Once again Kim and Shego found themselves in front of the stairs that lead up to the Westin Hills mental asylum. Shego took a deep breath and bracing her shoulders she glanced over at equally tense Kim. "Okay let's do this. Let's make sure Nancy is all right."

They were stopped as Ron put a hand on their shoulders. "Um I think we should get the twigs and leaves out of you guys' hair first or they might ask some awkward questions."

Shego spun around trying to see the back of her own head. "Leaves in my HAIR?! I hate that!"

Kim however used to having to rough it on missions just shrugged and started running her fingers through her hair to dislodge the debris. Ron came to Shego's rescue and gently turning her around he started brushing his fingers through her long raven dark hair, pulling out leaves and the few odd twigs. His fingers gently caressing her scalp and lightly brushing the nape of her neck on each sweep. As soon as he was satisfied that no more lay hidden in her hair he turned to Kim and even though she shook her head that it was not needed he began to carefully brush her hair with his fingers also.

Shego who had her eyes closed in near bliss, opened them to watch Kim nearly purr with pleasure as Ron carefully groomed her hair while standing so close his breath tickled Kim's neck.

"Whoa. Where did that come from? And when can we do that again? Who knew having a guy comb your hair could be so much of a turn on?" Shego asked.

"We are going to have to arrange a weekly time for rolling in leaves." Kim agreed as she opened her eyes. Turning to look at Ron she looked thoughtful. "That grooming was almost like the way a …"

"Don't say it Kim! Don't mention…" Ron started.

"A monkey grooms its mates." Kim finished.

"Aww you had to use the 'M' word." Ron whined.

"I thought you were over your problems with monkeys?" Kim asked in surprise.

Ron blinked. "Oh yeah. I am, aren't I?" Ron looked thoughtful for a moment. "But just cause I no longer fear monkeys doesn't mean I want to act or have people start thinking I look like one!"

Shego came up alongside Ron. "You needn't worry Ronnie. You aren't acting like a monkey and look nothing like one."


"Yeah. Now come along and after we get finished checking on Nancy I'll buy you a banana for breakfast." Shego passed by Ron and took Kim's arm and they started walking up the stairs to the entrance of the mental hospital.

Ron stood on the bottom of the stairs for a moment. "Hey! That's not funny!" He finally shouted as he raced to catch up with them.

Kim and Shego giggled. The tension of moments before now broken.

A different receptionist/nurse than the one the night before met them but before they could introduce themselves or explain why they were there she told them that the nurse from yesterday had explained everything to her. The nurse led them quickly to Nancy's room and opened the door for them.

Sitting up in her bed Nancy watched to see who came in. Seeing Kim and her group entered she waited till the door shut. "It's okay you can come out now." She said lifting the top edge of her blanket. Rufus popped his head out and waved. "Hi. Hi." He squeaked.

"Rufus! I thought when I couldn't find you last night that you probably had stayed behind to keep an eye on Nancy." Ron said as Rufus scampered up his leg and then up to his shoulder to give him a hug.

"Did everything go all right last night?"

Rufus hopped off of Ron's shoulder to the night table beside Nancy's bed and started pantomiming and rapidly squeaking at them, even Kim who had known Rufus almost as long as Ron had trouble following the excited naked mole rat speech and poor Shego and Nancy were totally lost. Ron however nodded his head following his mole rat's monologue completely.

Finally Shego couldn't take it anymore. "What is he saying?" She asked in an annoyed tone.

"Rufus says he stayed behind last night to make sure that Nancy got her shot when she was supposed to." Ron began and on the table top Rufus placed his tiny hand over his eyes and pantomimed keeping a sharp look out.

"He says that after Nancy went to sleep a doctor and a nurse…" Ron stopped as Rufus waved his hands at him and pointed at the door and squeaked something. "Oh the nurse we met yesterday at the front desk came in, the doctor prepared the shot but the nurse pointed out that Nancy was already asleep."

Rufus mimed with his tiny hands someone filling a shot and then still too rapidly squeaking for Kim, Nancy or Shego to follow said something else to Ron.

