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He stood within a seeming void, nothingness as far as the eye can see…


The world seemed to warp and waver, rippling from some unseen source…


With each drop, the world seemed to shift, changing, rippling…


And through it all, he heard one name, being whispered over and over again….

Clow Reed…

Clow Reed….

Clow Reed…..


Card Captor Harry: Hong Kong

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 1: We're Going To Hong Kong!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. I wish her well and covet her money. Card Captor Sakura belongs to CLAMP, not me. I covet their drawing skills. Both are used here without their owners' permission. I'm not doing this for money, so please don't sue me.


One morning, in number four, Privet drive…

Harry James Evans Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, Friend-of-House-Elves-Who-Want-to-be-Free, Sorcerer's Stone Protector, Basilisk Slayer, Dark Lord Frustrater, Gryffindor Seeker, all around nice guy, and hero of this little piece, slowly opened his eyes, looking blearily about him. His room was a blur without his glasses, but he saw enough to make out the fact that it was just a little after dawn. Sluggishly, he raised one arm to rub his eyes of sleep gunk and found he couldn't. Bemused, he looked down to find the source of his immobilization.

What looked like a small child, a little boy, was lying on his arm, snuggling against his chest. It slept peacefully, lying against him with absolute trust, like a little brother, or a son. His eyes were closed, the tuft of hair jutting out from under his cap falling against his forehead.

Ordinarily, this would be a rather unremarkable scene, were it not for a few things. First, Harry Potter had no brothers (not in this continuity, anyway), and he definitely had no children (not yet in this continuity, anyway). The kid looked absolutely nothing like him. Secondly, the tuft of hair was sky blue. Third, the kid was yellow. A pure, nearly unadulterated shade of pastel yellow. He was wearing rather baggy pants, a yellow vest a shade darker than said pants, a burst-flower collar with little yellow baubles on them, and ridiculously long sleeves that reached way past his feet. A two-pointed fools' cap rested on his head, completing the rather strange picture.

Did we mention the kid's very skin was pastel yellow?

Harry, apparently deciding it was better not to move his arm and risk disturbing his current bedmate (no, not that kind of bedmate!), raised his other arm up to his eyes, rubbing off the gunk that had accumulated there in his sleep.

For those who are wondering, no, Harry didn't somehow manifest a taste for boys during the change of categories.

Gently, Harry slid his arm out from under the sleeping Clow sprite (yes, that's what he was!). Grabbing his glasses from the nearby side table, Harry put them on before deciding to get dressed.

Opening his closet, Harry was careful not to disturb the birdhouse inside. Sounds of snoring were emanating from the wider than normal hole in the front of the birdcage. Thankfully, the snoring was muffled enough not to wake up anyone.

Plucking out a few rather oversized pieces of clothing (let us dispense with the jokes comparing their previous owner to some kind of large animal, shall we?), Harry hastily put them on. He'd recently become paranoid that not only could the Clow Cards hear him, but that they could see him as well. And as the majority of them were female, well…

While most everyone knew Harry Potter wasn't a normal boy, but rather a wizard, this Harry Potter wasn't like normal wizards– and that's not counting him being the Boy-Who-Lived. For you see, this Harry Potter was the Card Captor.

For those who claim that is a girl's job, you are referred to an overly intense boy who sometimes goes around in green.

For those who claim that that was a sucky dub, you are referred to the original, where he performed the same function in all but name (and Keroberos' blessing).

By the time Harry finished dressing, the small hole in the fourth wall had been repaired. Still moving quietly, Harry crept over to the bed and reached towards the headboard, beneath the rather worn and thin pillows. With exaggerated caution, he pulled out a long, red wand. Experimentally, Harry waved and swung it a couple of times, getting the blood flowing back into his arm. The Sealing Wand was heavier than his holly wand, and felt more solid and substantial in his hand. He knew for a fact that, unlike his holly wand, it would hurt to get hit with this.

