This is the third story in my series (I have a series of KP stories. Who would have thunk it when I started on my very first one?) The first story in the series is Frequency of Evil; the second is Trio and now this one, Dream Team. While not strictly necessary to read the other stories it will help to fill in the background on how things have gotten to this point.

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Shego sat in the cargo area of a C-130 Hercules turboprop airplane as it slowly droned across the skies. Sitting across from her on folded down seats from the walls of the plane were Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible.

Currently they were on a mission, the first with Shego as an 'official' member of Team Possible. Some rinky dink police department was being faced with a series of bizarre and brutal murders of teenagers and they had called in Kim Possible and her team to try and solve it for them. Kim of course had been more than eager to assist while Shego was just hoping it didn't get too boring or take too long, she wanted to get back to the pleasurable pursuit of 'corrupting' the two teens.

Ron was the one that seemed most upset by the mission. He had practically freaked out when Wade had called them and he seemed still worried about it. He kept repeating to himself over and over, "Miles of bad road."

"Who would believe that in a very short time I would decide to give being a good guy another chance? And certainly no one would have ever thought I would end up as Ron and Kim's lover either." Shego mused silently to herself as she continued to watch her partners.

Kim was sitting still with her eyes closed. Shego couldn't decide if the red haired heroine was meditating or just sleeping. Ron however was so tense Shego mused that she could hear him twang with the wind that was coming through the drafty cargo section of the plane. It was obvious that if Ron had been more confident with the pilot's flying he would be up wildly pacing, as it was he sat still but fidgeted like crazy.

"What's wrong Ron?" Shego asked leaning towards him.

Ron merely shrugged and mumbled "nothing" but continued to twitch and fidget.

Shego frowned at being blown off by Ron and stared at him.

"Why do I feel so much for this 'kid'?" She asked herself silently. "While my romantic life has never been what anyone could consider 'full' I've had my share of lovers. Both male and female so why do Ron and Kim gets so far under my skin?

Shego began to remember their recent marathon session of love making. Kim had been slightly timid with her advances at first but that was to be expected. She was new to the ways of physical love. She quickly grew more adventurous as things progressed till Kim turned into a wild animal. This too Shego had expected. Kim may play the goody goody two-shoes but Shego always knew there was a raging volcano of passion under her surface just waiting for something to cause it to erupt.

The surprise had been Ron himself. He was no more experienced than Kim and at first was just as timid as Kim had been; this too changed as the night had progressed. Shego expected all of it and had made allowances for it by starting slow and building in passion and creativity. What had been shocking to the lightly green skinned woman was Ron's endurance. After even the most virile of men would have collapsed in exhaustion, Ron kept going. Shego would have bet money that Ron would be the first to collapse, quickly followed by Kim but in reality it had been Kim and then Shego who gave into exhaustion long before Ron.

Shego studied the surprising young blond man across from her. Sure she had just recently referred to him in her mind as a kid but she had to face the fact that anyone who could keep up not just with her but another healthy horny young woman was no mere boy any longer.

She found his nervousness and fidgeting to bother her but it wasn't from simple annoyance. What bothered her was that something was obviously eating at him and he wasn't sharing his thoughts with her. Ron and Kim had a bond from years and years of friendship and Shego found herself envying and jealous of that bond. She wanted to know Ron, not just physically but emotionally.

"Come on Ron. It is so obvious that something is worrying you. Why don't you just tell me?" Shego asked again.

Ron shook his head. "I'm fine. Yep, no worries or fears at all. Yep that is me." Ron fairly babbled.

"I know how to deal with this." Shego thought to herself. "This course of action always worked when I wanted Drakken to talk and he was reluctant."

Shego unbelted herself from the folding seat she was in and getting up stretched.

"Well it's been fun but I guess I'll be going now." Shego stated and started to move towards the door to the plane.

Whenever Drakken clammed up and refused to talk, all Shego had to do was act like she was going to leave him and the blue skinned mad scientist would fall all over himself in rushing to talk to her to keep her with him.