"The doctor decided that if Nancy was already asleep and not suffering from nightmares that they should just skip giving her the shot."

Rufus pantomimed putting the shot on the table beside him.

"The doctor and nurse then left." Ron continued narrating for him. Rufus then imitated someone tossing and turning. Shego and Kim could clearly make out Rufus saying something that sounded suspiciously like, "oh shit."

"Rufus figured out that Nancy was struggling with Krueger and really need that shot now."

Rufus acted out holding something in his arms and then mimed jumping and then slapped his hand to his tiny neck.

Nancy reached up and felt her own neck and then started looking on the bed beside her. She quickly found the hypodermic needle. "You gave me my shot?" She asked Rufus.

The naked mole rat held up a paw with a thumb up gesture.

Nancy looked horrified for a moment. "If I hadn't gotten that shot when I did…. Freddy would have sliced me to ribbons." She looked over at Rufus. "You saved my life! You saved all of us!" She reached out and picked up Rufus and cuddled him for a moment. "You are a hero!"

Rufus blushed a little. "Aww shucks." He squeaked and all of them understood him that time.

"Way to go Rufus!" Ron praised him. "I'm going to buy you a Naco when we get home, grande sized of course."

"A Naco? I'll buy him everything on the menu!" Shego said as she reached out a finger and stroked Rufus on the head.

"We'll have to get him his own unlimited Bueno Nacho card." Kim agreed.

Rufus nodded his head energetically.

Ron who had been grinning at his little buddy turned serious. "How are you feeling Nancy? Do you, um, notice anything different?" He asked uncertainly.

Nancy still smiling at Rufus shook her head. "I remember everything that happened last night in the dream world but after I sank into the bed and left Krueger? I don't remember anything. I woke this morning at dawn a little tired but other than that? Nothing."

Shego watched her carefully. "No tiny voices in the back of your head whispering to you or any thoughts that don't seem your own?"

Nancy shook her head. "Nope. I feel fine."

"But what happens if another doctor someday decides that you don't need a shot?" Ron worried out loud.

Nancy shook her head. "That won't happen. I'll stay awake from now on till I get my shot."

Ron started to worry some more but was stopped when they all heard the musical tones of the Kimmunicator go off.

"Morning Wade." Kim said to the genius's image on the tiny screen. "What have you got for us?"

"Hey Kim! Ron, Shego, Nancy, Rufus." Wade greeted. "I've set up a program to monitor Nancy's stay at Westin Hills closely. Any signs that things have gone wrong I've got it set up to notify us and Global Justice immediately."

"You've told Global Justice about Krueger?" Shego asked stunned. "And they didn't think you cracked your hard drive?"

"Actually a better analogy would have been my CPU." Wade said frowning.

Shego shook her head in annoyance. "Forget the metaphors. Did they believe you?"

Wade took a sip of his ever ready Big Gulp drink sitting next to him, mostly just to annoy Shego by delaying his answer. Finally he nodded. "I doubt they would have two weeks ago but what with happened recently? A dream killer wasn't that hard to get Dr. Director to accept."

Ron grasped Kim's hand to turn the Kimmunicator in his direction but before he could say anything Wade stopped him. "I know what you are going to say Ron and I agree. This is hardly an ideal solution leaving Krueger locked inside Nancy's subconscious mind. I have my computers working on a better solution and I've even got Global Justice working on it. Someday we'll have a better solution."

Now it was Shego's turn to reach out and grasp Kim's hand to turn the Kimmunicator her way. "We need to get these two back home Nerdling."

Wade frowned at her once again. "You know you have never called me by my name yet. It's Wade, Shego."

Shego put on an innocent look that fooled no one, and replied. "Are you sure? I must have. If not, I'll get around to it…. Someday."

Wade just shook his head and addressed Kim. "Big Sally is passing through near you in a short time. If you can get to the east end of the city limits within 20 minutes you can meet up with her there. She's going right past Middletown so you can catch a ride with her."

"Big Sally?" Shego asked.