Waving it gently above the sleeping Clow sprite, Harry quietly muttered "Silencio" under his breath. The first time the little sprite had woken up without him– and the first time the sprite had met him, actually– he'd let out a loud cry that had echoed throughout the house. Thankfully, Sleep had been on Dursley-duty both times and had promptly put them all under her power while Harry had tried to quiet down the wailing Card. That was good, since the minute he had stopped screaming, the Clow sprite had gone on a rampage that had Harry running all over the house, trying to catch him. He finally cornered him with Shadow's help…


"Finally!" Harry wheezed, the Sealing Wand shaking in his hand as Shadow stood behind him, keeping the sprite he'd been chasing in place. "It's time to end this."

Solemnly, Harry raised the Sealing Wand above his head. "I am the Card Captor," he said, by way of introduction, "and I order you to return to your true form!…"

Harry paused. "Um, which Card is he?"

Behind him, Kero and Sleep (who'd gotten involved in the chase after making sure all the neighbors were properly asleep) fell out of the air as they facefaulted. Had Shadow been some other Clow Card– or if he'd had a different looking sprite– he would have slapped his forehead in exasperation.

"You were going to Seal him with out knowing which one he was?" Kero screamed as he pulled himself back in the air. Sleep chose to stay close to the ground in case Harry said something face fault inducing again. That was a rare occurrence, sure, and Harry had probably exhausted his quota for the month, but she didn't want to chance it.

"Skip the righteous indignation, Kero," Harry said. "Which one is he?"

Kero looked over Harry's shoulder and frowned thoughtfully. "I know you… wait, it's a the tip of my tongue… give me a minute…"

"Twin," Shadow said softly, his voice seeming to rumble despite the low volume.

"I KNEW THAT!" Kero said, yelling in Shadow's face.

"Be nice, Kero," Harry said, promptly causing the Sun Guardian to sulk. He turned to Shadow. "Um, correct if I'm wrong, but wouldn't being called 'Twin' imply more than one? It doesn't seem like Clow Reed not to go all out on the symbolic attachments a name possess."

Kero facefaulted again, and Sleep was patting herself on the back at her good foresight. After picking herself up from the floor, that is.

Harry raised an eyebrow at the fallen. "What? I'm a fanfic writer. We pick up these things. Everyone knows that fanfic writers are the most well read, smartest people in the world. Just look at Hermione."

Kero and Sleep exchanged glances. They really didn't know what to say to that.

Shadow leaned forward, looming over Twin, who was still stuck and currently cowering. "Where is your sister?" he rumbled.

At this, Twin started looking teary-eyed. "…not here," he muttered. "She's not here… I don't know where she is…"

Naturally, Harry started getting that protective feeling in his chest. You know, the one that screams you really should have a kid cry if you can do something about it? "H-hey, don't cry. Um, Shadow, maybe you should step back a little. You are kinda scary…" Harry said as he knelt down in front of Twin, doing his best not to give in to his urge to spazz out and flap his arms in panic, settling for awkwardly patting the little sprite's head.

As Shadow obligingly moved back a little so he wouldn't loom so much, Kero floated forward. "Hmm. Well, that's a problem. Without the other half of The Twin Card, we won't be able to Seal him properly. We need both halves to be Sealed at the same time for the Sealing to work. Well, at least he won't be able to cause trouble. His sister needs to be around for their power to work–"

"Kero, now's not the time," Harry said, glaring at Kero slightly. "Can't you see he's crying?"

Yup, that 'keep little kids from crying' instinct was ringing and ringing loud.


It didn't take long afterwards before Harry found himself promising to look for Twin's sister. Really, he had absolutely no will power when it came to crying kids. He didn't realize there was anything in it for him until after Kero explained it.

He's such a nice guy that way.

Anyway, Harry, after deciding it was somehow intrinsically wrong to call the half of Twin they'd found Twin– since he was half of a twin, technically and… Oh, you get the idea!– decided to nickname him Blue, after his hair.

Then, after thinking it over and deciding that wasn't dignified, Harry decided to call him Aoi. He didn't think it was a good idea to name him after an imaginary friend.

Initially, Aoi living with Harry had been something of a problem. Since he couldn't be Sealed, he had to remain as he was, and unlike Keroberos, he was a lot harder to hide. Harry solved this problem by having Aoi wear his Invisibility Cloak. Aoi had to stay in his room most of the time, but that was all right, since the Dursleys really didn't go in there, and Aoi knew to keep quiet and under the Cloak when Harry wasn't around. Kero watched him when Harry was out doing chores or buying anime stuff.