Shego kept one eye on Ron to see his reaction and was surprised to see Ron look shocked, and then for a split second she caught an expression of sheer heart break but he wiped it off and then nodded his head. She watched as he undid his own seat belt and rose to his feet.

Walking over he pulled a parachute from a locker and crossed over to her.

"I'll help you get your chute on." He said quietly.

"What!" Shego almost shouted.

"Well your powers don't include flight do they?" Ron asked her in confusion. "We are still in the air and if you plan on leaving me and Kim then you'll need a parachute. You aren't planning on going back to Drakken at least, are you?"

Shego turned towards him, her hands igniting green with plasma fire just underneath Ron's chin. "I thought you said you loved me? And you are just going to dump me off in mid-air with a parachute!"

"You were the one that said you were ready to leave." Ron pointed out. Looking down at her hands he then added. "Do you realize that in less than a minute you have threatened me and Kim twice now?"

"Huh? What?" Shego answered in confusion.

"Well to be proper I suppose you threatened me and Kim once and this time just me." Ron stated.

Shego glanced down at her hands and immediately doused the flames. She hadn't even realized they had flared into power from her sudden anger. "I would never… I mean I wasn't going to use my plasma… I don't want to leave you or Kim, Ron!" She finally managed to say in frustration.

Ron dropped the parachute in his hands to the floor and reached up to scratch his head. Shego could see confusion and the beginnings of tears in his eyes. "Then why did you say were going to leave us?"

"I just said that to get you to open up and talk to me. It always worked with Dr. D."

Shego thought Ron looked hurt before, he looked like a puppy that had been viciously kicked now.

"Shego, I'm not Drakken." Is all he said.

Shego felt the words as if Ron had punched her with them. "Ronnie I know. I didn't mean to imply that you are like Drakken… Um, look I'm sorry? It is just the way I am, threats and promises of violence, you know? I promise you I would never act on them." Shego tried to explain.

Kim without opening her eyes suddenly spoke drawing both Ron and Shego's attention to her.

"You are going to have to learn Shego that Ron doesn't react well to threats. He tends to take everything way too serious for that."

Kim then opened her eyes to look over at Ron and Shego. Her eyes became very doe like and sticking out her lower lip she began to quiver it ever so slightly. "Ron… What were you thinking about?" She asked in a syrupy sweet voice.

"Awww Kim! No fair teaching Shego the puppy dog pout!" Ron whined, more like his normal self.

Shego blinked. This was the way Kim got Ron to open up? It was a lot easier with Drakken. Just flame up your hands and threaten to take his head off if he didn't start talking and if he still refused to talk? Just act as if you were going to walk out on him. Still Shego never wanted to re-experience the feeling as if her soul had dropped out of her like it did a moment ago when Ron offered to help her into a chute to leave.

Ron turned his back on Kim to keep from having to face the 'puppy dog pout' and was now looking back at Shego.

Shego with a shrug tried her best to match Kim's face and pushed out her lip and said. "Ronnie? Tell me what you were worrying about."

While Shego's 'puppy dog pout' looked more like an angry bull dog than Kim's cute and cuddly puppy, it was still effective.

"Awww man!" Ron whined down at his pocket where Rufus had poked his head out to see what was going on. "Now they are both going to be doing this to me!"

If he was looking for sympathy he got none from the naked mole rat who just snickered at him before taking a look over at Shego. "Ack! Puppy dog pout!" Rufus squeaked and dove back into the pocket once again.

Ron walked back over to his seat next to Kim and plopped down. Shego followed along, her 'puppy dog pout' still on and folded down a seat and sat beside him. Ron acutely aware that Kim still was doing the pout as well stared forward and asked. "What was the question again?"

Kim's playful pout faded away to a serious look. Ron was still trying to avoid the issue and that meant it was serious.

"Ron? What were you worrying about?" She asked again.

"Me? Worrying? Naw… I wasn't worrying about Shego leaving us. Naw… I know she wouldn't do that… Yeah I'm good…Yeah. I mean Shego is a experienced woman. Why would she want to leave me? Why would she want to leave a loser?" Ron stated and then started to hyperventilate.

