The Combustion Complex

By: Abhorson
Chapter: #01
Rating: T; For Harsh Language (Will be augmented soon enough)

Disclaimer: Naruto © Kishimoto Masashi and Shueisha 1999

Summary: Kiba's life is at a metaphorical alltime low. Caught between his failing grades and a pitiable social life, he is forced to make a few decisions, which could irreverently alter his world and how he perceives it. AU, ShinoKiba,Shounenai.

Nihongo: Dialogue and references in Japanese will hold no meaning relevant to the plot or understanding of the story. Said dialogue with only represent common expressions that aren't entirely vital to comprehension, and will only contribute to Japanese authenticity.

BYBN: It's been a fleeting fancy of mine to write a ShinoKiba AU for a little while now. It isn't very well written, as I've been feeding it small amounts of crack each day before it goes to bed. It's quite a bit different from how I normally write. (Even the characterizations might be a bit different). Read on, tell me what you think.

This is sort of a make-shift introduction, by the way. Yeah.

Shigatsu; Juusannichi : Prologue




Shigatsu Asa Juusannichi, Nichiyoubi – Very Early Sunday Morning, April 13th

As his vision slowly began to blur, all that Inuzuka Kiba could focus on was the sporadically blinking light that encompassed the whole of his vision. The small red beacon seemed to throb in sync with his internal organs, allowing his focus on this singular object to keep him from drifting out of consciousness.

Kiba's senses slowly, but surely, began to sharpen, giving him the ability to thoroughly notice his surroundings; including the sudden shift of weight on the unknown surface on which he currently lie.

'Naruto probably going to puke again.' He mused, blinking experimentally. Kiba shifted his limbs, an inward affirmation that all parts of his body remained intact. How he had gotten so shit-faced that he had not remembered to turn off his video camera, he did not know. Reaching forward, he fumbled to turn the power switch off, the incessant blinking finally ceasing to pervade the Inuzuka's vision.

The darkness of 4:30 a.m. quickly ensued, lulling Kiba back into his prior haze. However, before he could quite manage sleep, a penetrating voice broke through the appreciated silence.

"Do you have any headache medicine?" Uzumaki Naruto called bitterly.

"On the…second shelf." Kiba managed to yawn in reply, planting his face in the closest pillow that he could grasp. He would give Naruto a good throttle when he awoke the next morning. Until then…


Stepping over the unconscious form of the Uzumaki, Kiba staggered out of his bedroom and into the adjacent hallway. He made his way in the general direction of his kitchen, hoping to find something to eat in order to appease his threatening hangover.

'Dog food…dog food…and more dog food.' He thought bitterly, sorting through the contents of his refrigerator in disdain. He resorted to simple resting his head against the cool inside wall of the fridge, anything to sooth his throbbing head.

"What are you doing?"

Kiba turned his head slightly, so that he could view Nara Shikamaru from the corner of his vision.

"I thought you left last night." Kiba avoided the question, turning the focus to the other.

"I would have, if someone hadn't taken my keys."


"My house keys…" Shikamaru drawled, as if he was explaining his worldly standings to a toddler.

Kiba blinked, his cheek still pressed to the side of the fridge. He fished for something in one of his jacket pockets, procuring a small set of keys.

"These yours?" Kiba asked, laughing nervously. Shikamaru's eyes narrowed and he leant forward, confiscating the keys from the Inuzuka. They jingled happily in the Nara's long fingers as he turned around.

"I suppose I'll see you at school. If you happen to come." He stated lamely as he exited the kitchen, not all that enthused about the prospect.

Kiba sunk from his haunches to the floor, exhaling in yet another leisurely yawn as he did so. For a good few moments, he sat at the fridge, staring blankly at his sink, waiting for the turmoil within his stomach to dissipate.

It wasn't long before he inevitably became bored with himself. He stood up quickly, disregarding a sudden bout of hypertension, and exited his kitchen, walking down his set of winding hallways once again, before entering his bedroom. He stepped over the sleeping Naruto, moving to grab his wallet where it lay in his backpack.

Turning back around, Kiba looked down at the rather large bump stuck in the middle of his floor.

"Oi, Naruto…" Kiba barked, nudging his foot into Naruto's exposed back. When the Uzumaki expressed now sign of waking, he shoved him harder, only succeeding in causing Naruto to turn in his sleep, the blonde's arms wrapping around Kiba's ankle possessively. Kiba scowled, attempting to shake off the Uzumaki as he would a dog attempting to hump his leg. "Naruto!" He tried once again, after he had managed to free his unsuspecting leg from Naruto's constricting grip.

Kiba squatted, intentionally ramming his knees into Naruto's stomach as he did so. He reached forward, palming Naruto's forehead, and lifting one of the blonde's eyelids with his thumb. The Uzumaki's eyes were bloodshot; the boy's iris's darkened a few good shades. Kiba laughed to himself as he lifted his hand, moving to fist a good chunk of the sleeping boy's head of hair. He leaned down far enough so that his mouth was nearly level with Naruto's ear.

"Naruto!" Kiba yelled as loud as his lungs would permit, his grip on Naruto's hair strengthening. He felt Naruto jerk, almost wincing at the force in which the blonde had used in order to spring up.

"Itai!" Naruto exclaimed, falling back to the floor, which only caused him to exclaim once again as the back of his head came into contact with the hard floor. Kiba quickly let go, stepping backward quickly so that he could not be blamed for pulling out any of the blonde's hair. Meanwhile, Naruto clutched at his head, his eyes squeezed shut in pain as he rolled across the floor.