Dividing the food he'd been sent at the beginning of the diet regime was a bit more troublesome. Kero wanted to eat it all. Harry argued that he needed to make it last all summer– or at least as long as possible so as not to impose on his friends so much. In the end, they compromised. Harry gave Kero the bag of rock cakes Hagrid had sent him, saying he had to finish it all before he gave the little Sun Guardian any more food. Harry shared the rest of the stash with Aoi. Not that he really needed to feed the Clow sprite, but it would be rude not to.

Kero, meanwhile, had barely put dent on the rock cakes.

Harry straightened in satisfaction after casting the spell on Aoi. The little sprite forgets to keep it down when he wakes, making the spell necessary. As an after thought, Harry pointed the Wand in Kero's general direction and muttered the spell again. The snores instantly disappeared.

Satisfied that he'd done everything he could to keep the peace, Harry retracted the Sealing Wand back to Key form and headed downstairs for nearly non-existent breakfast.


In a rather cluttered apartment, an alarm clock rang. The insistent tones echoed through the modest living quarters, bouncing off the wooden floors, along the muted wallpaper on the walls, and into the other rooms. Outside, someone was working in the kitchen.

Shortly after, a hand came crashing down on the clock, cutting it off for the fifth time that day. One brown eye blearily opened from beneath lank, unkempt silver bangs. Said eye noted the time. There was a mutter of "Still too early" before the eye closed once more.

Silence drifted through the apartment now, golden silence– save for the sounds from the kitchen– that seemed to come with the sun shining steeply overhead. It wafted about the messy room, enfolding everything within it, from the assorted figurines of varying make depicting various characters in different poses, to the shelves full of manga, art books, DVDs, soundtracks and other knickknacks, to the thick textbooks, sheets of parchment, and unusual odds and ends. It glided over the floor, which was cleaner than it usually was, free of the discarded clothes, bags of consumed snacks and other bric-a-brac usually on it.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Winter, the results are here," a distinctly female voice said. A pause when there was no reply. "I took the liberty of opening it. You won."

The silence was irrevocably shattered as Winter Moon snapped awake like she'd been given a direct caffeine IV. Her computer and figurines were suddenly in mortal danger as she risked knocking over at least twenty different things with each movement in her rush to get dressed and be presentable. "Thanks for telling me aunty!" she said in between exclamations of victory. She had to call Harry!


It was late in the morning before Harry could go back upstairs to eat from his stash. There breakfast of carrot sticks and lettuce leaf– he wasn't allowed any dressing and of course his portions were smaller than Dudley's– hadn't nearly been enough to fill his stomach. This was one of the few things he agreed with Uncle Vernon on: 'rabbit food' sucked.

Still, he thought as he entered his room, closing the door behind him as he went, it was so nice to see Dudley in pain.

He'd barely taken two steps in when he suddenly had an invisible Clow Card sprite hugging his belly. "I take it your hungry?" Harry said with just the tiniest bit of sarcasm.

There was a nodding motion against his stomach as Aoi shrugged off the Invisibility Cloak. He let go of Harry as the wizard bent down to fold the Cloak and put it away properly. By the time Harry had the sealing Wand out and was getting ready to remove the silence spell from Kero, Aoi had already removed their food stash from under the loose floorboards.

"So, what do you want to try today?" Harry said, waving his wand over the little Clow sprite and muttering 'Finite Incantatem'.

"I wanna try this, big brother," Aoi said, pointing to a foil package of freeze-dried strawberries.

Harry chuckled. After nearly two and a half weeks, he'd gotten used to the Clow Card calling him that. For the moment, 'Master' wouldn't do. "Dry, crunchy space strawberries for you it is, then," he said, picking up a couple of packages for his own breakfast. "Hey Kero, Aoi's picked the snack. Save some for me this time, okay?"

Keroberos floated out of the closet (no, not that closet!) grumpily as he settled himself down next to Aoi. "It's not fair! Why can't I eat more?"