Shego looked in confusion past Ron to Kim.

"Ron doesn't lie well." Kim explained.

Shego put the pieces together. "You were sitting there worrying if I was suddenly going to get bored and dump you and Kim?" Shego's eyes widened. "And then in my attempt to get you to talk I said just that. I'm so sorry Ron. I don't ever want to leave you or Kim and I will never threaten that again, I promise."

Ron's erratic breathing began to ease.

"Was that the only thing you were thinking and worrying about?" Shego added.

Ron became nervous once again but decided to bite the bullet and do the hard thing and just share what he was thinking. "Well? Not really. I was also worrying about how we are going to make this work and what me and Kim's parents are going to do. Mrs. Dr. P knows about us and it is not like we are going to be able to keep this quiet for long. And what will you do while me and Kim are in school?"

Shego put her hand on Ron's arm to get his attention. "I've told you, we'll deal with this all when it comes up. Don't worry about it now Ron. And it is not for you to have to deal with it all by yourself. Me and Kim will be right there beside you."

Kim nodded her head.

Ron after a moment nodded his head as well. "I'm also worried about this mission. It just doesn't feel right."

Kim rolled her eyes but Shego decided to really listen to Ron. All ready she was understanding that Ron had hidden depths and talents. "What is it about this that disturbs you that much? I mean beyond the fact some teens got killed horribly."

"There is this kind of icy creepy feeling running up and down my back." Ron explained.

"Ron your imagination is running away from you…" Kim started.

"I got this feeling back when we first came across Monty Fisk and I was right about him wasn't I? And I was right about Gill wasn't I?" Ron countered.

Kim frowned at Ron interrupting her but she couldn't argue that Ron had pegged Monty as being dangerous and a freak at first glance and when everyone had thought Gill had changed, Ron had been right about him being still evil as well.

"Look Ronnie, there's nothing to worry about. The police are under pressure to make a quick arrest and convict someone of these crimes. They can't find anyone on their own so to make it look good they have called in Kim. They think she'll look around a bit and not find anything either and they can point to that and say. "See? Not even the great Kim Possible could find anything." And it will be all over with." Shego tried to reassure him.

Kim's frown grew deeper. "The police of that town aren't calling me in to just make themselves look good by my failing. They fully expect me to find the killer and bring him to justice and that is exactly what I plan to do!"

Shego looked at Kim as if she was crazy. "You and Ron are due back in school tomorrow. It is going to take us at least another 3 hours to get there. You will barely have time to examine the scenes of the crime before you have to turn around and go home or miss school. And I'm not letting that happen."

Kim raised an eyebrow. "Never figured you would be so gung-ho on us attending school Shego."

Shego shrugged. "Frankly I wouldn't care if you both dropped out and moved in with me right now. I know I have enough money stashed away to see to our needs for the next 80 or 90 years but I will be damned if I let Dr. Director point at me and say I was the one who corrupted Team Possible and ruined them."

"Well definitely not ruined them, but if Dr. Director were to learn what you did to us last night she would say corrupted a little?" Kim asked with a hint of a smirk.

Shego raised her own eyebrow at the red haired teen. "Seems to me that last night you did your fair share of corrupting too." Shego had to resist the urge to laugh as Kim promptly blushed bright red. "Are all your missions like this by the way?"

Kim her skin finally returning to a normal hue looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I mean this slow? You and Ron have saved the world several times. Heck at least half a dozen times just from Drakken and me, so why can't they get you some faster transportation to locations?"

Ron frowned at Shego's reminder that she used to be on the wrong side of law till very recently. "It is how we do things. Kim gets rides from people she has helped and we don't get to pick. Whoever happens to be going the way we need to be, we take it."

"People we've helped Ron." Kim reminded him.

"I can think of someway to pass the time till we arrive at this Springwood town." Shego said casually.

Ron trying to take his mind off the weird vibes he kept having whenever he thought of their destination glanced over at the green skinned woman. "Oh? Like what?"

"I could help you and Kim become members of the 'Mile High' club." Shego replied with a much too innocent look on her face.

