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When they got back to the mansion, Logan took Roxie to the med-lab where Jean hooked her up so she could moniter the girl. Xavier had said that she lost consousness because loosing control was not only hard on her mind but her body as well and he wasn't entirely sure that she would ever wake up.

For three whole days, Logan never left his daughter's side for the great Wolverine was too afraid that she would never wake up. Wolverine had fought against Magneto, Apocolypse, Sinister, Sabertooth, and even the sentinals with out being afraid of what might happen but physical injury to himself was no match for loosing his one and only daughter.

Late one night, Orroro brought Logan dinner as well as a pillow and a blanket. The first night Jean had brought Logan these things but no one had the second night for they were all on a mission. Storm had elected to stay behind and watch after Roxie but mainly Logan. They were all worried about him. Yes they were actually worried about the Great Wolverine. He had a healing factor but would that save him from exaustion or starvation?

"hey, 'Ro." Logan said when storm walked in.

"Hey, Logan." She replied, "I brought you dinner."

"Thanks but I ain't hungry right now."

Strom nodded her head as she set everything on the extra bed behind Logan and simply stood by him. She wasn't going to leave him for two reasons. One, she wanted to make sure he actually ate and two she need to tell him something that should have been said a long time ago.

"Listen, Logan, I'm sorry for how I acted earlier. I…."

"Don't sweat it 'Ro." Logan said interrupting Storm, "Eveyone has bad days."

"That's not it thought, Logan. Let me finish please. I shouldn't have said what I said but I was jealous and couldn't help it."

"Jealous? Of what?"

"Not What Logan. Who."

"Who then?"

"You and Yuriko. I didn't want you to find your past."

"Why?" Logan asked standing to his feet as he realized that Rox had been right about Orroro all along.

"Because I didn't want to loose you to her. I like you Logan and part of me didn't want her to have you cause I want you all to myself. Like I said, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have acted like that."

"But, 'Ro, your human. You might be able to control the weather but you can't always control your feelings." Logan said and then took Storm in his arms and kissed her, catching her off guard but she didn't care cause she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

"Get a room."

Logan and Strom parted and saw Roxie's eyes open.

"I'll leave you two alone." Strom said. She had been told what exactly had happened and she knew that she didn't need to be in the room when Logan talked to her about it.

"Told you so." Roxie said sitting up slowly.

"Yes you did." Logan said then looking at Rox asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah. What happened?"

"You mean….." Logan asked surprised that his daughter didn't remember what she had done. "What's the last thing you remember?"

Roxie thought for a moment and then answered her father, "You and mom were talking about what had happened to her. She said she was going to kill you. Everything after that is blank. Why? What happened?"

Logan took a deep brieath as he debasted telling Rox what she had done. If he didn't tell her then he would save her from the heartache of what she had done but if she found out or eventually remembered, he knew she'd have to deal with everything later and would probably run off. If he did tell her she would probably run off. His choice was hard to make and he eventually made it but neither choice was all that great.

"Nothing." Logan said, "I mean,...You lost control but the only things that you destroyed were objects in the room. And part of the building but you didn't hurt anyone."

"Where's mom then?"

Logan closed his eyes for a moment to think of what he was going to tell his daughter and he finally said, "I'm sorry Rox but she attacked me. She fought me. I had no choice. She would have killed me if I hadn't gotten to her first."

Tears came to Roxie's eyes as Logan took his daughter in his arms and simply held her for a while. He allowed her to cry if she wanted to, which she did, and then as soon as she was done cry, she was ready to leave the med-lab and go get something to eat. So the two took the food that Storm had left them and headed to the kitchen. On the way there, they passed by Xavier's office.

"Logan," Xavier called, "Would you come here a moment."

"Rox, wait for me in the kitchen. I'll be there in a sec." Logan said and Rox nodded her head as Logan walked in to Xavier's office.

"What's up Chuck?" Logan said as he closed the door.

"How is Roxie taking the news of what happened?" Xavier asked and Logan knew this was coming. He knew that as soon as everyone saw her walking around, they would ask him how she was dealing with killing her own mother but that wasn't a memory that he wanted for his daughter. He wanted to protect her for as long as he possibly and he was doing just that.

"I didn't tell her." Logan finally said breaking the silence.

"You didn't tell her that she killed her own mother?!?" Storm asked.


"What did you tell her?" Xavier asked even though he could just as easily reach into Logan's brain and find out but that's not what he wanted to do.

"That she lost control but no one was hurt. That I killed her mother."

"Logan, she needs to know the truth." Storm said.

"No not now she doesn't! Not when she has just come into my life. I am not going to tell her something that will take her away from me."

"You think she'll leave if she knows the truth?" Xavier asked.

"She is my daughter Chuck. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree remember?"

"You are being selfish, Logan. A father..."

"Chuck, I don't give a damn what you think! I am her father! I am trying to protect her but you wouldn't know that cause you've never been a father!" Logan yelled and then walked out of the room leaving Storm and Xavier alone.

"Actually I have been a father." Xavier said more to himself that to Storm but she responded just the same.

"Really?" She asked, "Not that I never thought you could be but….." Storm quickly shut up before she babbled on any further. A smile came to Xavier's face as he said, " Moira Mctaggert and I were together once. We had a son named David. He was a mutant."

"What happened?"

"It's not important Ororro." Xavier said, "Now if you will excuse me I'm going to go use Cerebro to check on the away x-men.

Strom left the room after Xavier had and walked into the kitchen and sat next to Logan, who grabbed her hand and gently kissed it.

He was starting a new life. So was Rox. Everyone was but Storm knew that the truth would eventually reveal itself but only in time.

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