Hey! I love poetry! This is a ROBxSTAR poem! Just read and review!

I'm The Wrong Guy

Through your emerald eyes,

I see the truth.

The truth of which you love me.


The dazzle in your eyes,

The sweetness of your voice,

It's killing me inside.


Why me, the most vulnerable guy out there,

What is it that you see in me.

I don't have anything.


You wouldn't be happy with me,

Me, a confident, over-obsessive, determined leader.

A leader with many expectations.


Why, why. why,

I have nothing that you want.

Nothing that you need.


As much as I regret it,

You need to find a new guy,

A guy that will fulfill all your needs.


It hurts for me to say,

I'm sorry, you need a new guy.

A guy that will take care of you,

A guy that will not be like me.

WELL...it's done! It's about Robin not wanting Star to love him because he would lure her into many dangers and he had bad qualities according to himself...