Shego found Ron's confusion to just be too adorable. "Huh? What's that?" He asked.

"Um Ron? The Mile High club is people who have had sex while flying in airplanes." Kim explained.

Shego leaned forward to look past Ron at Kim. "And how do you know that Princess?" She asked with a hint of amusement. "You and Ron aren't already members are you?" She added knowing fully well that Kim and Ron hadn't acted on their mutual attractions till after she had come along.

"I do watch TV and read." Kim replied.

To Shego's surprise Ron's confusion on his face didn't clear with the explanation. "How do people manage to have sex while flying without crashing the planes?" He asked.

Shego stared at him to see if he was putting her on. "It doesn't have to be the people flying the planes having sex to qualify for the Mile High club Ron…" She stopped as she noticed just a slight twinkling of his eyes. Suddenly she knew he was putting her on and he just like Kim had known what the Mile High Club was about.

"Oh just for that Ronnie you don't get to play. You can watch as me and Kimmie get our membership in the Mile High Club and you don't!" Shego said with a smirk.

Ron suddenly screwed his face up causing Shego's eyes to widen and then her to laugh. "What the hell is that?" She asked pointing at his face.

"My version of the puppy dog pout?" Ron said.

Shego laughed again but not maliciously as she might have done once before but with real amusement. "I don't think you have quite got it right yet Ronnie."

"Maybe not but is it working?" Ron said as he tried to look like a begging puppy even more.

Shego felt a warm tingle run through her looking at the blond haired man before her.

"Aww heck. Why should I punish myself by denying myself…" Shego paused as she tried to figure out just how to word what she might be denying herself.

"Ronshine?" Kim said looking lovingly at Ron.

"Ronshine?" Shego asked more to herself.

"Yeah that is exactly what it feels like. Warmth, happiness, love. Ronshine describes it perfectly." Shego thought to herself.

"Okay, we are all going to join the Mile High Club today." Shego said with a smile.

Ron, his attempt at playfully begging over with glanced nervously at the door to the cockpit of the plane. "What about…?"

"Them? I'm sure they are already members of the Mile High Club and if not they aren't getting to it through us." Shego said deliberately misunderstanding what Ron was trying to say.

Ron shook his head at Shego's playing. "No I mean what if they were to walk in on us?"

It was Shego's turn to shake her head. "They are flying the plane Ron. They aren't going to suddenly look in on us. They have other things to pay attention to."

"What about the Load Master? She doesn't have anything to do while the plane is in the air and there is no cargo to be checked."

Shego blinked. She wasn't aware that Ron knew about cargo plane crews but he was right on the money. On every military cargo plane there were five crew members. A Pilot, of course. A Co-Pilot, a Navigator, a Engineer and the Load Master Ron mentioned. The first four had operations of the plane to keep them occupied but the Load Master's job was to see the cargo properly loaded on the plane and periodically check the cargo during a flight to make sure it hadn't shifted or become unrestrained in flight.

Even though this flight was empty as the plane was going to a location to pick up cargo, there was by regulations still a Load Master onboard. And Shego had noticed as they boarded the plane it had been a cute if not somewhat butch looking blond woman with short cut hair.

"Okay, if she looks in and sees us, she sees us. But she is not joining in! I'm not sharing you or Kimmie with her." Shego said as she reached out and started tugging Ron's shirt out of his pants.

"Kim help?" Ron said trying to sound as if he was fearful but instead came off sounding more excited than anything else.

Kim was studying the cargo netting that was attached to the insides of the plane. "I bet we could make use of this…" Kim muttered as Shego attempted to strip Ron of all of his clothing.

"Ooh good call Kimmie. When we get a place together and move in we'll have to see about getting some of the netting for the 'playroom' but for right now get over here!"

Kim walked over to where Shego seem to be attempting to pull down Ron's pants.

"You going to tell me after all the times his pants fell down on their own, you are having trouble now?"

"Nope not at all." Shego said with a smirk. "Just you need to be stripped too!" The green skinned woman said as she suddenly grabbed the bottom of Kim's shirt and pulled upwards. Kim caught off guard found herself down to her bra and panties in record time.

