Prince and Princess of Clow

Chapter 1: Invasion of Clow

Once upon a time on a planet called Clow, there lived a sorcerer knight and a princess who were madly in love with each other. Soon they wed and became the emperor and empress of Clow.

Emperor Clow opened the door and saw his wife's right hand by his wife's side. The young woman walked up to Emperor and bowed. She left the room.

"Well, go on Elka," Clow smiled down on his five-year old son. He gave him a little push. Clow and Elka walked up to the Empress to her side. The little boy had violet eyes and had an odd hairstyle. His hair was spiky, almost the shape of a star, and blonde bangs.

Clow smiled upon his lovely baby daughter, whom he thought was beautiful in his eyes. Empress Emerald held her daughter close to her as she slept peacefully.

Emerald smiled at her son. Clow lifted Elka on top of the bed so he can see his baby sister better.

"Elka, meet your baby sister, Ella," Emerald said. The baby girl had auburn hair and wore a charm bracelet just like Elka's; but Elka had a moon and Ella's had a sun.

Elka stared at his sister with wonder and awe. He thought that his sister was beautiful.

"I shall call the high priest for a blessing on her," Clow said. "Rest a little while. Come Elka, your mother needs some rest." Elka hopped off the bed and followed his father out the door. Emerald watched them until she was fast asleep.

Few hours later, the high priest gave a blessing on Ella at the head temple near the castle. After the blessing, Yuuki, the high priest, Clow and Emerald with their children walked to the balcony to show the people the newborn. As they got their, their people were outside waiting.

Empress Emerald handed her daughter to her husband. Her husband raised his daughter up high to the heavens. At the same time, the citizens of Clow cheered for the newborn princess.

Everyone in the kingdom became shocked as dark clouds overshadowed the daylight. They became horrified and ran for their lives as demons appeared from the dark clouds and zombies appeared below. As the people ran to their homes, they stopped and ran back as Knights of darkness chased them back to the castle. The guards did there best to fight against the monsters. Red lightning flashed from the clouds.

Emperor Clow stayed close to his wife, who was horrified. He also had Elka hide behind him and his mother. Elka held tightly to his mother's dress. He felt scared and afraid because he didn't know what was going on. A struck of lightning hit the edge of the balcony and what appeared before them was a figure. He had long blonde hair with an eye patch on his left eye. He had blood-red eyes. He wore a black robe along with his black armor, black gloves, and boots. He stared down at the couple with an evil smirk on his face. He then noticed the two children.

The figure jumped from the edge of the balcony. "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Little children?" As he walked closer, Emperor Clow got in front of his wife and children.

"Dracio, I thought I have already finished you 10 years ago?" Emperor Clow said coolly.

"You may have thought that, but instead you left me with no left eye. I came back for revenge to kill you. I'll also kill your little family so they can join you in hell," Dracio said.

A blast of blue energy made a direct hit at Dracio. He felt he didn't feel a thing. He faced the high priest, who was shocked that his attack didn't take effect.

"Tch, pathetic." Dracio blasted a ball of red energy hitting the young high priest in the stomach. The high priest, Yuuki, unconsciously fell forward.

"Emerald, I want you to run and get out of here," Emperor Clow said as he unsheathed his sword.

"No! I won't leave you!" Empress Emerald protested.


Clow smiled. "Go with your mother."

Emperor Clow charged in at Dracio. Dracio unsheathed his sword and two metals met by a draw.

"GO NOW!" Clow yelled.

Without hesitating, Emerald did as she was told running back into the castle, holding her daughter and her son's hand.

"Foolish." Dracio made a blow and stabbed Clow in the stomach. As Emerald turned back, she stopped in horror to see her love cough up plenty of blood. She quickly shielded Elka so he won't look. Elka slowly turned his head and his eyes widened with horror as he saw his father lying there with so much spilled. As he fell forward, tears streamed down her cheek as her love died.

"DADDY!" Elka cried. Emerald grabbed Elka's hand and continued to run with tears still in her eyes. Dracio sheathed his sword and followed her.

Few moments later, she stopped in a room. The ceiling had a glass window showing the sun and the moon eclipsing each other. Poles surrounded her with pitch of darkness on the other side of the poles. She became horrified to see Dracio walking towards her out of the darkness.

"Hand over the children," Dracio said coolly.

Emerald handed Ella to Elka. She then stood in front of them. She held her arms out, not letting Dracio near them.

As Dracio drew in nearer and nearer, Emerald yelled out her spell. "BIND! I REJECT!" Vines grew from the ground and wrapped themselves around Dracio, until he was a cocoon.

