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Card Captor Harry: Hong Kong

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 7: The New Dream

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Harry Potter stared out the porthole of the plane as it taxied out of the airport. He could vaguely make out the party of those who'd come to see them off– mostly by the shine of Yukito's hair– through the airport's windows before the plane moved and blocked off all view. Sighing, he lay back on his seat, noting how much more comfortable the business-class seats were compared to coach. Apparently, the Lee's had more clout than he thought.

After the bumpiness and initial discomfort of take off, Harry reached under his seat as the seatbelt signs turned off, pulling out the black bag he'd stowed under there.

Balancing it precariously on his seat tray, he carefully unzipped it and flipped open the top, staring mutely at what was inside.

Next to him, Winter looked over his shoulder, staring admiringly at the hardware stored therein. "I still can't believe Syaoran gave you a laptop," she said. Her identical case was stowed in the overhead compartment.

"Neither can I," Harry said, still a bit awed. Syaoran had presented the bags to the two of them the night before, with Tomoyo video-taping the whole thing and his sisters going on about how cute it all was in the background in the midst of another session of stuffing Kero with food…


Harry could only stare as he looked at the open carrying bag in front of him. To the side, Winter was already squealing in joy fit to break a few eardrums and possibly the sound barrier as she began to– well, fondle seemed to be the only appropriate word– her new laptop. It was black, slim, sleek and had that textured finish that was supposed to give it a 'toughened' look. "Wha…?"

"It's called a laptop, Potter," (Fei) Lee said disdainfully as she leaned back against the wall , arms, of course, crossed as she contrived to be as far away from Harry and still be in more-or-less the same room. "You know, those? It's what computers have become?"

"I thought that was cell phones?" Harry managed as Winter and Tomoyo began to chatter about it. The two had been exchanging ideas all vacation. Sakura had been gotten nervous about it, and after hearing of the stories of Tomoyo's infamous clothes, so had Harry. It had been generally agreed by everyone except Sakura– who was too nice to actually think those things about people although the trace of them was there– that those two were the most twisted thinkers in the house when it came to making things and plans that actually got applied.

Pulling himself together, Harry turned to Syaoran. "Um, why?"

"It's a going away present," the seemingly-only-Lee-male said. "Something to remember your trip to Honk Kong by. And so that you won't have to sneak using your cousin's computer any more. And you'll be able to continue writing at school too."

It had come as quite a shock to Syaoran when he'd found out Harry was one of his favorite writers. From there the other boy had managed to drag the reason for Harry's erratic update schedule out of him. Apparently, this was to be the result.

"Hang on," Harry said, finally managing to mentally grasp something. "Even if with this, I wouldn't be able to write at school. I know this one. High-order electronic devices don't work at Hogwarts. Something to do with the magic in the air clogging the conductors in microchips and keeping them from forming electric circuits. That's why things like wristwatches and flashlights work there but calculators and cell phones don't. Hermione told me that once. "

Syaoran raised an eyebrow. "You actually know that one? I'm surprised. Most people get told technology doesn't work at places like Hogwarts because there's too much magic in the air, they don't listen to the second part and start generating inane theories about how there are wards that exist to block their cell phone signals and either waste their time trying to get around the non-existent wards or decide there's a government conspiracy to isolate muggleborns so as to brainwash them into Wizarding society…"

Syaoran noticed people looking at him funny and coughed. "Well, anyway, those are experimental models that one of our companies have been working on. They have iron sheathing to 'ground' the excess magic and the circuits are made of a special superconductor to allow for better electric transmission. There's some kind of spell to superfreeze the metal to do this, plus there's some kind of array that lets it use magic for it's processes, although that's sort of secondary… it's all in the manual in there somewhere."

As it turned out, there was also a mouse, a tablet, a digital camera, some kind of scanner and a printer in the bag too, as well as a slim satellite phone array, all as experimentally magic-proofed as the laptop. Syaoran and, Harry got the impression, Yelan, had apparently pulled all the stops in this little going away present…

Harry stared at the slightly-heavier-than-normal devices that had come with the bag, along with the multitude of wires that went with them to put them together. One very big thought was repeating itself in his head, and finally clamored its way out. "No way am I letting the Dursleys know about this…."

