A Moment of Joy Refrained (Also known as Grey Wings)

Duet Version


It was a dark and lonely life,
Things had gone so bad before.
My heart was full of strife,
I was tired and could do no more…

But I came into the fray
I made her smile nearly every day
She tried to push me away,
but I told her I was here to STAAAAY!

Her love was sure, despite all her pain.
Our love was the cure, and our world became.
A moment of joy refrained

A moment of joy… Refrained.

But then the time had come,
He was told to go.
Back to the place that he had come from.
He gave me something to show.


A diamond in the rough,
Such a rare find!
Like the love on my life,
It was one of a kind!


He gave me a ring and said wait… for me.


I'll return someday, just wait… and see.

The love that I had has never faded.
The truth that we are forever fated.
I know it is true. This love that I feel.
Like the rings on our finger, I know it's for real.


I will wait a million years,
To fly again into the sky!


I will let you FLY!

Our love was so pure, and always the same.
His hope was my cure, and my life became.
A moment of joy refrained.



A moment of joy… Refrained

A moment…. Of joy… Refrained.