"Because we don't want to impose on my friends, and you really don't need to eat anyway, so feeding you is just indulging your gluttony," Harry said, biting into an energy bar. "I kinda wish we'd gotten Sweet instead of Lee. It would make feeding you so much easier."

Aoi nodded sagely along with Harry as Kero suddenly got a flaming look in his eyes. "Don't worry. When you become the Card Master, you can feed me sweets all the time!"

Harry gave Kero, who was thrusting his tiny fist in the air, the blandest look he could. "Whoopee dooo…" Harry said, twirling his finger unenthusiastically in the air.

Harry was doing the last of his summer homework (FINALLY!) as Kero and Aoi played Scrabble on the floor when the phone hidden under his bed suddenly rang. Immediately, he dived down and picked it up, knowing the phone in Dudley's room was ringing too and not wanting his lump of a cousin to pick up Winter. How did he know it was Winter? Because no one called Dudley on his phone. His frie– er, cronies, might have, but Dudley had forgotten the number so long ago he'd probably also forgotten he'd never given it to anyone. The only reason Harry knew was because it had been written on the phone he'd found in Dudley's cast-offs (it was apparently Dudley's original phone, damaged because Dudley had thrown it away in a fit of not liking the color).

Anyway, Harry dove for the phone before the first ring was even finished. "Hello?" he whispered, thankful that the distinctive sound of an extension line being open wasn't audible.

"Harry, guess what?" Winter said.

"I'm not so hot at Divination, Win'," Harry said, settling down cross-legged on the floor next to the two players. "Can't you just tell me straight?"

"I so want to hit you with a mallet right now," Winter growled. "Anyway, I've got great news! Around the time we got back from school, I entered this contest, and guess what? I WON!"

Harry put the earpiece back against his ear, wincing at the volume of the last exclamation. "Um, that's great Win'. I'm really happy for you. But, uh, why call me to tell me about it in the middle of the day?"

"Well, the prize was a trip for four to Hong Kong," Winter said excitedly. "Wanna go?"

Harry froze. "You're… asking me to go abroad with you?" Harry said slowly, wanting to make sure he'd gotten the intricacies of the offer right.

"Uh huh."

Harry frowned and pinched himself, wincing at the pain. Okay, not a dream. He put the phone back against his ear. "Are you sure it's all right?"

"Sure! My aunt says you can come as long as you have your relative's permission. I'm not sure what I'll do with the third ticket, though. I could invite Jenny along, but she has to work…" Winter trailed off.

Harry's eyes flickered to the side. "Um, why don't we bring Aoi?"

Winter squealed, and Harry once more had to remove the phone from his ear. "That's a great idea! I'd like to finally meet him. He sounds so cute, the way you describe him."

"Plus there's no way I'm leaving him here with my relatives," Harry said.

He could almost hear Winter wince. "Uh, right. Didn't think of that." A pause. "How do we explain him to my aunt?"


Getting permission from the Dursleys was pathetically easy. It sort of went like this:

"Uncle Vernon, can I go with a friend on a trip abroad?"

"NO! NEVER! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Harrumph!" Turn purple, mustache bristle.

"Okay. I'll just go upstairs and write a letter to my mass-murderer escaped-convict godfather saying you're being mean to me…"

"NO! ALL RIGHT, YOU CAN GO TO RUDDY ABROAD! Harrumph!" Turn from purple to bad oatmeal.

"Thanks unkie Vernon! I wuv you!"

Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea…


Still, that didn't solve everything…

"Passports for you and Aoi?"

"Create Card."


"I am not leaving my school stuff at home. Who knows what the Dursleys would do with it?"




Of course, Winter wasn't the only correspondence Harry had. He promptly wrote letters to Ron, Hermione and Sirius, telling them of the situation. He really didn't expect a reply from Sirius, since it generally took days to get a letter from him (Hedwig was meeting him in Hong Kong, where Harry promised to make it up to her), but Ron and Hermione replied as soon as possible. In fact, Hermione called him back that very night.

"Harry, you stud you. Trying to get a homerun, huh? Atta boy! Who's da man? Who's da man?"

