gray (gr)
a. Dull or dark: a gray, rainy afternoon.
b. Lacking in cheer; gloomy: a gray mood.

The Gray Saga.



Characters and story are © 2001-2006 Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston, and are used without permission. This work © 2004-2006 Allan J. Bryant.

Hearing Gray

The room was dark and cold, the only flicker of light was from the small TV screen in the corner of the room. I sat before the game system, one of the few items left from Largo and my crazy adventure. My eyes grew sad for a moment.

Our time in Japan hadn't been very good, and had ended in a disaster. Even Seraphim had been quiet, though supportive from the experience since, her attitude towards my actions as of late however were not supportive, but I didn't blame the little Angel..

We had returned to bills and foreclosures. Eviction notices and the lot. For a few days Largo and I were on the streets. But before we had to go any lower, the bills that had piled up had been taken care of Largo of all people, selling off his computers and getting a reliable job. Largo had changed since his time in Japan, he seemed more distant and withdrawn, and seemingly only a husk of what he had been before. I often caught the man looking at a small dog-eared photo he kept in his wallet of a certain Idol singer. It was the only photo he had in there, so I knew it meant a lot to him, because he only took it out when he thought he was alone or when it rained. The last time he saw her was when it had rained that night before they left. Largo had recently begun going to college, into brain surgery of all things. To my surprise, he was getting all A's. The old Largo would never have done that. While he still plays his games religiously, it's not the same, as if he's off in another world, the fact I see how sad his eyes are when he looks at that photo tells me everything. We had come across a radio station playing one of her songs not too long ago. Erika Hayasaka's Gray Wings. Largo had listened to the song from beginning to end, never blinking, never making a sound, as her voice sang a sad, lonely song. About a man who had left after mending her heart. Once the song was over Largo rose and left the apartment without a word, he returned a day later completely drunk and a sobbing mess. He hadn't had a drink since returning to America before then, and he had never had one since.

I figured it was about Largo. Partly because of his reaction, and because in a way, he had helped her stand on her own again. Dom's influence on her fans had driven her to her knees, only Largo there for Hayasaka-san. I working to get closer to Her and getting money for myself and Largo, Kimi… Her working on her acting, Erika-san had been left alone, to fend for herself when she needed help. Largo had come to her aide, and while screwing up a lot, he had helped her regain her confidence. They had fallen in love, despite everything, they had seemed very happy. It had only lasted a month before the fans found out. Around that time I had finally saved enough for our tickets. I told him as he nursed a drink, even then he was drinking less. He looked at my eyes, he looked so tired. For two weeks he had fought the crowd as he and Erika's relationship had been pulled apart by jealous fanboys. That afternoon, I found out later through Her, that Erika had been threatened by one of the jealous fans, the man had pulled a knife and if Largo had not interceded she might have been seriously hurt, maybe even killed. He looked at the smile on my face, the tickets in my hand, and then finally rose to his feet. He said he would be back later and left, that was when it had begun to rain. He had gone to see her.

It was morning when he returned, Ping had tossed me out to change and I saw him slowly trudge up the steps. He was soaked, and when he looked to me I shivered, his eyes were haunted and dull. All he said was. "Okay, let's go back." I called Her, told her what was up and said my goodbyes, left Ping to Help Yanagisawa in the store and the two of us made it for the airport. Kimiko was waiting for us. Or should I say was waiting for me.

The words we said have often been repeated in my mind since then, and I find myself wondering, how she really felt about me. I am such a chicken. The game's name had come up and I stare. "Sight", Kimiko's game, Tubassa had sent it to me not to long ago, but I had been scared to play it. Finally, today I broke down and began to play the game, my self-pity too dry to use as a shield, and listened to a voice I hadn't heard in almost a year. She sounds so beautiful. Old emotions stir in me as my hands play the game with ease, It was almost as if Kimiko was Kotone, and he was… A slight bout of Jealousy crosses my mind. I shake it off, telling myself, it's only a game. Hours went by, Largo left for his night courses and I continued to sit in front of the screen, transfixed by the game, the voice of Kimiko, the girl I had fallen in love with, and I had let go. It was nearing midnight, Largo would soon be home, and I was beginning to hear rain spatter against our roof, when the game finally ended. I sighed, the credits began to role in the game when all of a suddenly everything went dark on the screen. I reached for the controls, wondering what had happened when Kimiko's voice flooded the empty room again.

Are you sad, Mr. Piro-san? My head jerked up at the screen, my heart beating fast.

Please, don't be, cheer up. I loved it when you smiled…. I had this made for you, I want to give this special copy to your friend to give to you, to tell you something I wanted to say the day you left. I feel myself tense.

I… I had wanted you to stay; I had wanted you here to be with me, Mr. Piro-san. B-but the words….. the w-words just wouldn't come out. I could tell she was crying, the sounds of her voice I knew so well, not just because of the game either.

I was scared what might happen; scared you would do what Largo-san did to Erika the night before… So I just wanted to tell you now, hoping this reaches you. That…

Words scrolled on the screen as her voice, sobbing told the words I had longed to hear. She repeated them and something inside of me broke, my shoulders began to shake as sobs began to rack my body, I just couldn't stop crying, and that's how a somber Largo found me, he put a hand on my shoulder and looked to the screen, where the words she had said were printed.

I love you, Piro.

Thinking about some of the ideas in the main thread I had a burst of inspiration. It's a fic that suffers from a little over explanation and I tried cutting out the filler some.

Piro and Largo head back to America, but their hearts still belong in Japan. It's pretty much what this is, C&C appreciated and remember I wrote this in about an hour so please understand if there are some rough spots.