A set of song lyrics, my first attempt at fanfilk. There is no pre-determined music for this; I wrote it as something one could write music for.

p.s. Choruses are surprisingly tricky, I've discovered.

"Teacher In the Sun"

The youngest he stood by the wall in the shade,
The brightest and fair, did I imagine him there?
A mind like a mouth that begged to be fed,
He stood by the wall and angled his head.
I want the moon, he said, I want the sky.
Teacher, teacher, can you teach me to fly?

He led the wolf pack and I made them stronger,
Students and siblings, beginnings and endings.
A brother that laughed and a sister that gleamed,
He broke us to shambles, he swallowed the dream.
I want all of time, he said, I'll make them cry.
Teacher, teacher, I'll never die.

Don't you know that
I could give you everything,
I could give you everything.
I could give you will,
And I could give you strength,
And I could give you knowledge,
But I can't give you wisdom or faith.
I can't give you things you won't take.

The boy who stood in the shade disappeared,
He became a man and he crafted his plans.
Mercy and banishment stick in his throat,
He leaves anyway, he looks back as he gloats.
Look at me now, he laughs, look on my friends
Teacher, teacher, you'll see me again.

But you won't because
I don't owe you anything,
I don't owe you anything.
I don't owe you trust,
And I don't owe you hope,
And I don't owe you time.
But I gave them to you anyway
I goddamn gave them to you anyway.

Age comes and goes with the passing of years.
It's the days I forget and days I regret
That blind me and numb me to that lasting truth:
Always behind are the mistakes of your youth.
Hello old friend, he says, I've learned to fly
And teacher, teacher, I'll teach you to die.

But you won't because
I don't owe you anything
And I will take everything.
This time I'll take the sky,
And I'll take the moon,
And I'll take your hands,
And I'll make them my gift
To all the ones I didn't save from you.

The Third never gets enough love. And Orochimaru gives me the creeps.