Winter patted him on the shoulder. "Hey cheer up," she said, "At least you have a place to put all those cosplay pics now…"


As the plane continued on, Harry booted up his new computer, muting the sound so as not to disturb the other passengers. His wallpaper popped up.

He stared at it as his new computer continued with its 'start up' routine. He, Winter ,Syaoran, Sakura, Tomoyo, Meilin… everyone, in short, were standing in front of the camera, most smiling and wearing costumes. Sakura looked slightly uncomfortable in her slightly harem-girl-like outfit, while Lee looked like she wanted to bash someone's head in with the weird, vaguely astronomy-ruler-like topped staff she was holding…


Winter sighed as Lee adjusted the goggles around her neck, twitching it to maximum effect. "You know, I wish Harry and I had costumes for this," she said, looking envious at the other girl's outfit. Said outfit consisted of a green cloak, a dark top, and baggy canvas pants tied up at the ankles, along with the aforementioned goggles.

KickAssArchaeologistSyaoran!Fei shrugged apologetically. "Sorry. It's not like I knew you and Potter would be coming. Besides, you can still enjoy the convention without being in costume."

"I guess," Winter sighed, just barely not flouncing as she followed Lee downstairs. "I just wished we had enough time to create some costumes for ourselves…"

It took a while for Lee to realize she was climbing down the stairs alone and turned. Winter was staring at nothing, eyes wide as she mouthed something over and over again…

"Harry!" she suddenly cried, fumbling for her notebook. "Harry, could you do me a favor?!"

In her hands was The Create Card…

It took a while for Harry, Kero and, surprisingly, Lee to come out of their make-shift barricade, since it was hard for them to take Winter at her word that she wouldn't be writing any more self-insert possibly lemon fanfics in The Create Card. Once this was managed, however, and Harry and Lee came to an agreement about using the card this time, it all came down to trying to find out how to use The Create to make what they had in mind, with everyone else standing around them trying to be helpful…

This turned out to be a good thing. It was Tomoyo who suggested that, well they had a magic book and a magic pen, and nowhere is it required that they write down what they wanted created, so why don't they just draw it in? After all, that's what she did for her designs for Sakura's clothes…

All in all, Sakura was very nervous when they gingerly handed The Create to Tomoyo to draw on it. Who knew what sort of kawai-as-a-million-kittens outfit she might make…?

Fortunately, after Tomoyo had gotten the hang of it enough to be reproducing a veritable wardrobe of clothes she'd designed for Sakura ("HOEEEEE!!"), it was a relatively simple matter to have her make the costume Winter had in mind…

"PLEASE tell me that comes with some kind of cover," Harry said when he saw Winter in the outfit. Next to him, (Fei) Lee was unconsciously nodding emphasis. "I've seen the close-ups. She doesn't wear underwear."

DarkMagicianGirl!Winter rolled her eyes at the two and lifted up her skirt (causing a moment of panic as Harry, Fei, Sakura, Touya, Yukito and Syaoran all got ready to cover their eyes, although the former two subconsciously slowed down to maybe catch a glimpse), revealing that she was sufficiently covered in that area, thank-you-very-much (Harry, Fei and Meilin were very disappointed). "See? It's like a swimsuit with a skirt on. Sheesh, give Tomoyo and me some credit!i"

"I still think it's indecent," Lee said. Next to her, Harry unconsciously nodded emphasis.

Hiding a small smile of amusement at their antics in favor of a wide, bright smile of complete innocence (the kind of innocence that means you're guilty as hell), she held out he book of The Create Card. "So, who's next?"

