by BEWD Sorcerer

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AN: I've finally settled down enough to write it out. I have all sorts of flashbacks set up and a direction to head in, so all I really have to do is focus on this one and figure out how it's all going to fit together. Initially I was going to have it start the minute after Voldie gets his body back, but there isn't enough room to maneuver in, so I moved it so it starts after Voldemort possesses Harry in the Atrium.


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1. Dreams or Memories?

He sits in a bare stone room, a jail cell. He had been kidnapped/rescued from his brother, who would undoubtedly come to kill him when it was found that he was gone, a depressing thought. His focus is brought back to the present as the people who had been talking outside his cell enter. He greets them both with a glare, but one in particular earns a snarl.

"Old coot," he snarls, baring his teeth. Said old coot just continues smiling benignly, while the other captor, a James Potter, just watches the man of two years over half a century carefully.

"Hello, Kieran. How have you been these past thirty-eight years?" Kieran hisses, reminiscent of a snake rather than a cat.

"What have I told you about asking questions about family, old man? Did you think something had changed? Family matters stay between family members as they always have and always will." Dumbledore just looks amused.

"Still loyal even after all he's done to-" James stares intently at the bristling man.

"Better than what you would have done!" Dumbledore remains calm, his smile widening even as the angered man jerks forward as if to charge but stops before he's gone two steps. The oldest wizard in the room draws two potion vials from his pocket, holding them up so that the captive may see what they are. One is a clear ocean blue and the other is a solid dark grey.

Kieran's eyes widen, flickering back and forth between his captors as he backs away quickly, becoming tenser by the moment.

"Do you know what these are and what they do? I think you know."

"A De-Aging Potion and a Dark Arts Memory Suppressing Potion, but what would you gain from turning me into a child with no access to any previous memories?" Dumbledore's smile is chilling as he takes slow steps toward the prisoner.

"Very good, Mr. Riddle, but the real question is: what would I not gain from disabling and hiding you?" Kieran snarls again.

"I will not be made into a weapon!" Dumbledore's smile grows and his eyes are twinkling with a fiery glow.

"Correct. I knew it wasn't only Tom who had brains. You just chose to slack off in school instead of fighting your brother for the top spot." Kieran's eyes have become rather glossy, the world appearing blurred and a little voice whispering in his ear for him to tell the truth .

"He-Stay out of it!" Realization dawns on his faces, then he hisses again, showing two long fangs slightly behind his eyeteeth. "You-" Dumbledore practically glows smugness.

"It seems like you can't tell if some things are put in your food, particularly if they're tasteless, odorless, and colorless." James seems a little shocked.

"Veritaserum?" Dumbledore nods. "You slipped me Veritaserum? I know nothing. He-" The captive fights with himself, pressing a hand firmly over his mouth.

"What is your name?" The standard verification question to make sure the Veritaserum is in effect. Kieran is clearly fighting to not respond, but fails.

"Henry Matthew Riddle." The two others are startled, while H. M. Riddle feels resigned.

"Why are you called Kieran?" The dark haired captive snarls, but is forced to answer.

"The orphanage matron at our birth called me Kieran and it has stuck ever since." He was fighting to keep his answers as short and uninformative as he could.

"What happened to her?" With a grimace, he is forced to reply.

"She died in the Battle of Britain." Kieran Riddle was not happy.

"What is the relationship between you and Tom Marvolo Riddle?" Not happy at all.

"We're twin brothers." His reply is stiff and Dumbledore is not amused.

"What else is between you and your twin brother?" Darkly glaring isn't as effective when you can't see what you're supposed to be glaring at clearly.

"We are twins, brothers, friends." Another stiff answer. Dumbledore is not amused.

"What is your relation to Voldemort?" In fact, he's quite angry. Kieran fights much harder to keep this answer, but it is forced out in pieces.

"Bound-" He manages to stuff his fist partway into his mouth to muffle the rest of his answer, but Dumbledore wrenches it out. "-unwilling participant-" Snarling, he rips himself from Dumbledore's clutches, but only because Dumbledore is surprised.

"You're against him?" James starts. He had not expected that. The prisoner is once again forced to give a reply.

"Don't... agree... with-" Suddenly Kieran screams, clutching his head. Dumbledore just smirks.

"Wonderful," he murmurs before grabbing the captive, who just moans in pain, and forces the two potions down his throat. Kieran whimpers, pulling away from Dumbledore and everything goes black.

Harry Potter jerks up, looking and feeling like he had just run a mile. He takes deep breaths to steady himself as he leans sideways against the wall by his bed. It was another dream. The cool wall helps him focus.

The dream, like all the others he'd been having since the incident at the ministry, was startlingly lifelike, not that that was much of a surprise after all those dreams as Voldemort, but in these it seemed like it was him, not Voldemort. It was like dejá vu, he didn't remember any of this happening or who Kieran is - was, but everything seems so familiar, even the name. He knew what was happening for the duration of the dream, but once he woke up he could only remember what had happened during the dream.

Slowly he reaches between the wall and the bed to pull out a wireless notebook with a pen attached. He jots down all the details he can remember.

Once again Dumbledore brought up suspicion and wariness in Kieran a.k.a. Henry Matthew Riddle. All his memories - no, dreams; dreams, he tells himself - are of Kieran up until that meeting with Dumbledore and James Potter. That's as far in life Kieran got, apparently, before he was forced back into being an orphaned child, but this time around he wouldn't have a protective older brother.

Kieran or Henry Matthew Riddle, did he even exist? Or is Voldemort up to his tricks again? I should be practicing Occlumency, but something's not adding up. Why would Voldemort fake having a little brother? And how and why does it feel so familiar? Not even running down that same corridor to the Department of Mysteries felt like dejá vu even after all those times I had dreamed about it. Voldemort wouldn't show any weaknesses, even if they were faked weaknesses, so why-? He sighs, replacing the memory-dream diary to its hiding spot, lying back down to try and get some sleep.

I have chores to do tomorrow after all and then the day after that is my birthday. Drifting off to sleep, he hears two little boys giggling happily.

AN: I hope this formatting is better than my previous. T-T These plotbunnies just keep attacking me! Now I have this new one that's black and white... no, seriously. It's called, 'In a World of Black and White'.

Who likes 'Yu-gi-oh!' ? Well, it has the yami/hikari feel to it... except everybody has a yin (yami) or yang (hikari). Those who don't are called the Broken (kinda like the Death Eaters, in fact... there are a bunch of DEs that are Broken) and it's the worst thing that could happen to someone, becoming a Broken. Without their other half they go insane. So whether it's just that they haven't found each other by their 30th birthday or their other half is dead, they go insane and join the Broken, who are unstable (d'uh) and go on killing sprees... that kill off those who aren't Broken... creating more Broken if they survive. Occasionally a really powerful person who is Broken becomes a leader and brings up a time known as Chaos. (Whee! Normal words with special connotations!) One such leader was Grindelwald before he was defeated and the last Broken to be in power was - you guessed it! - Voldemort. Little did they know Voldemort's other half hadn't been born yet. He was caught and imprisoned where no one would ever think to go, left to his insanity. BUT his other half was born that very day and the older his other half became, the less insane he became and soon his yang (hikari) turned 17, the age when they can start really looking for their foils. Poor hikari had been having dreams of floating along dark corridors to black doors that had no way of opening. So hikari-kun goes searching for the creepy place, knowing that that is where the yin to his yang is.