"You'll understand when you see her." Kim's reply to her was.

"Right Wade. We're there. Contact Lt. Thompson and tell him…" Kim instructed Wade, she paused for a moment and looked up at the group. "Um what should we tell him?" Kim asked.

"Tell him we couldn't find anything and we are going home." Shego said instantly.

"But he'll think we are clueless and couldn't solve the murder!" An incensed Kim replied.

"Princess. What is more important? Your reputation takes a slight hit or we end up next door to Nancy in this place? He won't believe the truth and even if we could convince him, how do you think he would take that his daughter was made a prison for Krueger?"

"But he'll tell everyone that I failed. I'm Kim Possible. Anything is possible for a Possible."

Shego rolled her eyes at Kim.

"Kim, we know that we stopped Krueger and no one else will get hurt. Isn't that what you told me was the most important thing?" Ron finally asked.

"Well….Yeah." Kim said reluctantly. "But I hate someone thinking we failed when we actually won."

Shego reached out and Kim reluctantly let her take the Kimmunicator from her and addressed Wade. "Tell Thompson he was right and we couldn't find anything more than his own police department did and that we have to return home. If he finds any more information we would appreciate him updating us." Wade shot Kim a sympathetic look and nodded his head. Shego then pocketed the Kimmunicator. "Goodbye Nancy. We'll keep in touch with you." Shego nodded and gave a wave as she turned to Kim

Ron continued to stand at Nancy's bedside. Nancy smiled at him. "Don't worry Ron. He's locked away and he must not be able to taunt or torment me or he would have already been doing it."

"I still don't like it." Ron muttered as he picked up Rufus and transferred him to his pocket. "You have been through so much and then have to remain here holding Krueger imprisoned? It's just not right!"

"I'll be all right." Nancy assured him one more. Kim and Shego standing at the door held out their arms to Ron and reluctantly he left Nancy's side and joined them.

Thirty minutes later found Kim, Shego, Ron and of course Rufus riding in an eighteen wheeler barreling down the freeway. Big Sally as Shego found out was aptly named. The woman was close to six and a half feet tall and must have weighed close to 300 lbs. She was wearing black leather pants and a levi vest with no sleeves and Shego could see her bare muscular arms were heavily tattooed. Her hair was closely cropped to her head and she had a silver chain attached to her right ear that leads to a nose ring. Shego had met a few women in prison that looked like Sally and she had learned to avoid them. But when Sally had opened her mouth to thank Kim Possible for whatever it was that Kim and Ron had done for her was when Shego got her biggest shock. Big burly Sally was soft spoken and talked like a refined southern belle. The contrast between her looks and her voice and mannerisms were so contrasting that Shego had missed whatever it was that Kim and Ron had done for her and only noticed that she got Ron's name wrong and called him Rom.

Ron sat in the passenger's side seat with his arms around Kim and Shego. Kim sitting half on his lap while Shego occupied the other half, it was incredibly close and cramped in the cabin of the truck and Ron had to admit he was enjoying every second of it. He could have used his 'sleeping ability' to take a quick nap but decided instead to just hold Kim and Shego so they could drift off without fear of falling off his lap. His stomach growled loudly reminding him that regular meal times hadn't been much of a priority this mission and his stomach didn't like it one bit.

Big Sally kept glancing at the three of them out of the corner of her eye and finally noticing that Kim and Shego had nodded off she cleared her throat.

"So tell me Rom, are you and Kim an item?"

Ron nodded as a grin came to his face. He just couldn't help it. It felt so good to admit that him and Kim were now together.

Big Sally raised an eyebrow. "So are you two timing her with greenie there?"

"Wha? NO!" Ron replied not ready to try and explain the complex relationship he had with Kim and Shego. "What would make you think that?"

Sally briefly turned her head to look at him fully and then glanced down. Ron following her eyes saw that his arm holding Shego in his lap had slid down till he was holding her by the waist with the fingers of his hand resting casually on her upper thigh. A moment's reflection revealed to Ron that his other arm was in the exact same position with Kim. He supposed the proper appearing thing would have been to move his arm and hand up higher on Shego's waist. Instead he looked at Sally with his own eyebrow raised and cuddled both Kim and Shego closer to him. Both women shifted till they could rest their heads on his shoulders and even asleep they snuggled closer and sighed with satisfaction.