Harry brely beat Lee to it. In short order, Harry was begging Tomoyo to draw a particular outfit for him. She graciously complied, cheerfully making a Dark Paladin outfit for him, complete with bladed staff…

Harry had just finished putting on the outfit and heading back downstairs when Tomoyo, Sakura and Meilin came rushing past, the diabolical dark-haired pair carrying piles of clothes. They were pushing Sakura between them, the honey-haired girl blushing profusely and "Ho-eeee!"-ing like there was no tomorrow. He caught sight of the hem of what like a cloak…

"Tomoyo drew the Tsubasa harem-girl outfit, didn't she?" Harry said as he came back down to find Lee holding a staff that she curtly informed him was an astrolabe, or some such astronomical tool.

"Yup," Winter said, smiling brightly. Behind her, Yukito was enthusiastically browsing and stcking bookmarks in a book with a familiar front cover,while Touya was looking grumpier than usual…

When Tsukiyom-hime!Tomoyo, Princess!Sakura and IchiharaYuuko!Meilin came down the stairs, Yukito was cheerfully showing the artist a page he'd bookmarked and saying something about High Priest and King outfits…


Harry looked through the pictures they'd picked up during the event. Most of them had gotten awards and accolades for having such 'detailed, authentic-looking' costumes, although some girls had kept pestering Yukito and Touya to kiss. The fact that the girls later disappeared when the two boys had been out of their sight when everyone had heard a high-pitched squeal echo through the air had caused much speculation…

At least four girls– in princess costumes nowhere as good as Sakura's– had hit on Lee, much to Harry's amusement. She'd hit back. The video file of it he'd gotten from Tomoyo had been put in at least ten different folders and web sites, and the original tape was now on his list of prized possessions.

After admiring the picture of him and Winter accepting the "Best Couple" prize– Lee was being very pissed in the background– Harry shut off his computer. Winter had retired a while ago, and was currently napping, while Mirror– in her older femme-Harry guise– and The Twins Aoi and Pink– under heavy make-up, thick clothes, and an illusory spell or two, and present due to a generously purchased extra ticket courtesy of the Lee Clan– were all clustered over their monitors and enjoying the inflight entertainment. In silence, an added wonder. Harry hoped they managed to squeak them through the airport without running into the Weasleys…


The morning tranquility of the Lee household was broken by a loud scream.

"Argh!-!-!-!-!" the cry echoed. Lee Fei and Fight paused in their morning sparing, listening to the yells. "Hedwig, get off! Ouch! Hey, that– AHHHH!"

The red-eyed girl grinned evilly, serenely, as she listened to her rival's pained cries. From the sound of it, his pet owl was tearing his face off. She sighed happily. It looked like life was finally cutting her a break. Things had seemed unbearable since her aunt had offered to let Potter and Winter stay with them in thanks for saving their lives. She'd almost been physically ill. Not even the rapture of having Winter sleeping in the same house as her, only a few doors away, could compare to the distasteful nausea of having Potter at their house.

Still, it looked like things might be looking up.

Sighing beatifically, she faced Fight. "Shall we get on with it?"

They charged at each other.


"Ow," Harry deadpanned as Sakura fussed over the scratches on his face and arms. Despite his best efforts, she wouldn't hear of not taking care of him. She'd owned him for rescuing them, after all.

Glaring at Hedwig, who seemed to have a decidedly smug air as she cleaned out her claws and chomped on a few of the local feed– grasshoppers, apparently– he opened the letter that had been attached to her leg. He briefly wondered how the letters kept from being damaged during the long flights to their addressees as he scanned the letter.

"Hey," he called out to Winter. "The Weasleys are inviting us to stay over at their place later this summer. Ron said his dad might be able to get us tickets to the Quidditch World Cup…"


Harry jerked awake as the plane touched down on the ground. Woozily, he rubbed his neck as he slid up the cover on the porthole. The half-remembered environs of Heathrow airport could be seen through the small opening as the plain started to slow down. Harry popped his ears as he heard the cabin start to wake up, some people popping their belts open as the post-flight announcement rolled through the speakers. Somewhere, the Weasleys– and likely Hermione, since she'd know what to do– were waiting for them to get off. He really hoped they had time to hide the Cards away before then…


- Complete


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