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Xander leaned against the outer wall of Rock Porium, cellphone in his right hand pressed to his ear. "Calm down, Maddie," he reassured his long-time friend. As he spoke, the Aussie winked charmingly at a passing girl, mouthing the words: 'important business call'. The red-headed teen giggled, flipping her long, and lustrous hair back.

"Xander? Hello?" Madison's voice jerked the male back to the present conversation. A hint of irritation and also possibly hysteria was audible in the blue ranger's normally cam and firm voice.

"Oh sorry, Maddie. I was...supervising the team! You know how off task they can get," the green ranger chuckled slightly uneasily, running a hand through his brown locks. "How's camp?"

Thoroughly distressed by her current situation, Madison didn't pay attention to the white lies that Xander told her. "It's...good. But there's one thing...I was kissed. By Ben!" Her voice had lowered to a mere whisper, and simultaneously, the Aussie's jaw had dropped.


"Xander?" she called again. "Are you there? Shoot, I have to go. Call me back later!" she demanded her friend.

Turning over the phone in his hand, the green ranger sighed quietly, crossing his legs in the comfort of a plush chair. Ben? He really had nothing against Ben, but he never expected Maddie - the shyest of them all - to get her first kiss from a person she hardly even knew! "It'd be understandable if I gave her her first kiss," Xander chuckled to himself. "After all, I have known her since, well, forever. And it doesn't hurt that I'm as handsome as I am. But then again.."

"Who are you talking to?" Vida smirked, pausing beside his chair as her right hand gripped a trash bag. "Yourself, probably. After all, you are your own lover." Rolling her eyes, the pink ranger walked off, exchanging knowing glances with Nick, who was playing around with V's tables. With permission this time, of course.

"I wasn't talking to myself!" the Aussie argued. "Well, maybe just a little. I can't help myself," he murmured, then groaned, slumping over in his chair. His mind wandered back to a scene he had been trying to play over and over again in his mind. In his daydreams, Maddie had seductively bit Ben's lower lip, leading into a passionate kiss, but that obviously wasn't her style. A shudder even ran up his back as he imagined Maddie and Ben, shaking his head in disbelief. Maddie?!

It had been nearly an hour since Maddie's call, one which had left Xander speechless, and the rest of the crew curious. "So, who called?" Chip had directly asked Xander. The other two took a less direct approach, though just as obvious: "I thought I heard your cell phone ring. Was it just me?" Refusing to divulge any information, the green ranger retreated back to Toby's office, who was currently "in a meeting". Despite his disbelief, he wasn't sure if The Kiss, as he now dubbed it, was a secret or not.

"Hey." A voice from the door of the dim-lit office startled him, automatically pretending to shuffle through some random papers on the desk. Shooting a furtive glance towards the door, Xander sighed, propping his head up with his hand.

"Nick, I thought you were Toby," he chuckled, resting his feet upon the desk once more.

"How's Maddie?" Nick questioned casually, arching an eyebrow.


"Yeah, Maddie. Madison? At film camp?'

"Oh! Maddie! She's good. She kiss - I mean, misses us! Wait..How'd you know I talked to her?" Xander looked at the red ranger suspiciously.

"I heard you talking on the phone with her. Duh. She.." he paused, looking at the other male with equal suspicion, "misses us?"

Scratching his head nervously, Xander laughed weakly. "Yeah! Misses us. You know how it is, hasn't been away from the mates that long before."

Stare. Stare. Stare.

"OKAY! She kissed him! Maddie swore me to secrecy - actually, no she didn't - but you can't tell! You know how it is with girls; you tell one piece of their lives to someone, and they blow up on you! But can you believe it? She kissed him! This is Maddie. Madison Rocca. Maddie!"

Stare. Stare. Stare.


"What?" the red ranger turned his back to Xander, clumsily fumbling with a poster advertising a newly released CD of a rock band.

"Aww..I know that look," the boy behind the desk smirked like the all-knowing guy he was, sitting up straight in his desk.

"Not a word," Nick warned him, gripping the brass doorknob. Jerking it open, Xander swept past him, a smile still perched upon his face.

"Just so you'll sleep better at night: he kissed her, not the other way around."



A elderly, jovial-looking man chuckled slightly as he gathered a group of aspiring film-makers together around him. "Alright, kids. Settle down," his voice boomed over those of the teens, and suddenly everyone fell quiet. "Looks like I won't have to train you guys this year." A chuckle aroused from the group, and he suddenly clapped his hands. "We're going to separate you into groups, and our guides are going to lead you around the camp and up some trails with some pretty good views. Remember: your final assignment at the end of these two weeks is to create a commercial, showing what you've done at this camp and what you've achieved! And also, the person who we decide has the best commercial in the end, and has progressed a lot, will win a lot of new film-making equipment."

Murmurs of surprise and approval sounded from the teens, and the man laughed. "Did I forget to mention that? Alright, the group leaders have their lists of people, and make sure you don't get lost. Rumor has it that these woods are haunted...Get to it!"

Within moments, each person began milling around, looking for their group. Maddie happily clutched her camcorder and heard a familiar voice calling names out. "Allison Wellings, Austin Honer," his voice was momentarily drowned out by a squeal of two girls who'd been placed in the same group. "Maddie Rocca, and Roy Casper!"

Madison blinked, tentatively walking through the sea of people towards the loud voice. "Ben!" She was, to say the least, surprised.

The brunette male smiled at her, keeping eye contact as he waved his arm as if to say follow him. "Let's go, people. I know a really good route that leads to a small waterfall-type thing."

Hesitant, yet still happy for a familiar face, Madison fell into step beside him, camera in hand and ready.

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