As the truck pulled away from the curb Shego resisted the urge to yell something rude after it. "What was that woman's problem? Why did she keep shooting me evil looks after I woke up?" Shego suddenly looked worried. "I didn't talk in my sleep did I?"

Ron smirked. "Well you did mention something about whipped cream and chocolate sauce on a Ron sundae with a Kimmie on top."

Shego's eyes widen for a split second before they narrowed. "You are getting better at lying Ronnie."

"How do you know?" Ron asked his smirk growing a little larger as he, Kim and Shego headed towards Kim's house.

"Because I would never say a sundae, I prefer sandwiches to group sundaes. Less messy and more…" Shego paused and deliberately licked her lips. "Filling."

Ron swallowed nervously.

"Please don't mention food. I'm starving." Kim complained.

"I wasn't talking food princess."

"I know what you were talking about but right now I just want something to eat and just some time to crash." Kim looked up at the sky. "School would have already let out for the day so we missed it completely and nothing can be done about that."

Shego grinned as she thought of suggesting something Kim could eat but took pity on the younger woman. "Ron will just have to whip something up for us when we get inside."

"Hey! You two were the ones that got some sleep on the truck. I had to stay awake and talk to Big Sally and frankly I don't think she likes me that much."

"I don't think she likes any man, if you get my drift." Shego muttered.

"Look. We're home. We survived the mission and stopped the evil maniac." Kim stated as she opened the front door of her house. "Let's just get a bite to eat and then relax." Shego and Ron nodded their heads and followed Kim through the house. "I mean we got through the rough stuff and it's all smooth sailing now." Kim added as they crossed into the kitchen.

It was a statement to how tired all three of them were that they didn't even notice Ann Possible sitting at the kitchen table waiting for them.

"What do you all want to eat?" Ron asked as he opened the fridge and took a look inside.

"You can fix something for us to eat after we have a little talk first Ron." Mrs. Possible stated.

Ron froze. Slowly he pulled his head out of the fridge and made a huge pretense of looking at his arm as if he was wearing a watch. "Wow. Look at the time. I really should get home and let my parents know that I'm back." He said and started to turn to exit the kitchen.

"Freeze Ronald Dean Stoppable." Mrs. Possible in a no nonsense voice called out. "Your parents called and have decided to take an impromptu vacation so there is no one home over there right now. Now sit down at this table."

"Yes ma'am." Ron said and promptly sat down.

"We should really get Dr. Director's credit card back to her…." Kim began.

"Kimberly Ann." Anne Possible said to her daughter.

"Yes ma'am." Kim said as she slid in right beside Ron.

Shego looked at Mrs. Possible with a faint smirk. "Pity you can't do that to me." She said.

"You don't think so? Sheila Lorelei Goh." Mrs. Possible with her own smirk replied.

Shego's eyes grew wider than Kim or Ron had ever seen them go. "You can't know that! Nobody knows my real name!"

"Sheila?" Ron said.

"Lorelei?" Kim added.

"I like it." Ron said after a moment. Kim nodded her head. "Me too."

"Well don't get used to it." Shego said folding her arms across her chest. "As far as I am concerned Sheila died that day the meteor hit. My name is Shego and I like that name." Shego softened her stance slightly as she turned to look at Kim and Ron. "Please just call me Shego, okay?" Turning her attention back to Mrs. Possible she glared at the older woman. A glare that in no way intimidated Ann Possible. "How did you find out my real name?"

"I'm a doctor. How hard do you think it is for me to find medical records on a young woman that was involved in a meteor crash and had her skin turn green?"

"I paid good money for Drakken to find all the records dealing with me and destroy them! That idiot couldn't even get that right?"

Ann Possible gave a brief shrug and pointed at the seat next to Kim and Ron. "Now sit!" She said.