"Herm, are you drunk?"

Her letter back was much worse. The only thing fit to read was the salutation. The rest read like something out of a lemon.

Harry wondered what kind of home life Hermione had, that she could be uptight and proper one moment and so perverted the next.

After thinking it over, Harry decided he didn't want to know.

Ron was more censor-compliant. After reminding Harry of the Quidditch World Cup, he congratulated Harry for his managing to take advantage of his opportunity and asking for lots of details. So, he was being perverted, but not as much as Hermione. He also said that he'd be sending Harry an owl when Ron's dad managed to get the tickets.

All in all, not so bad…


Water. Water, water, everywhere, as far as the eye could see… Drip Ripples shot over the surface, trembling for an infinite moment…


Light shone dimly from above, a lattice shadowed below…


The named echoed, again and again

Clow Reed…

Clow Reed….

Clow Reed…..

In the distance, a flicker of white, there then gone in an instant…


It was his birthday, Harry realized again as he finished packing his trunk in the dead of night. He had the unfortunate habit of not noticing, given the fact the Dursleys had pretty much ignored it during the first ten years of his life.

Still, the four birthday cakes he'd received were a very pleasant reminder.

"Wait 'til later, Kero," Harry said, subtly keeping an eye on the way Keroberos was salivating over the cakes. While he was perfectly willing to share, there was no way he'd let Kero have first taste his cakes!

Aoi walked up to Harry just as he finished putting the last catch on his trunk, snapping the belt (handily salvaged once more from Dudley) on the lid and hoping that would be enough. Winter had warned him about airport personnel. Well, Winter's aunt had warned Winter, but it amounted to the same thing. "How do I look, big brother?" Aoi said as Harry turned around.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Trying out your costume for tomorrow?" Harry said as he took in the sight of Aoi wearing some off Dudley's clothes. On Harry, the clothes looked oversized. On Aoi, they were literally a tent. Add in the stocking cap and scarf around his neck, and not one speck of pastel yellow was visible. He looked like a shrunken Kenny-reject, though.

Aoi raised his arms, the overly-long sleeves flopping, and did an awkward little twirl. "No one will notice me in this!" he chirped.

"And if anyone does, we'll just say you're light-sensitive," Harry said, moving for the door to relieve Sleep.

The phone rang.

Harry immediately dove for the phone, wondering what Winter could be calling about. They'd just finished talking an hour ago. "Ugh. Hello?" he said, wincing and rubbing his head where he hit it on the bed.

"Um, Harry, we've sort of got a problem," Winter said, not sounding sleepy at all.

Harry sighed. "If this is about you missing updates–"

"You are getting bonked tomorrow, I swear…" Winter threatened. "No, it's not that. My aunt just got a call. She has to leave town tonight for work and won't be able to come with us."

"So, we can't go?" Harry said in disappointment, getting that deflated balloon feeling in his chest at the thought he'd managed to get the Dursleys to say 'yes' for nothing. He'd been waiting for this for the last three days!

"Oh no, we can go," Winter said. "But my aunt wants someone to go with us, you know, be our chaperone? You… wouldn't happen to know anyone, do you? Because at worst I'll have to ask Jenny and she'll probably slam the door in my face…"

"No," Harry said, his mind running desperately. He was not going to lose the chance to have his first real vacation away from the Dursleys because of someone's whim, darn it! "I've got an idea…"


Winter tried not to fidget as her Aunt's car made it's way through Privet drive. She wasn't anxious to meet Harry's relatives. To meet Harry, yes, but definitely not his relatives. After hearing the barest details of how they were to Harry, she didn't know whether she was afraid she'd cower in front of them or pull out her wand and start hexing them. Although the latter was mighty appealing…

"There it is," she said, pointing across the dashboard as she spotted a familiar head of unruly hair reflecting the midmorning light. Next to him was a small mound of what appeared to be clothes, topped by a stocking cap. He had his trunk with him.

"I see him," her aunt said, maneuvering her car next to the curb. Winter was out before the car was in park.

"Harry!" she said as she rushed up to him and enfolded him in a hug. "It's so great to see you again! How have you been?"

