After Evangelion

Chapter 1

A fan fiction based on the universe of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime and manga series created by Hideaki Anno, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and Ikuto Yamashita.

Fan fiction written by Jaxson Jaguar

Disclaimer time, I do not own any reference to the Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hideaki Anno created the world of the Neon Genesis Evangelion, to include NERV, the Eva's, the characters, and places originally seen in the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime and manga. This fan fiction will contain original characters of mine but I'll do my best to keep the interaction between my characters and the original characters to a minimum.

This fan fiction is if anything my way of finding answers to questions left unanswered by the last Eva movie. This fan fiction will follow an international team whose mission is to find the Magi computers and get them up and running. The secrets lie at the bottom of a crater created by Third Impact. Amidst the team are three specialists who were once selected to be Eva pilots they now journey to the place where all the answers lie.

It has been ten years since third impact. Ten years since the area once known as Tokyo became a large crater, a new bay for the ocean waters to flow in. After third impact the United Nations declared that part of Japan a disaster area and closed it off to the rest of the world. For ten years the secrets of NERV and the Evangelion units have remained hidden.

Other NERV bases around the world surrendered to the local governments before third impact happened, which explains why third generation Eva units were able to attack NERV headquarters in Tokyo. A great deal of inside information was recovered from the other NERV bases but what the UN wanted was the magi, the three computers that ran NERV, Balthazar, Melchior, and Caspar.

Recovering those computers was top priority. However much of the Geo front was well underwater and many believed that Central Dogma if it was even still in one piece was underwater. However there was a general theory that Akagi Ritsuko's mother must have designed some kind of preservation system for the Magi and that it was possible that they might still be in good working order despite being under water for ten years.

As for the Eva's there was little hope of finding them intact or even enough of them to even be identified as Eva's. The best case scenario was that they might find some of the armor, other than that they didn't hold out much hope. As for the only known survivors of Third Impact Ikari Shinji and Asuka Langley Sohryu, there has been an international manhunt for them ever since the area around Tokyo stabilized. To this day they still have not been found.

One year ago the UN started assembling an international team to go into Tokyo and investigate the impact zone. The team would consist of the best the world had to offer in fields of investigation. From crime scene investigators to marine archeologists, only the best were assembled for this mission.

Among the team was a twenty four year old expert in restoring old and damaged computers. Ten years ago he was one of the children. He was slated to be the eleventh child an American by the name of Markus Garrett. His parents were top ranked scientists for NERV's Nevada base before the incident with Unit 4 which took the life of his father. Not long after the incident it was decided that the next generation of Eva's would be piloted by dummy plugs and there was no more use for the children. Right before the UN took over NERV in America Markus's mother stepped down as head scientist and they ended up moving to Florida so they could start anew.

Markus though was a prodigy when it came to computers. His skills were more than just modifying them to be more powerful, but rather if something was wrong with either the software or the hardware, he could fix it. His hobby was restoring old obsolete computers. In college he studied to be a digital crime scene investigator, in other words he tracked down evidence in suspects computers. After college his first case involved recovering deleted and corrupted files from the computer of a pedophile. After that he was the go to guy for collecting evidence off of computers.

When the UN began assembling their investigation team they knew they wanted someone who had been one of the selected children but could also be an asset to them in the investigation. Markus was recommended by one of the forensic specialist who was selected early on. Through recommendations two more of the former children were selected. One was a med intern from Germany by the name of Albrecht Weinstein.

Albrecht originally hailed from Munich and early on showed promise to be a capable Eva pilot. Unfortunately he was constantly playing catch up to Germany's golden child Asuka. After Asuka was sent to Japan the German government began work on another Eva and Albrecht was next in line until like Markus he too was replaced by a dummy plug.

After being released from NERV he tried to settle into a normal life but after Third Impact the stigma of once being affiliated with the organization haunted him. He and his family soon moved into the country where they lived in a relative peace. Albrecht began to take an interest in medicine and after high school got accepted into a prestigious medical university in Berlin. Once there he excelled in all his subjects and even graduated early and was well into his internship when he got the call from a former professor of his to join the investigation team.

The final edition was a marine biologist by the name of Kelly Nakamori. She was living in San Francisco when her parents informed her that she was to be sent to Japan to be put on the short list of candidates to be the next Eva pilot. Her parents were technicians for NERV and proud of it. When word got to them that Kelly was on the short list to be a pilot they immediately said yes. Kelly however was not as pleased.

She didn't really want to fight so she got into a mind set that she would do it and get it over with as soon as possible. However not long after she arrived rumors started that the UN was planning an offensive against NERV headquarters. Most people just thought of it as mere paranoia and wild speculation, but Kelly's mother had a feeling that the rumors were true. After debating the issue with her husband Kelly's mother sent her back to America. Not long after Kelly returned to San Francisco Third impact happened.

After third impact Kelly would often just sit on the beach and stare off into the horizon as if hoping that her parents would return. One day she was with some friends visiting an aquarium and for the first time in a long time she felt at peace. She then took more of an interest and would later go to college to become a very good marine biologist.

When she received the call from a colleague about joining the UN investigation team her first instinct was to refuse. But she sat and thought about it and soon realized she had to go. If anything to learn the truth behind what happened so she could understand why her parents had to die. If anything she was looking for solace as apposed to answers.

With the multi-national investigation team set up the UN began sending ships and aircraft to Japan. The main base of operation was set up at Yokota Air Base thirty five miles from Tokyo with a field base just out side of the impact zone. Yokota was busy with cargo planes, helicopters, and trucks coming in and out dropping off and picking up supplies and personnel. The forensics team arrived from Hawaii on a military cargo/transport aircraft. After a briefing and some food the team was taken to a waiting helicopter to take them to the field base.