Shego bristled for a moment and Kim feared she was going to just walk out but Shego realizing that if she pissed off Kim's mom she could keep her from seeing Kim and possibly (no pun intended) also Ron so she quickly decided to have a seat.

"So I gather you want to have a chat about something?" Shego asked as casually as she could.

"Where is Dr. Possible at?" Ron asked suddenly becoming very nervous.

"He took the boys to work with him. He was highly annoyed that they got their fuel and vector relationships wrong with the rocket project and thought a look at his work could help them learn better."

"And why aren't you at work?" Kim garnered enough courage to ask her mother.

"I'm not scheduled back till tomorrow. Remember? I didn't think we would be back so soon from our trip and schedule an extra day to recover."

"That was good thinking Mrs. Dr. P." Ron said.



"Don't try to snow job me or change the subject."

"Yes ma'am."

"So mom? What did you want to talk about?" Kim who couldn't bring herself to look at her mom asked the table.

"I want to discuss what happened the night before I came home and found you all in bed together." Mrs. Possible said in a flat voice.

"We told you about the mission…." Kim started.

"I'm not talking about that part and you know it. I want to know what happened in that bed. Who started it? Why? And what you three plan on doing now?" Ann Possible firmly stated.

Kim was so shocked she looked up and met her mother's eyes. "I'm not going to discuss my sex life with my mother!" She then slapped her hands over her mouth and tried to sink under the table.

"Princess, I don't think that sex was involved comes as that big a shock to her. I mean she saw that were in bed naked together. I think she figured out we had sex." Shego said.

"Actually it did come as a very big shock to me Shego." Mrs. Possible said with a frown. "I had thought we raised Kimmie better than that. What I want to know is did Ron seduce you? Or was it Shego? Is this just some teenage hormonal thing?" She said looking at her daughter.

"No." Ron said flatly causing Ann Possible to switch her attention from Kim to him. "It is not just some wild hormones. I love them. I love them both."

Mrs. Possible's look turned to one of extreme disappointment and Ron thought to himself it was like being sprayed with acid, it hurt so much. "So you seduced both of them?"

"You want to honest truth and nothing but?" Shego asked. "I was the one to first suggest to Kim about the three of us and Ronnie missed it completely. He thought I was only interested in Kim and Kim was only interested in me and that I was such a 'catch' he was planning on ducking out of the picture so we could be together." Shego softened her glare slightly. "He cares so much for your daughter he was prepared to not only leave her but his second family meaning you and his home and just disappear. It didn't matter to him that he would have been ripping out his own heart; he would have done it for Kim's happiness."

Ann Possible looked a little shocked. "You mean you were the one to seduce them?"

Shego gave a brief but humorless laugh. "That had been my plan but you remember when Ron and Kim told you about the mission? They mentioned that Dr. Drakken had said some harsh things to me when he found us at the Bueno Nacho? I had been a little annoyed by his actions and while comforting me later about it, Kim ended up kissing me and actually swept me off my feet." Shego glanced over at a very bright red blushing Kim who was staring at the table top to keep from meeting her mother's eyes. "Princess then was the one to suggest we go up and seduce Ron…. Together."

Ann Possible sighed and placed a hand to her forehead for a moment. "So I gather that none of you used protection?" She took her hand away and looked closely at her daughter. "Kimmie I'm surprised at you. You are the daughter of a doctor! You more than most know how easily it is to become pregnant. What if you are now? What of your education? The career you wanted? You might have endangered all of that in one night!"

Kim finally raised her eyes off of the table to stare at her mother directly. "I would be thrilled and more than proud to have Ron's child."

"Um, Mrs. Possible?" Ron quietly spoke up. "On one of Kim's missions I was exposed to something called Mystical Monkey Power and recently someone told me that I can't get a woman pregnant unless I willing choose to. The power kind of prevents it."

Kim turned to look in shock at Ron. "They are not my missions they are 'our' missions and in any case the fight with Monkey Fist where you became exposed to Mystical Monkey Power you were there by yourself. I wasn't even there. And why didn't you tell me that Mystical Monkey Power can keep you from getting a woman pregnant?"