Harry let go as he finished hugging her back, even though he'd been a little awkward at the beginning. "It's great to see you too, Win'. Um, thanks for the food. I don't think I would have survived without it."

Winter smiled. "No problem," she said, before frowning. "Are your relatives really that bad? I mean, even with how much Auntie was usually gone when I was younger, she still had to take care of me and make sure I was okay. I'm pretty sure there are laws about this sort of thing…"

"Let's not talk about them right now," Harry said as Winter's aunt finally stepped out of the car. "We still need to meet my 'friend'…"

Winter nodded as her aunt came forward. "So you're the famous Harry Potter," her aunt said jokingly as they shook hands. "Winter's been telling me a lot about you. And this must be your little brother Daniel. Come on, let's get your things in the trunk and pick up your friend. You're really lucky there was someone who was willing to chaperone you so late. She must be a very close friend."

Winter's aunt kept talking in the same vein as Harry managed to fit his trunk next to Winter's in the rear of the car, saying that he and his brother were sharing luggage so they could travel light. When a passing comment was made about why the Dursley's weren't out to greet Harry good bye, Harry said, "Oh, we've already said our good byes in private. Aunt Petunia is really horrible when it comes to good byes, and uncle Vernon wasn't much better. They're afraid they'll make a scene if they come out."

Truthfully, they were still unconscious, having been given a precautionary dose of Sleep's dust, but he didn't have to tell her that.

"So, where does your friend live?" Winter's aunt– Harry still hadn't gotten her name– asked as they all got into the car.

"Oh, she says she'll wait around the corner," Harry said, making sure Aoi/Daniel was seated behind the driver's seat in case the 'disguise' came undone enroute. "In fact, there she is now."

Standing at the corner between Privet Drive and Magnolia, carrying a suitcase, was a adult version of Hermione.

"Hey Mir," Harry said after they drove up to her. He turned to Winter's aunt. "This is my friend, Miranda Granger. Miranda, this is… um, I'm sorry, but I didn't get your name."

Winter's aunt laughed. "Oh yes, I did forget to introduce myself. Call me Layla."

"Miranda, this is Winter's Aunt Layla."

The Mirror Card smiled and extended her hand. "Pleased to meet you."


"I can't believe that worked," Harry muttered as they watched Winter's aunt driving away, presumably to get ready for her own flight, which would be leaving later that day. She'd only stayed long enough to make sure they knew which counter and gate they needed to be on, before entrusting them to 'Miranda'.

Winter pursed her lips together. "I feel crummy," she muttered as they sat down on a few ever-present uncomfortable-airport-chairs. "You're a bad influence on me, having me lie to auntie like that."

Harry raised an eyebrow. She was the one who'd refined his half-baked ideas. "I know the feeling," he said honestly, sitting down next to her and gesturing for Mirror and Aoi to do the same. "I fell the same way whenever I can't tell Ron and Hermione I've been off Capturing Clow Cards rather than doing whatever lie of the week I feed them."

Then Harry winced, unzipping his jacket slightly. "Hey! That hurt!" he hissed.

Keroberos' head popped out of the opening. "I want out of here!" he hissed back.

In response, Harry pulled him out head-first as Winter opened her carry-on bag and calmly stuffed him into said bag. Winter giggled. "There. You're out," he said.

"This is not an improvement," Kero grumbled. A pause. "Winter, what's this hammer doing here?"

"Oh yeah," Winter said, reaching inside a pulling out a little foam mallet. Harry looked at it curiously, until Winter hit him twice.

"Hey!" Harry said, more surprised than hurt. "What was that for?"

Winter grinned. "I told you you were getting bonked."

"Can we eat cake now?" Keroberos moaned.

"The cakes are in Mirror's suitcase, Kero," Harry said, not liking it one bit. "We'll eat them in Hong Kong."

"But they'll be ruined by then! Can't we eat them on the way?"


Making the fake passports was relatively easy. Harry just borrowed Winter's passport, along with The Create Card, and made three fake passports for himself, Aoi and Mirror–– who by that time had decided she didn't want to look like Hermione and had turned into an older female double of Harry (she was now going as Mirra).