"Hey is it true that guy over there was once a pilot of one of these things?" One member of the team asked another as he looked over at Markus.

"Yeah that's him; poor kid god knows what those mad scientists did to him. Damn near child abuse I'd say." One team member remarked.

Markus paid them no mind, mostly because he was asleep, and he had heard it all before.

"I don't care what they did to him so long as he doesn't start flipping out once we get to the place." One team member added.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are approaching the impact zone; take a good look because I'm going to be landing soon." The pilot announced as he circled around the crater.

The impact zone was nothing more than a huge crater filled with water. Some buildings still poked out of the water. Of the surviving buildings were the apartment complex where Misato lived, and some where in the center deep under water was what use to be the geo front, and in there laid the Magi. They had slept all these years just waiting for the time to be rediscovered.

The helicopter touched down on the roof of a renovated warehouse just out side of the impact zone. The UN fixed the place up nice with all the state of the art equipment necessary for the operation. Next to it an old office building was converted into a dormitory for the members of the team.

As the members of the forensics team stepped off the helicopter they were greeted by a man in a business suit.

"WELCOME TO TOKYO GENTLMEN THE HEAD OF THE OPERATION HAS BEEN WAITING FOR YOU." The man yelled over the noise of the helicopter.

The team then proceeded to unload their bags and was led inside.

"With all do respect to Ms. Kano it has been a very long trip and my team and I would like to get to our rooms and sleep off the jet lag." A middle aged man said in tired yet composed voice.

"Of course Mr. Hurwitz but Ms. Kano insists on meeting each division of the overall team as soon as they get here. She especially wants to meet you and your forensics team." The man responded.

Gabriel Hurwitz, the premiere expert on forensics, was the hands down choice to run the forensics team. His career started as a crime scene investigator in Chicago, from there he went on to write books and give lectures on criminology and forensic sciences at various universities around the world.

"I don't understand why Ms. Kano couldn't wait till tomorrow to meet with us." Gabriel said as he started to get irritated with the whole thing.

"Don't worry Gabriel I won't keep you long." A Woman said from around a corner.

The group stopped as the woman appeared before them.

Her name was Yukino Kano, the UN head of operations for the investigation of Third Impact. She was of average height and a bit slender. She wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath, with black shoes. Her hair was done up in a tight bun with just a few strands hanging down over her glasses. She once held the position of the Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations, when they needed someone to head the investigation her name was the first to come up mostly for political reasons considering the investigation was taking place in Japan after all.

"Konichiwa Kano sama." Gabriel said as he respectfully bowed.

"It's good to finally meet you Hurwitz Son." Yukino responded in Japanese.

"Likewise, forgive me Kano Sama but me and my team are extremely tired and would like nothing more than to get some rest." Gabriel responded in Japanese.

Yukino studied the team and had to agree, they all did look tired but for some reason Markus had a look of determined focus in his eyes as he looked out a window at the crater.

"You must be the eleventh child, Markus Garrett." Yukino said as she walked toward him.

"Don't you mean, "Must have been,"? With all due respect Ms. Kano I am certainly not a child any more." Markus said in a calm tone that hinted at being annoyed.

"Forgive me, Mr. Garrett. I look forward to working with all of you. Maybe we'll finally figure out what the deal with NERV, the Evangelion units, the children, and perhaps even what exactly were the angels." With that Yukino bowed and went back to her office.

Her assistant, the man that met them all at the helicopter, proceeded to show them to their dorms. As they were showed their rooms many fell right to sleep. Markus, however who had been taking spot naps since they left Hawaii decided to walk around a bit. It was six in the evening, the sun was just starting to go down and cicadas were starting to give way to crickets and frogs. A cool breeze blew across the lake as Markus approached the fence that lined the crater.

The crater was several miles around; it was hard to believe that once a major city had once stood in that location. Now all that was left was water and a few damaged buildings. Not a single land mark of Tokyo's glory days existed anymore, with the exception of Mount. Fuji which still stood majestically on the horizon.

"I wouldn't recommend swimming in there." A woman said as she was jogging the fence line.

"Well that goes with out saying I mean you can still see the buildings. Hell I would be shocked to see fish." Markus answered.

"Well don't be too shocked if you see them, just take my advice and refrain from eating them." The woman replied as she came to a stop.

"Oh you just got here." The woman said as she caught her breath.

"How could you tell?" Markus said smiling.

"It's written all over your face. Yep you are hella tired." The woman replied with a cheerful demeanor."

"I'm Mark Garrett; I'm with the forensics team." Markus introduced himself.

"Kelly Nakamori, marine specialist team." Kelly said introducing herself.

"Marine specialist?" Markus asked slightly confused.

"Yeah my team consists of marine archeologists, divers, salvagers, and myself a marine biologist." She described.

"Interesting, I'm a crime scene investigator my specialty is digital forensics." Markus explained.

"Digital forensics?" Kelly replied confused.

"Basically I look for evidence that is hidden on computers. I can also repair and restore old and damaged computers." Markus added.

"Wow, sounds cool. Well I look forward to working with you, goodnight." With that Kelly ran off.

Markus took one more look out over the water and something caught his eye. He blinked to look again and it was gone.

"So this place is haunted to?" Markus thought to himself.

"I must be tired." With that Markus walked away but before he entered the dorms he took one more look out over the lake. There amidst the haze he could swear he saw what looked like a young blue haired girl over the water. He rubbed his eyes and again the image was gone.

"Yes must get sleep." He said as he walked into the dorm building.

To Be Continued.

Authors Note

Okay this is my first crack at an Eva fan fiction so I hope you all enjoy it. Also whenever I use italics that means the character is speaking a different language and I'm taking the easy way out. So please read, review, and enjoy.

Authors Note