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--dreamz; 7/30/06


Do you know what it means to be elite? Better than the rest? Unbeatable?

You might think of yourself as 'elite,' perhaps...? Feh; don't make me laugh. I've seen more elite pork buns than you.

"But we've been through so much!" you might say. Whiner. Have you ever lived through a week-long blizzard with your pokemon? Or maybe you've watched your family being slaughtered and have only your pokemon to comfort you. Have you created entire mountains in a day's training session, only to watch it crumble back to dust within an hour? Perhaps you've held a suffering pokemon close while both of you know that it will soon pass away. Have you stared at death with your pokemon beside you? Made a decision because of your pokemon?

"So what? We're strong all the same!" is the usual reply. Certainly, you've got eight gym badges, over thirty level 80's, a perfect reputation, and an all-win streak. So pitiful that we'll have to beat you. It take much more than that to be elite, something you'll never understand, obviously.

"Why won't you let me challenge you? Are you scared?" some fools taunt us. As if they would be anywhere near our level. By the way, I'm not being arrogant or even boastful, it's simply true. We make the challenges, you don't. Why? Because we are elite, and you aren't.

"But I am!" So infuriating.

You're not, otherwise, you'd be here with us, but you're not.

Words don't pass through your lips anymore as your faithful pokemon can only watch in horror as you tumble to the ground. Sometimes, pokemon are too loyal for their own good. But that'll all change as soon as I'm through with this world. Your eyes glaze over, an expression of shock on your face. And I haven't even shown myself to you, yet. That was a simple punch.

Obviously, a funeral is the last thing we'll give you. But we will give you the joy of being encased in a coffin of ice, better than the usual drab grave, neh?

Cruel? Perhaps.

But we're not called the Elite Four for nothing, you know.

And to be Elite, you must be ruthless.


eh heh heh...(obsessed) can you guess what POV it's told in? One-shot!