This is a oneshot that is from Chouji thoughts after his fight with the first of the sound nins.

I own nothing from Naruto.

For you I took the Red Pill, even though I know I will die from it. But all I could think about before I made the choice to take the read pill was you, Shikamaru, my friend. You have stood by me thoughout the thick and the thin. You never thought less of me because of my weight. As I take the pill your still all that is in my mind, this is my way of protecting you, Shikamaru.

I gather all of my chakra into my left hand and punch this Sound nin so he'll never bother you again. The Sound nin lies dead from my charka punch and I walk away.

As I walk my vision becomes blurry and walking seems impossible, even breathing is hard. I see a butterfly and it seems to want me to follow it, and I do. Not sure way though, it could be that I was so out of charka that it seemed right. But it led me to a tree.

This tree may not be important but what has been craved into it is. Your arrow, Shikamaru. Naruto's writing 'Hurry up and Come'. And last Kiba's 'We're all waiting.' All that I can think now is. Thank you, my friends.

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