Series – Hogwarts and Halliwells

Title – Harry Potter and the Last Battle

Summary: 2nd in my Hogwarts and Halliwells series. An elder tells James and Lily that it is time for Harry, Hermione, Ron, Sirius and Remus to fight Voldemort. But who will win? And will they meet up with their old 'friend'? Major AU.

Disclaimer: I did not own Harry Potter or Charmed yesterday, I do not own them today and I will not own them tomorrow. But I can always hope about the day after that, can't I?

Other Information: Starts on the day before Harry's 17th birthday. Sirius and Dumbledore are alive. Harry was born in 1989 so I am writing for the current year (2006) and 16 is the cut off age for underage magic and apparition. Oh and the horcruxes never existed, ok?

This is the second in my Hogwarts and Halliwells series, so here is a little recap of the previous instalment(s):

My Parents, the Whitelighters:Harry has a dream of the Charmed Ones and asks them for help in summoning his parents. It fails but Leo comes down from 'Elderland' with Lily and James, who are now Whitelighters (James is Remus and Sirius' and Lily is Harry, Hermione and Ron's.). They return to Grimmauld Place to tell Sirius and Remus. After the reunion, James goes to the ministry to tell them that he is alive and that Sirius is innocent. It is announced in the Daily Prophet and Lily, James, Harry, Sirius and Remus move to Godric's Hollow (the real one, not the one that was blown up, which was a safe house with the same name).


Welcome to the exciting world of Harry Potter and the Last Battle. I hope that you all enjoy it. And I have one request for a beta to my chapters, I just feel that it may help me with my writing.

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Chapter 1: Time To Face Destiny

On Top of the Golden Gate Bridge…

"Where do you think he is, James?" Lily Potter asked her husband. They were awaiting an Elder to come meet them on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the place that Elders came down to meet Whitelighters most often. Either there or magic school. (A/N: Btw, that would be Charmed magic school, not Hogwarts but I guess the smart people got that but I'm just writing this anyway.)

"I don't know. Usually they're here already. I don't know why he has to be different." James said. "It had better not be important; we have to prepare Harry's party for tomorrow."

"Yes, I can't believe he's coming of age already. James, have you invited everyone? The Weasley's, the Lovegood's, the Granger's?" Lily asked.

"Yes, dear." James smiled as he thought Lily was always worrying like this. "And the Longbottoms too."

A male figure orbed in front of them. "Sorry to keep you waiting like this."

"That's fine. Now what did you call us for?" James asked.

"It is time for Harry to face his destiny. All of you must help him defeat Voldemort." Was all he said before orbing away.

James and Lily looked at each other for a few moments. "What did he mean, all of us?" James asked.

Lily sighed. "Use your logic, love. I think he means us, Remus, Sirius, Ron and Hermione have to help Harry defeat Voldemort."

"Are you kidding me? Merlin, just what we need another opportunity for him to kill us." James said.

"James Harold Potter, we are helping our son defeat Voldemort. Anyway, unless he knows that we are Whitelighters then he won't be able to kill us." Lily kissed him. "Now come on, we need to get Harry's party sorted."

James held her in his arms but she orbed away without him. "Women." He muttered as he too orbed away.

At Godric's Hollow…

Harry had been flying for about an hour. He was practicing catching the snitch which each time he caught, Hermione would release it again. Ginny and Ron were practicing chaser and keeper techniques in that order. As Harry caught the snitch for about the 16th time, he saw his mother orb in, with his father about 2 seconds behind. He waved to them and they waved back. James orbed out and back in with a broomstick. He mounted and joined Harry in the sky.

"You alright up here Harry?" James asked, balancing out his new Firebolt 2005.

"Yeah dad. I'm just practicing seeking." He showed him the struggling winged golden ball in his hand.

"Well, how about I have a seeker showdown with you then, what do you say?" James asked.

"What's a seeker showdown?" Harry asked confused.

"I haven't told you about seeker showdowns yet? Merlin, you are missing out. They are so much fun. It's basically a race to get the snitch, like in a normal match, but whoever loses has to do a forfeit which the winner chooses. What d'ya think?"

Harry grinned widely. "I'd better get thinking of some forfeits for you then dad. Hermione can release it with a 10 second head start." James nodded and Harry flew over to Ron and Ginny, who then flew down to where Hermione was talking to James, who had flown down to tell her about it. James looked to find Lily but couldn't see her and when she orbed back with Remus and Sirius and their brooms, it was apparent that she knew what was going on.

"Oi, Prongs, why didn't you challenge one of us?" Sirius yelled up trying to look hurt. James signalled for them to come over. The other two Marauders flew over while Lily orbed.

"Lazy. You could have walked." Sirius said to her.

"Shut it Sirius, or do I have to turn you into a little poodle to shut you up."

"You wouldn't dare." He tried Lily, but within seconds a small black poodle stood where Sirius did. Everyone burst into laughter. It growled and barked at her.

"Suits you Padfoot. Or should we call you fluffy now?" James asked only to get his ankles attacked. "You know what he needs?" He got his wand out and conjured a ribbon on Sirius' head. "Perfect."

"I know something that is even more perfect." Remus conjured a camera and quickly took a picture. "Ok, turn him back now. He's getting way too frustrated and that will really damage his fur." They all burst into laughter again. Sirius bit Remus' ankles. "Ow, you little bugger."

Lily waved her wand and a very frustrated and angry Sirius Black was standing glaring at Lily, James and Remus. Everyone took one look at him and burst into laughter again.

"What the hell is so funny now?" He asked through gritted teeth. Remus took another photo of him then conjured a mirror. As Sirius looked in it, he saw that the ribbon was still wrapped around his head. He ripped it out and threw it on the floor. He glared at all of them before apparating away.

"You think he's annoyed?" asked Harry rhetorically.

"Yeah, I better go find him." James said and orbed away.

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