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Chapter 4: Truth

"Yes, that is exactly what I just said," Luna repeated plainly. She gestured to the tri-colored haired teen and auburn haired girl. "Those two are the Crown Prince and Princess of Clow."

Sakura's eyes widened in astonishment, unknown to her feelings as to whether to trust if this woman was telling the truth or not. Over the several months after capturing Clow Cards and turning them into Sakura Cards, she had learned from Kero and Syaoran to not trust a stranger. And this woman was a "stranger"….. a stranger that just rescued them.

"How do you know that this is all some kind of…." Jounouchi started, but was cut off when…

Luna's lip twitched irritably. "What the hell do you think?!!!" she snapped angrily. "What just happened….MMPH!!"

"Haha! Forgive her outburst behavior," Hikaru laughed nervously, grasping her mouth with his hand and held her close in his arms. He had a goofy grin on his face. "She…. "


Hikaru suddenly rocketed into the sky after a hard punch in the jaw. "As… I was saying…" Luna said through gritted teeth, her clenched fist and temple pulsing.

"Ano…. I have to go," Sakura said a bit nervously. "My Dad and Brother are getting worried." Yugi nodded in agreement.

"Oh…..but…." Luna became a bit taken aback by the young girl's response.

"There is always another day, Luna-una…." Hikaru chimed, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He then dodged her rocket punch towards his head.

"Don't call me that!!" the female warrior barked defensively. Hikaru seemed to somewhat ignore her as he took her arm and dragged her away from the dumbfounded group. He waved cheerfully towards the group. "Tootles until tomorrow!!" he beamed. "I'll let you all think about it! Whether its true or not."

Luna's voice trailed off as Hikaru leapt one building to another. She struggled with futile effort in his grasp. "Let me go right now! Hikaruuuuuuuuuuuu!!"

"That was strange…"


Sakura lowered her glance as Luna's words played back in her head. Her eyes were filled with sincere and concern. Me? A Crown Princess?

"Sakura, shall I walk you to your place?"

Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and glanced towards Yugi. "Ah! Mm…." She nodded. She wondered if Yugi had thought the same thing she did.

"I'll see you guys later," Yugi said as he waved to his friends. They waved back with a nod as Yugi, Sakura, and the others walked in separate ways.


Sakura stretched and yawned as she fell back on her bed. "Today has been a fun, but odd day," she remarked with a sigh. Kero hovered above her.

"You told me about it earlier today," he reminded. "That these "Luna" and "Hikaru" claimed that you're the Crown Princess of a Kingdom… And…"

"Yeah… But….me? A princess? I don't know what to believe…." Another sigh escaped her lips.

"Haven't you told me about your recent dreams?" Kero inquired. Sakura nodded. She sat upright and held her knees to her chest. She glanced down at her feet with a sincere look.

"I… there was a kingdom blazing in fire and people dying…." Tears swelled in her eyes as she remembered fragments of her dream. Kero looked at her warily, then shifted his glance towards the clock.

"It's… getting late."

The young girl slightly nodded as she briskly wiped her eyes with her nightgown sleeve. She tucked her feet under her sheets and laid her head on the pillow. "Good night!"


The following day…..

"Dad! Nii-san! I'm going out!" Sakura called as she opened the door.

"Hey Hime-sama!"

"HOE!!" Sakura became startled as she was suddenly greeted by Hikaru who stood beside the entrance.

"Sakura, is everything all right?" Mr. Kinomoto called worriedly from the kitchen.

"E-everything is fine! Its nothing!" Sakura assured defensively. She quickly and frantically closed the door behind her and gave an exasperated sigh. She glared at optimistic warrior of Clow.

Sakura pursed her lips. "Mou…. Don't startle me like that!" she chided. She paused for a moment in recognition of what she just said. "Ah…. I mean…." She said nervously, her cheeks flushing pink.

"It's alright! It's alright!" Hikaru chimed. "You have the right to be upset at me. After all, you are the Princess which gives you the authority."

"But… I don't… know much about you," the young princess protested. He just returned a kind, assuring smile.