A beam of red light shot out from the cocoon and hit Emerald directly in the chest. Emerald faintly fell forward unconsciously. The vines evaporated into nothing, releasing Dracio.

Elka shivered with fear as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Dracio walked over to the children with an evil grin on his face. He stretched out his hand to the children. "This won't take a while." As his hand drew near to the children, his hand was deflected back. He became stunned to see a barrier around the children. He noticed the children's charm bracelets. The moon and the sun were linked together as they glowed an endless light.

The light illuminating from the barrier grew stronger and stronger that blinded Dracio and caused him to stagger across the room. He didn't notice Yuuki behind one of the poles. Yuuki was stunned and amazed to see how powerful the prince and princess were. The light dimmed and so did the barrier.

Dracio started to approach the children. Yuuki tried his best to summon a spell, but to no avail he realized he didn't have that much strength in him. Yuuki watched in horror as he saw Dracio stretched out his hand at them.

"If I can't touch them, I'll put a spell." As his hand glowed an immense red light, the children were surrounded by a red light. Elka's eyes became stunned and right before he knew it, his vision became dark. Dracio disappeared, as Elka lay there unconscious.

Yuuki limped to the dead Empress. He dragged her to the nearest pole and let her lay against it. He then limped to the children.

Yuuki held up his staff and a glyph appeared under the children. "By the power of the moon, suns, and time, send these children to the planet Earth!" Winds swirled around entrapping the children. As the winds cleared, both children disappeared.

Be safe your majesties and please come back to save this kingdom, young Prince Elka and young Princess Ella.

Planet Earth

An old man and a young widow opened the door and walked into the house. The young widow carried a little boy in her arms. He was fast asleep. Both the widow and the old man walked upstairs and reached the boy's room.

The widow tucked the boy in his bed and kissed him on the forehead. She walked to the door and smiled.

"Good night, Yugi."

( )

A baby girl cried on the doorstep of a house. A couple opened the door and became stunned to find her. The young woman picked her up and was carried inside. The young woman did her best to calm the girl down. The baby girl stopped crying and looked at the woman with emerald eyes. A boy, about age 7, looked at the baby girl with a bit curiosity.

"She's so beautiful," the woman said.

"Yes, I agree. I wonder how she ended up on our doorstep?" the woman's husband wondered.

"Mommy, can I hold her?" the little boy asked.

"Isn't it your bedtime Touya?" the boy's father asked. Touya pouted.

"I think we should name her Sakura," the woman suggested.

"I think that name fits her perfectly," the man agreed.

10 years later

"Yugi, its time to wake up!" Mrs. Mutou called from downstairs.

"Hmmm?" Yugi sat up in bed with his eyes slightly opened. His moon charm bracelet dangled as he rubbed his eye. "Morning already?" he moaned.

"Ohayou sleepy head," Yami said sitting at Yugi's bedside. Yugi glared at him.

Yugi stood up and started to change into his school uniform. He grabbed his millennium puzzle and put the chain holding it around his neck. He grabbed his school bag and rushed downstairs to eat breakfast.

As he finished, he rushed out the door and went on his way to school. "Bye Kaa-san! Bye Jii-chan!" he called.

"Ohayou!" Sakura said cheerfully as she walked to the table.

"Woke up early for a change? Kaijuu?" Touya teased. He was already seated at table.

Sakura shot daggers at him and growled. "Grrrrr…Onii-san!"

"All right, break it up you two," Mr. Kinomoto ordered. "It's time for breakfast."

"Hai! I'm starving!" Sakura said cheerfully.



"Ohayou Yugi!" Anzu greeted.

"Ohayou minna!" Yugi said referring to Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda.

sigh "Yugi, you're still wearing that charm bracelet?" Jounouchi asked.

"I remember you teased me about it, Jounouchi-kun," Yugi said.

"Yeah, and then I found out 'you had it as long as you can remember'," Jounouchi said rubbing the back of his head.

"I think it's beautiful," Anzu commented noticing the moon and the stars on the bracelet.

Tomoyo studied Sakura's bracelet. The little charms are stars that looked like they surround the sun, but they are a bit apart from each other. "It's so rare and yet it looks so beautiful on you, Sakura-chan. Just like the costumes you wore while capturing Clow cards."

Sakura sweat dropped.

As sensei walked in, all the students sat in their seats because class is about to begin.

As sensei went on in lecture, Yugi couldn't help but stare down at his moon charm bracelet. At the same moment, Sakura also stared down at her sun charm bracelet.

Who gave this bracelet to me? Does this mean I was from somewhere else?

End of Chapter 1

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