Hi, my name's Ninashi Moon Rose.

I'm standing the edge of a cliff over water in a park in Toyoko, Japan.

It's when the sun sets that I will jump. But someone will probbably save me, yeah right though. Anyway back to me. My hair is black and goes down to my ankels. I'm 2in. under Shuichi. I go to his school. My eyes are both black and emrald. I know that I'm not special. I'm wearing a green t-shirt, and black jeans, no shoes. My hair is covering my body from view.

I was atching the water flow, when there was SNAP! As someone walked on astick. As the person moved, I caught sight of red hair. Then a shadow walked up to me. It was Shuichi.

"What are you doing here Nina?" He asked curouis as always tilting his head. He put a hand on my shoulder aw I made to jump and pulled me back.

He was now behind me. He pulled me to him. Did I mention it started raining when he showed up?

Okay so, me, soaked in a t-shirt, showing my under garment slighty, has my back pressed up against his chest. Must calm breathing! Calm down already damnit!

He was amused that I couldn't calm my breathing down, and chuckled. That chuckel that sent shivers up my spine. I was suddenly excited for some odd reason beyond man and women alike.

His arms went around me. His hands held my waist. My arms and hands stayed in place the whole time. I smiled, I actually smiled!

He put hisnose in the crook of my neck and nuzzeled it. He whispered, "I love you more than anything in the whole world." His breath tickled my ear. I shivered with excitement.

"I love you too Kurama." I said as I turned around to face him. Then we kissed. His lips were passionate. He didn't demand for me let him in my mouth, I let him. He also didn't force himself on me, he let me choose to kiss him or not, I chose to do so. Ha! Take that fangirls!

The rainhad stopped by now. And it was midnight. Guess I didn't get that jump after all. Heh. We were soaked but didn't care. We stopped and looked at the full moon in all it's glory. It seemed to shine with pride. As if causing a new love to blossom. We kissed as the stars sparkled in the sky, along with the moon. What a Moonlight kiss.