Rufus feeling Ron's pants being dropped to the deck of the plane crawled out of the pocket he had been in and took a look around. The little naked mole rat's eyes widened when he saw what was going on but then just shook his tiny head and crawled back into the pocket once again. "It must be mating season." He thought to himself.

Hellena Schimm, Load Master of the United States Air force shifted her rear on the hard fold out seat in the cockpit of the plane. She meant to bring a crossword puzzle with her to help while away the time but at the last moment forgot it. There was no cargo in the hold for her to check up on and she didn't want the passengers riding back there now to think she was spying on them by going back. She had thought of getting Kim Possible's autograph and pretend it was for someone else but that seemed a little too fan-ish to her.

Hellena had also wondered what the infamous Shego was doing with the two teens. She easily recognized the wanted criminal from all the television exposes done on her. But the crew had been notified that Shego was cleared for the trip and not to harass or bother the green skinned woman.

The pilot glanced over at her and could easily see she was bored. "How's our passengers doing? I hope they aren't getting air sick back there?"

Hellena shrugged and pulling the cockpit door open slightly she looked back.

Her eyes widen in surprise. She couldn't remember what the blond haired guy's name was that traveled with Kim Possible but it was blatantly obvious that he was more than just some sidekick by what he was doing back there with the two women. Hellena had to admit she was impressed by what she was seeing.

She had of course done her share of sex in the air. Something about the motion of flight and the thrill it might be your last time makes almost everyone horny at one time or another.

But not even Hellena had done it with two other people at the same time and so gymnastically either. Even over the plane's roar she could hear Kim and Shego moaning. She even caught the name Ron and Ronnie several times and deduced that was what the blond haired guy's name was.

Not wanting to embarrass the heroes, she slowly shut the cockpit's door.

"Well how are they doing back there?" The pilot asked glancing over at her again.

"I would say they have everything well in hand." Hellena said with a smirk.

Two hours later Hellena cautiously opened the door to notify the three they were nearing their jump off point.

To be honest, to Hellena's disappointment the three were now clothed again. They were sitting on the fold out seats on the side of the plane. Ron in the middle with the two women on either side of him. They were leaning on him and Ron would nuzzle one's neck before turning his head and doing the same to the other.

Hellena was more into women than guys but she had to admit both Shego and Possible had looks of complete contentment on their faces.

Clearing her throat Hellena stepped out from the cockpit entrance. Shego didn't even bother to lift her head up from Ron's shoulder. Kim quickly looked up and started blushing. Ron merely looked over at her.

"We'll be over the jump off point in ten minutes, you better prepare." Hellena told them and then catching Shego's eye she smiled at her.

Shego, never one to be embarrassed, hoped that if the military woman had caught their previous performance that she had enjoyed the show.

Shego rose to her feet and stretched. "You mean we have to jump?" She asked Kim.

Kim nodded her head. "Of course. This plane isn't landing in Springwood, only flying over it."

Shego shook her head once again. "They expect a couple of teenagers to save the world on a regular basis but they don't provide transportation or even land for you?" Shego eyed Kim and Ron for a moment. "Are you sure you don't want to switch sides and do the criminal thing? Better pay?"

Ron merely smiled at her. "But lousy retirement potential."

Shego shrugged into her parachute. "I haven't heard many heroes who have retired in style yet either." She muttered to herself. Shego resisted the urge to roll her eyes as both Ron and then Kim checked her chute to make sure it was fastened correctly but then she did the same for them too.

Shego even surprised herself by checking to make sure that Rufus was in Ron's pocket and the Velcro closure was firmly closed so there was no chance the little guy could fall out in mid fall.

As Shego waited for the light to come on to tell them to jump she could just imagine what Dr. Drakken would have said about her worrying over a naked mole rat's safety.

"It's not weakness to care about someone and want to make sure they are safe." Ron surprised her by whispering into her ear as he stood beside her and Kim waiting for the signal.

Before Shego could ask how he knew what she had been thinking the light came on and with Kim's urging both her and Ron were out the hatch and free falling with Kim right behind them.