"Aww Kim I found out about it that night, you and Shego didn't exactly give me a chance to tell you about it before…." Acutely aware that Kim's mom was staring at him again Ron shut up.

Shego gave a snort. "Wouldn't have to worry about getting me pregnant anyway, the meteor damaged me so that I can never have children." It had been said in Shego's normal bravado style of speech but Mrs. Possible detected the underlying bitterness and pain of a woman having the right to bear children stolen from her.

"Um, actually MM told me that Mystical Monkey Power can help heal you and get you pregnant if you wanted to." Ron said quietly.

Shego froze. "It can?" She finally asked, her voice almost breaking.

"While I'm happy that someone can give Shego the choice to be a mother if she wants it that is not important at the moment. I'm worried that you three haven't thought any of this through yet. You are being swept away by emotions and feelings! Ron getting his signals crossed and thinking that Shego and Kimmie wanted to be together and almost running off to Yamanouchi, you three engaging in sex with no concern on how your futures are going to turn out. Have you given any thought at all on how the world is going to look at this?" Mrs. Possible directed her attention at her daughter again. "Kimmie you know the press keeps an eye on you. While fortunately you don't have the Paparazzi following you everywhere, the news does keep tabs on what you do. If they get wind of this they'll ruin your reputation and Ron's. They'll have Ron cheating on you with Shego. Shego trying to break up team Possible by seducing Ron. And if they figure out that you are…. Bisexual." Ann managed to only stumble over the term slightly. "They'll crucify you in the media."

Once again Kim managed to meet her mother's gaze without flinching. "So I should give up the two people I love more than anything to make the news happy mom? I don't care what people say about me as long as I have Ron and Shego with me."

Ron was sitting at the table looking thoughtful.

"I think princess what your mom is trying to say is; she doesn't mind you and Ron together. It's me in the mix she resents. She doesn't like it that you 'slept' with a woman."

Ann Possible fixed Shego with a glare. "Don't even. I am an intelligent open minded woman. If my daughter wants to date another woman that is fine with me, I only want Kimmie's happiness and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks. I'm just worried that you three haven't thought through all the possible ramifications on where you are going."

"This is a nightmare." Kim muttered to herself. She looked up almost hopefully at Shego.

"Don't even think that Kimmie. We're not in one of Krueger's dreamscapes now. This unfortunately is reality."Shego stated. Looking back at Mrs. Possible she added. "Maybe I should leave and let you three figure some things out."

Ron surprised everyone by speaking up. "You can't. Remember? Dr. Director put us in charge of you until you decide if you are going to join Global Justice or not. You have to stay with us at all times till then."

"We'll just see about that." Ann said getting up and getting the phone. She pressed one number on the phone and a few moments later began talking to someone. "Betty? Ann here. What is this I hear about Shego having to be with my daughter and Ron at all times? Dr. Racle thinks it's best? And just what does Oracle say about the backlash of media attention when they find out?"

Mrs. Possible looked over from the phone at the three of them sitting at the table. "Yes. Yes they have 'taken' it to that stage! I'm quite sure of it. How? I walked in on them the morning after. Listen Betty this is my child we are talking about! Yes. Yes. No." Ann sighed as though frustrated and shot a look over at Ron at the table. "He says the Mystical Monkey Power keeps him from getting a woman pregnant until he makes a conscious decision to do so." Ann frowned. "I'm glad you think that is convenient! I remind you again we're talking about my daughter! Well you are right about that. Once she has made up her mind nothing can stop her. We'll talk about this later Betty but I'm not happy about this at all." Ann Possible hung up the phone and returned to the table.

"Well you are right about Global Justice wanting you three staying together." She looked across the table to meet Shego's smirk. Kim trying hard to not look pleased and a stony faced Ron. "What?" She asked him.

