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Edward's P.O.V.:

(A/N: For the record, Bella is still human.)

I shook my head in pain and regret as I gazed at the figure before me writhing in pain. What have I done? God, it was just a stupid, dreadful mistake…Bella will be so angry…and hurt. I can't deal with her pain. I sighed as my mind recalled the terrible events that had just occurred.

I had been walking to meet Bella at her last period class, Gym, when I heard the sound of a familiar mind. Mike Newton was talking to my Bella. No, Mike Newton was asking my Bella out on a date.

This made me mad. Bella and I had been a couple for a while now! Three hundred ninety-four days, eleven hours, thirty-six minutes, and forty-eight seconds to be exact. Not that I was counting…

I forced myself to return to Mike's mind. I really hated having to rely on someone else's mind, especially his, to find out what Bella was doing but in this case I'd do whatever it took.

(A/N: Mike Newton will be in italics and Bella will be in bold. Remember MIKE – ITALICS, BELLA – BOLD. Okay? Good…)



Um…I was wondering…You know since the Cullens are leaving early Friday for their camping trip, do you think…


Do you want to see a movie on Friday night?


It wouldn't be a date of course since you have Edward but Bella; I miss hanging out with you…

At this point, I decided to stop "listening" so I could reign in my anger. How dare he! How dare he try to poison her with his impure mind! He was undressing her with his eyes while they were having that conversation for goodness sake! I was pissed to say the least. I sighed in frustration when I realized that Bella still had five minutes of class time left. This year, our Senior Year of High School had been great so far. I had every class with her with the exceptions of Art and Gym. She usually had those with Alice, but Alice was spending time with Jasper who had already graduated, leaving Bella alone for the day.

My clenched fists reminded me about Mike. For the next five minutes (though it seemed like hours), I did my best to suppress my anger. I was just starting to feel calm when the bell rang signaling the end of class. Mike and Bella were the last to leave because they were still talking but I greeted my Bella with a small kiss, leaving her dazed. Mike stood there awkwardly as I glared and growled under my breath at him. He really didn't know what he was messing with.

"Um…well I'll talk to you later, Bella." Those were the words that came out of his mouth before he practically ran down the hall to get away from me.

Putting my arm around Bella, I walked her to my car, my mouth set in a grim line. I'm about to open the door for her when she says, "Edward, can I drive my own car today?"

I agree only because I didn't trust myself to be in an enclosed space with her and my still-lingering anger. I promised to meet her that night as usual and watched her drive off. As I headed back to my car, I saw a familiar figure standing next to my car. It was Mike Newton. I sighed as my previous feelings rose up to the surface and walked back to my Volvo.

"Cullen." He said.

"Newton, what do you want?"

"Just hear me out, dude," he said, jumping into the passenger seat of my car.

Surprised by this, I jumped in and drove us at a breakneck speed to my house. I stopped halfway up the private road to the house and turned to face him. "Newton, say whatever you have to say."

"I know Bella is your girlfriend and you like her and everything but I don't believe you treat her the way she deserves. I don't think you deserve her," he said, looking at me with hatred.

I returned his gaze with the same look but of course mine was scarier. He actually cringed but I have to give him credit for not looking away. "Bella is perfect in every way and I know I don't deserve her but I love her. Don't you dare say I don't treat her the way she deserves! Bella is too good for all of us; especially perverts like you. I've seen the way you look at her and you better stop!" I know I was starting to ramble but it was all coming out. All my anger, stress, pain, and doubts from the day I met Bella were coming out. In order to avoid doing something I might regret I quickly opened the door and stepped out of the car and into the forest that borders my house.

Mike made the mistake of following me. "Cullen," he yelled, stepping out of my car, "you wimp! Get back here and talk! Who the hell are you calling a perv?"

He jogged up to me and spun me around. "Yeah, Cullen, Bella doesn't love you. She doesn't need you. She needs a real man." Then he punched me.

Or should I say, he tried to punch me. I blocked his punch and my rage took over. How dare he say those things! He doesn't even know Bella…I delivered punch after punch, careful not to crack his skull though I really wanted to. Once I drew blood from his nose (which I broke), it was over. The monster inside me smelled the blood and I was helpless. Okay, so the monster took over but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't happy Mike was there right now. I barely registered the screams coming from him at the back of my mind but I enjoyed the chase. He made it exciting. Too bad he was no match for me. Within seconds, I was on top of him, draining the blood out of the side of his neck.

It was so warm, so tasty… My prey was still struggling though. It was yelling in some animal language. No…I spoke that language. He was saying, screaming actually, "You can have Bella! You can have her! Please just let me go!" Bella…Bella…sounds familiar…oh my god. Bella. What was I doing? Quickly I jumped up and ran as far away from him as possible. What have I done? Oh god…years of practice down the drain for…Mike Newton. I was disgusted with myself. How could I?

Upon entering the house, I saw Alice who had an alarmed look on her face. "I'll get him. Edward, just go to your room for now."

I agreed immediately and called Carlisle. After explaining the situation to him, he agreed to come as quickly as possible and ordered me not to go anywhere.

Oh god…Bella was going to hate me. My body broke into tearless sobs as I realized that the monster in me had won yet again.

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