It was during a brief moment of privacy in the men's room that Harry stopped and actually thought about what they were pulling. He, Winter, Kero, and two Clow Cards were going on a plain and heading to Hong Kong for two weeks, without anything vaguely resembling adult supervision. The contest paid for the hotel, and Winter had money her aunt had entrusted her. Harry still had the money he'd exchanged at Gringotts, and it was likely there was someplace he could have it changed, either at the airport or anywhere else.

Basically, two kids, and three kid-minded magical beings left to their own devices in a major city with money and no adults.

Harry suddenly began to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea…


He stood on the surface of an endless body of water. Darkness was everywhere, yet the water was all his eyes could see…


A rustling, just out of the corner of his eye. He tried to turn, but couldn't seem to. Everything moved so slow…


Flashes of white, there, then gone. One, no, two! A whisper of something against his cheek…


A white feather drifted into view…

Clow Reed…

Clow Reed….

Clow Reed…..


With a gasp, Harry's eyes shot open, and he barely managed to stifle his instinctive cry of surprise. His eyes darted to the side, taking in the view of the economy section of the plane. No one seemed to have noticed his abrupt transition from the lands of sleep. Nearly everyone else was asleep, dozing as the in-flight movie played on with only a few spectators. A stewardess was walking up the aisle, away from him. Shaking slightly, Harry gripped the arms of his chair. Okay, that had been creepy.

Taking deep breaths until he called down, Harry glanced across the aisle to his left. Aoi was still fully bundled under his tent, while Mirror was lying back and hugging the blanket she'd been given. Both were very much asleep and looking very peaceful. Harry made a note to keep Aoi quiet when he woke up.

Winter was blearily rubbing her eyes, her blanket pooling on her lap. For some reason, her hair was a mess, getting all over her face and sticking out everywhere. Harry wondered about that. It wasn't like she'd tossed and turned in her sleep.

"You okay?" Harry said, trying to whisper across and aisle and two seats so as not to disturb anyone.

Winter looked up, not seeming to recognize him until she started and looked slightly embarrassed. Harry supposed she knew exactly how she looked. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Um, 'scuse me."

Winter quickly moved around the still sleeping Clow Cards, an amazing feat since there was barely space for a fly to go between their legs and the seat in front. Harry watched as she headed for the stall at the back until he realized he was admiring the way a certain area of her jeans moved as she walked and quickly turned to face front, his face red.

Gingerly, Harry reached behind his back, easing the Clow book out from under it's harness. He hadn't left it with his luggage, opting to keep it on him. It was too important to do otherwise. Besides, Winter had told him about how the airport sometimes lost peoples luggage and there was no way he'd risk losing the Clow Cards like that. It was a mark of his concern that he was more willing to lose his Firebolt than his Cards.

Still, Harry prayed that his luggage was on the plane with him.

Harry was staring intently at Clow Reed's symbol on the cover when Winter returned from the stalls, her hair now all pointing in the same general direction and away from her eyes. Settling back in her seat (and once more managing to traverse the space between the Clow Card's legs and the chair in front), Winter slid the window shade up.

"Hey, Harry," Winter said softly as a soft, muted chime rang through the cabin. "We're here…"


To be continued...


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Omake for chapter 7, by Laura J. Rie


Kero thought for a moment. "Um, you could try Sealing the Card."

The two watched as Lee slammed The Fight Card's face into the wall, only to have the Card run up the wall and land behind Lee, who was then flipped to the ground.

Harry looked at Kero pleadingly. "Do I really have to? How about we leave and come back tomorrow night? That way, Lee gets the #$ beaten out of her and we get the card."

Kero looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

Harry smirked. "We can also visit the Kitchen and get some sweets to eat."

"What the hell are we doing here? LETS GO!" Kero hollered as he dragged Harry down the hallway and pass the frozen Snape.

A few minuets passed by, during which Snape was still frozen and Lee was beaten to a pulp. Finally time unfroze and Snape ran down the hallway only to stop in front of the mangled and twitching body of Fei Lee. Snape stared for a moment before expressing himself.



I kept kicking myself when I read that. It was SO obvious! I should have thought of it!

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(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

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