"I thought it was odd when you so casually mentioned Yamanouchi. How did you know about that school? I know Kim wouldn't have mentioned it to you. And you didn't question me about Mystical Monkey Power. But all of that could have been coincidences but why do you have Global Justice on speed dial on your phone and address the head of it by her first name? And not only know Dr. Racle but also the nickname he is called?" Ron asked her quietly.

Shego blinked a few times and raised an eyebrow at Kim's mom. "Yeah, I hadn't noticed but he's right!" Kim looked at shock at her mother. "Mom?"

Ann Possible stared at Ron for a few moments. "When did you start paying so much attention to what goes on around you?"

"When I fell in love with your daughter and Shego and realized I have so much to lose if I don't." Ron answered her.

Ann Possible sighed. "I used to work for Global Justice. I retired when I decided I wanted to have a family. I knew Betty when she was just an agent and before she became Dr. Director."

"You used to work for Global Justice?" Kim asked shocked. I mean sure she didn't know all that much about what her mother did before she was born but this wasn't a 'no big' it was majorly big.

Ann for the first time since Kim walked into the kitchen smiled at her. "What? You thought I was always a doctor? Global Justice recruited me when I was just a little younger than you are now. I worked for them till I graduated from college and married your father." Ann's smile grew as she decided to blow her daughter's mind a little bit more. "And what's more…. Your Nana used to work for them too. As long as there has been a Global Justice, there has been a Possible working with them."

"No wonder you became a do-gooder Princess. It runs in your genes." Shego said smirking at Kim.

Ann smile turned into a smirk of her own. "There has been more than a few Gohs that have worked for Global Justice in the past."

That shut up Shego instantly.

"So…" Ron said after a long pause. "What do we do now?"

Ann knew from the serious look on his face he wasn't talking about making something for dinner.

"Do you really love both of them Ron" She finally asked.

"With all my life." Ron answered without hesitation.

"Kim?" Ann asked looking at her daughter.

"I don't think I can survive without them mom." She also answered instantly.

Ann turned to look at Shego.

"Before you ask, yes I love both Ron and Kim. I would be willing to die for either one of them." Shego replied sincerely.

Ann sighed again. She always wanted her daughter to find true love but to make this work for her was going to be beyond tricky. She had almost hoped it was a spur of the moment hormonal thing. "Shego can stay in the guest room and Ron can come and go as he always has. I am not going to forbid you to see either of them." Ann gave a brief and humorless laugh. "As Betty reminded me it's not like you would listen to me anyway." She looked at each one of them seriously for a moment. "All I ask is that you do not have sex again under this roof. I can't control what you do on missions but not in this house please! If my husband ever found out, he would have Ron stuffed into a nose cone of a rocket and shot into space and then hire someone to kidnap and transport Shego to a country where she is still wanted by the police and thrown into prison there."

"He might find either of those tasks a little difficult to do." Shego stated with a hint of warning in her voice. She instantly relaxed and leaned back against the seat when she felt Kim under the table interlace her fingers with hers.

"I'll fix us something eat now." Ron said leaping to his feet not only to break the tense atmosphere in the room but also to distract Mrs. Possible from watching Kim and Shego too closely.

After one of Ron's wonderful meals, Ann Possible watched the three young people in front of her at the table. It was obvious that they cared for each other deeply and Ann was positive if she hadn't been in the room they would have had their hands all over each other. As it was Kim continued to hold Shego's hand under the table. If the two young women thought they were fooling Ann into thinking they weren't, they were sorely mistaken.

"That was a wonderful meal as usual Ron. I should get you to cook more often." Ann said smiling at Ron. "I'll do the dishes since you cooked." She paused and then looked over at Shego. "Me and Shego that is."

"Whoa! Wait! Dishes?" Shego said with obvious distaste.

Ann with a raised eyebrow was just about to point out that if Shego was going to stay in her house she would be expected to do her share of the household chores but was stopped when the familiar sounds of the Kimmunicator went off. Kim checked her pockets but came up empty and glanced over at Ron.

"I've got it." Shego said and pulled the device out of a pocket. "Saved by the nerdling." Shego said under her breath.