"Are you ready to know more? About why me and Luna are here and your Kingdom?" Hikaru inquired. Sakura nodded.

"I've been thinking about it over night and….. Yes! I want to know!"

"And I recently heard from Luna that the Prince had the same answer as you," he remarked. "Shall we head over to his place?"

Sakura nodded. Hikaru slightly bowed and lend out his elbow like a gentleman. "Shall we depart, Your Majesty?"

Sakura flushed, then chuckled. As she took his arm, she became astonished as she felt she was lifted off her feet like a feather, then warped into an unknown space. In a few moments, Hikaru had teleported them in front of Kame Game Shop.

"Ah…. " Sakura was speechless.

"Its one of our abilities as Knights of Clow," Hikaru said with a wink. "Shall we enter?"

"Ah….. mm…."


Yugi, Luna, Anzu, Jounouchi, Honda, Hikaru, and Sakura gathered around in the family room. The tea and cookies were served earlier and were placed on the coffee table. Yugi and the others listened attentively of what Luna and Hikaru were about to tell them. Kero came along and listened from Sakura's backpack. Luna gave a slight cough and took a deep, calm breath.

She began, with a stern tone, "Once upon a time on a planet called Clow, there lived a sorcerer knight and a princess who were madly in love with each other. Soon they wed and became the Emperor and Empress of Clow.

Emperor Clow and Empress Emerald were filled with joy as their son was born soon after their marriage." She paused for a moment and glanced at Yugi. "They named their son Elka."

Yugi became dumbfounded for a moment. D-d-deer? Yami couldn't help but snort. In his transparent form, he was also listening to the tale.

Sakura opened her mouth, eyes widened in astonishment. As she was about to say anything, Hikaru spoke with an assured smile, "Clow…. Not to be confused with the Clow you're familiar with." He winked.

Sakura blinked and shut her mouth closed. How did he know? She and Kero mused.

Luna slightly coughed to gain attention. "….. Elka, which means "Protecting Grace" in Clow…." Luna explained plainly as if she read the young Prince's thoughts. "The Empress later gave birth to a beautiful daughter." She glanced at Sakura with a gentle smile. "They named her Ella, which means "Fragrant Light"."

"Then, later that night after Ella's birth, the Kingdom of Clow was attacked," Hikaru added, knowing it was his turn to tell the tale. "The siege was lead by Dracio, Emperor Clow's enemy during the planet's Revolution. Dracio was known to be "dead", but it seemed he came back for revenge."

A shocking silence soon enveloped the room. Hikaru calmly inhaled and exhaled. Luna then continued, glancing towards Yugi and Sakura with a sad, but caring smile.

"Your parents risked their life to protect you. It's because of their unconditional love that you two are alive right now."

"High Priest Yuuki sent Luna and I for you two when the time was right. He was the one who sent you to Earth in hope for you to grow safely and return to the Kingdom, and overthrow the darkness with your gifted powers," Hikaru remarked sternly.

"Your parents also gave you those bracelets at the moment of your blessings of your birth," Luna said. Yugi and Sakura glanced warily at their bracelets.

"I…. did have a dream…" Sakura remarked. "I remember in one dream I saw Yugi, but not too clearly." She turned to Yugi sitting beside her. Yugi nodded.

"I saw you in a dream too, Sakura," he said. "And also… what happened in the past and….Erggh…"

Before the young boy finished his sentence, Sakura and Yugi cringed in pain; heart pulsed as if it was about to burst out of their chest. Yugi wrapped his arm around his abdomen, muscles tensed. Sakura held her head and felt as if her brain was about to explode in a minute. They wheezed as hot sweat poured down from their temples; and breathed heavily.

"Yugi!" "Sakura!" their friends called worriedly, but the two siblings didn't seem to hear as they fell helplessly to the floor.

Just before Yugi hit floor, with one eye open, he spotted the same man and woman they encountered smirking with a crook grin. There was a signal of red light in the sky that resembled a glyph.

"Yugi!" "Sakura! Hang on!"

Their friends' voices turned dimmer and dimmer….. until it became silent and their vision fell into black.

To be continued…..


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