey regaining herself, "At least we know why Stevens didn't come in today. Let's just hope that, Grey doesn't have the same excuse. Page Dr. Burke, and I'll meet you in the ER in a second." Right when Miranda stopped talking to Christina and turned her back. A second ambulance pulled up next to the first one.
"I swear if this is Grey," said Miranda under her breath. The door opened and a second EMT jumped down helping with the stretcher,

"29 year old blonde Caucasian female, stab to the chest and head wound, unconscious," said the EMT. Sure enough Meredith Grey was in the stretcher, being pulled in front of Miranda.
"This is going to be a long day," she whispered. She wheeled Meredith into the ER, next to Christina and Izzy. Dr. Preston Burke was already there, checking over Izzy.

"Dr. Yang, can you page Dr. O'Malley please and Dr. Shepherd, the male one," said Bailey, regaining herself once again. "Preston, when you're done with Stevens, can you come look at Grey?"

"Miranda, you can't be serious," said Burke shocked.

"I am Preston. Looks like these two girls had a rough night," said Bailey turning towards her two interns.

"Miranda, why did you pull Dr. O'Malley and me from my surgery, it was- OH MY GOD!" said Derek Shepherd, as he walked into the ER. When he saw why he was pulled out of surgery he stopped in his tracks. "Miranda, what the hell happened?" he asked

"I don't know Shepherd, just get Grey and Stevens a CT scan so we can see 'what the hell happened.' O'Malley I want you with Grey, Yang you with Stevens. I want both of these girls down to the CT room STAT! I want to know what happened, so when they come back to work, I can kill them," said Bailey, starting to get back to her old self. Christina and George O'Malley wheeled the two girls out of the ER and into the hallway. Both looking pale and stunned, not saying much. They got into the same elevator. When the door closed they both turned to each other.

"I can't believe Bailey stuck me with this whore," said George "Like I care about her. All I care about is Izzy. She must have stabbed herself over Denny,"

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT ABOUT MEREIDTH! YOU CAN'T SAY THAT YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT HER STILL! SHE'S YOUR FRIEND AND ROOMMMATE! HOW DARE YOU!" said Christina yelling at George with tears steaming down her face, "She must have stabbed herself over Derek and Finn though. But then I don't know how she got her head all messed up," she concluded almost whispering

"Maybe she hit her head on the tile in the kitchen or something. We do have tile in the kitchen," George said without looking at Christina. The doors opened. When both interns stepped out, they were starting into the face of Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd standing right in front of them,

"Ah good morning Dr Yang, Dr O'Malley," said Addison with a smile. But her smile quickly vanished when she saw who was in their stretchers and who just walked out of the elevator next to her.

"What the hell happened?" said Addison shocked,

"None of your business Addison," said Derek without looking up as he walked out from the elevator. "C'mon you two. You heard Bailey. Get these two a CT scan…NOW!"

"Derek-" said Addison quietly,
"Save it for someone, who cares Addison," said Derek as he continued down the hall. Addison gave Preston a 'what-happened?' look just as he walked out of the same elevator as Derek, but he just walked past her, staring at the two lifeless interns, determined to find out what happened.

"Well, Dr. Bailey, Meredith here has bleeding in the back of her head and bleeding near her heat. She must of hit the back of her head hard on the floor," said Derek without looking at Bailey

"She also must have punctured herself pretty hard too since bleeding is everywhere and it's effecting her heart. It's pumping twice as fast to recover the lost blood," said Preston "Izzy has the same problem, but not as bad. Besides that the only difference is no head injury."

"Well get these two into the OR now, I want them operated on so we can find out what happened first hand," said Bailey leaving the CT room, still pale. Burke and Derek looked at each other lost of words,

"I guess I'll do Meredith first while you do Ms. Stevens, then you can do Meredith," said Derek.

"Derek, Meredith needs it first. She's got blood all over her body," pointed out Burke

"But Izzy's, got it-"

"Derek, you and I both know that you want Meredith done first. Izzy can wait. I can start and Dr. Yang can continue, while we work on Meredith, then I can go back to Izzy. O'Malley, Yang, be prepared to scrub in, in a couple of minutes," said Burke abruptly as he turned and left the room with Derek following behind him. Christina and George exchanged looks, still pale, and followed the two Dr.'s preparing themselves of something that they weren't taught in Med. School.