"What is it…? Wade." Shego said with a faint smirk.

Wade appeared on the small screen but seemed overly nervous for some reason. He didn't acknowledge that Shego had said his real name instead of some insulting nickname like usual and barely glanced at her but kept looking around his computer room as if fearing someone was around.

"Is it about Nancy? Has Krueger escaped?" Ron asked fearfully.

That got Wade's attention enough to look at them directly. "No. No it's not that. Nancy is fine and as far as I can tell Krueger is still locked away. It's just…" Wade paused as he suddenly ducked his head down and peered under his computer desk. Shego, Kim and Ron shared a confused look.

"It's just that I've got a message for you guys from Yamanouchi."

"I didn't know they had computers there?" Kim asked turning to ask Ron.

"It wasn't an email Kim. I mean I found a note on my computer keyboard." Wade said holding up a stiff piece of paper. Kim could see that it was made of rice paper from the patterns on its surface.

"I didn't think you ever left your computer Nerdling." Shego said.

"I don't. That is what has me freaked out." Wade said peering around his room once more.

"What does the message for Ron have to say?" Kim asked intrigued.

"Well actually it is for all three of you." Wade replied and holding up the paper he read it out loud to them. "The school of Yamanouchi would like to extend a request for Ron Stoppable-sama, Kim Possible-sama and Shego-sama to travel to the school as soon as is convenient for them. We await your arrival with the greatest of anticipation." Wade lowered the sheet of paper and looked at them through the Kimmunicator. "What do you make of that?" He asked.

"How do they even know I'm with you?" Shego asked looking over at Ron. "Wait. Yamanouchi? Japan? This is part of what you were going to tell me later about Mystical Monkey Power and where you learned to fight so well isn't it?"

Ron nodded his head. "But I guess instead of telling I am going to get to show you."

"Not till after your school is out for the summer though. You and Kim can't let your grades suffer." Mrs. Possible said reminding them that she was still in the kitchen and heard everything. "Now you can go and get Shego settled into the guest room. Just remember what I said about the no sex rule in this house!"

As the three young people left the kitchen Ann Possible went to the phone and pressed the single button she had used earlier to contact Global Justice. Dr. Director had tried to get her to take one of the newer communications devices that were modeled after Kim's Kimmunicator but she had passed on it. She had been afraid that Kim might have seen it and picked up thinking it was hers, so she relied on the speed dial. Something she would have to rethink since Ron had noticed. It wouldn't do for her husband or one of the twins to accidently press the right number and suddenly find themselves connected to a top secret police agency.

"It's me again Betty. No, I'm not going to argue about that any more. What is done is done. And I truly believe that Kim, Ron and Shego are in love and it is not a passing fancy. No I wanted to call to tell you that Wade contacted them a short time ago, seems that he found a letter in his computer room from a certain school in Japan that wants to meet with not just Ron this time but also Kim and Shego."

Ann Possible held the phone away from her ear as a series of obscenities came from the phone. Waiting a moment to see if Dr. Director Betty had run out of colorful terms to use she then put the phone back to her ear and spoke again. "Yeah I figured that would be your reaction. Why do you think they want to see Kim and Shego this time as well as Ron?"

Ann with a roll of her eyes held the phone away from her as more obscenities streamed from the phone.

"Done now?" She finally asked into the phone. She listened for a moment. "The letter said they awaited on Kim, Ron and Shego's convenience so I talked them into waiting till school was out this year before going." Ann listened for a moment longer. "You know if we don't let them go, Yamanouchi will just send someone here." Ann gave an unlady like snort Shego would have been proud of as she listened to Betty. "They got into Wade's computer room to leave the letter. Do you really think you can keep them away from Kim, Ron and Shego? If they just want to talk it is better to let them do it and get it over with. If you start with the foul language again I'm hanging up!" She said as it seemed that Dr. Director was going to start in again on what she thought of the ninja school. "Okay. Okay. Yes I understand. Goodbye Betty." Ann hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

"Well one thing for sure, life is about to get more interesting." Ann said to the empty room.

The End.