War of the Races

Diving behind his fallen soldier, General Brown 1 check to make sure that there was nothing they could do for Red 7, an exemplary medic. Sighing when there was no reaction, he pushed his fallen comrade closer to the enemy, knowing that there was nothing more he could do. He watched as the enemy grabbed Red, saddened he had to give up one of his own, but it did give the others more time.

"Yellow 12, what's your status?" Brown 1 yelled to across the field of soldiers.

"Green 17 and Blue 10 are down, Green 4 is injured, but can still be saved, and Yellow 2 and Brown 4 have been captured." Brown 1 sighed at Yellow 12's report. Those were some of his best soldiers.

"Alright, get the Red Squad down there to get Green 4 and, " he sighed, hating what he had to do next, "And dispose of Green 17 and Blue 10, they fell in honor and will be remembered."

"Yes sir!" Yellow 12 yelled, running to inform the Red Squad, who were currently working on patching up the many fallen soldiers.

The battle raged on for another six minutes, the enemy only giving them seconds of rest before attacking again. By the time it was over, only Brown 1 was left. Sighing in despair, he knew that there was nothing left to do but let the enemy take him, as it had with all his other soldiers. They fought and died bravely. They were good…He couldn't finish the thought when the enemy came back to take him.

Turning the bag upside down, Wally frowned when he was sure that there were no more M&M's left. He had just finished the last brown one. Dumping the bag into the pile of other discarded candy bags, he looked over at John, who was emptying his own bag of the chocolate candies.

"Hey, you got anymore?" Wally asked, leaning to peer into his friend's bag.

"Nope, sorry." John followed his friend's example in dropped his own bag with the others.

"John?" Wally looked at his friend, a slightly confused look on his face.


"Did the candy seem to be, I dunno, fighting back?" Wally asked, looking into a newly opened bag of Skittles.

"Don't be silly." John chucked as he grabbed a purple one and popped it into his mouth. Wally could have sworn he heard screaming when John did so, and, his appetite lost, handed the bag of candy to his friend, stood up and left, leaving a very confused John alone on the couch.

The muse for this fic was a friend of mine. He came over and gave me this idea while trying to think of what we should write about. It ended up him talking about food fighting with each other, and I thought of this. Hope you enjoy! Please Read and Review! D