Kiba suppressed a laugh, and instead, sought to catch the Uzumaki's attention as he writhed on the floor.

"Naruto!" Kiba tried, for what must have been the tenth time that morning. Naruto abruptly stopped rolling; now lying on his back, his hands cushioning his head.

"Fuck! I have a wicked hangover!" He gasped. It took all of Kiba's will in order to suppress his laughter, or any other lame comment that would hint to the Uzumaki's idiocy. He attempted to disregard the blonde's comment.

"We don't have shit here, wanna go get something to eat?" Kiba asked, leaning back on his raised futon.


"Uhh…yeah, I was hoping to eat something edible-"

"Let's go!" Naruto stated, jumping to his feet. He wobbled for a moment, before steadying himself against a wall. Kiba walked back into his living room, waiting for Naruto to get his jacket from where he had discarded it on the couch.

"Shikamaru left already?"


"Oh…guess he found his keys then."


"Shikamaru got totally wasted last night. I took his keys from him, so he wouldn't leave. Didn't want him to go home so shit-faced." Naruto beamed, seemingly happy with himself for thinking up such an idea.

Kiba blinked. 'Dumb blonde logic…wow…'

"They weren't his car keys. If Shikamaru was wasted, and he wanted to leave, do you think that not having his house keys would have stopped him?"

Naruto scratched his head.

"Didn't think so."

Kiba unzipped his jacket, moving into his entryway so that he could slip on his shoes. He looked longingly at his skateboard lying up against the wall, long since stripped of its chucks by the cops stationed at the nearest Koban (Police Box).

Kiba and Naruto finally left the Inuzuka's residence.

'Good thing mom isn't going to be home for a few days…' Kiba thought fleetingly as he locked the door behind him, following Naruto out of the small entrance gate.

"Where are we goin'?" Naruto yawned. Outside, it was thankfully overcast, suitable conditions for a walk into the city.

"McDonalds." Kiba replied easily, as it was the only place he would willingly indulge himself, using his own hard-earned money. He rested his arms behind his head, and started walking up the sidewalk, heading towards the towering buildings not far in the distance. Naruto frowned. He had been hoping to go somewhere more along the lines of a convenience store; there he could at least something he liked. Not greasy, cheap, over-priced, insanely addicting, imported American food.

The two strolling boys watched as the houses around them slowly grew upwards into two-story, even three-story houses. Kiba noticed as they continued on, that the Americanized gardening and architecture grew even more flamboyant.

"Hey." Kiba stopped in his tracks, squinting through shrubbery at an inset, two story house. "Isn't that where…Uchiha Sasuke lives?" The Inuzuka suddenly felt something firmly latch onto the back of his jacket.

"Don't stop walking." Naruto stated through gritted teeth, pulling Kiba back along the sidewalk.

"Hey, Naruto, wait a- Does Uchiha Sasuke have friends?" Kiba exclaimed, gripping onto the wrought iron that lined the front of the extremely long line of houses. Naruto's interest firmly grasped, the blonde peered through the plants next to Kiba, hoping for a view of the house.

Two boys sat stonily on the Uchiha's front porch, seemingly staring into the plants before them without displacing a muscle. The two males spying on them from beyond greenery cover watched, rooted to the spot, all thoughts of feeding their stomachs temporarily forgotten.

"No way." Kiba whispered in disbelief, echoing Naruto's own thoughts. After a few seconds, Kiba let out a low laugh, finally pulling himself away from the sight of the two boys conversing within. "Probably just one of those 'we care for orphans living alone' representatives that you always get visits from, eh Naruto? Eh…Naruto?"

It was Kiba's turn to latch onto Naruto from behind, attempting to pry the enamored Uzumaki from the fence. 'C'mon…Naruto…think…food!" Naruto finally let go, sending the two sprawling onto the sidewalk haphazardly.

Kiba stood up promptly, dusting himself off before jerking Naruto up beside him. "Aho…" Kiba whispered under his breath before continuing up the sidewalk, not bothering to wait and see if Naruto followed.


Sitting down with his tray, Kiba yawned, fingering a french fry before leisurely guiding it to his mouth. Sitting across from him, Naruto took a sizeable bite from his hamburger.

"You remind me of Kankurou when you eat like that." Kiba stated, bored.

"Huh?" Naruto managed through a fist-sized bite.

"Hamburgers are his favorite food…you should see the way he eats 'em." Kiba added after a second. "He's not as messy or noisy as you though…"

Naruto's eyes bulged slightly and he laughed through his nose, the sound coming out rather oddly.

"You're such a perv." Kiba barked unnecessarily.

Naruto finished off his burger with a gratuitous burp. "You gonna eat that?" The boy indicated to Kiba's untouched burger, lying innocently in its wrapper.

"Yes!" Kiba snarled, snapping his jaw threateningly. Naruto laughed uneasily, scratching his head.

"So, d'you think the dude at his house, was really Sasuke's friend?"

"How the hell should I know? Not that I care anyway. Does it matter?" Kiba frowned, resting his hands behind his head, his eyes closing slowly.

"It doesn't. It's just weird; he's just always been a loner."

"You're one to call him a loner, Naruto. Be glad that I picked you out of the gutter." Kiba laughed, slipping his unwrapped burger into a small leftover paper bag, before standing up in order to throw his trash away. Maybe he'd bring it in his bento for Kankurou tomorrow. Hell, he could probably bribe the older teenager to do something for it.

Thoughts of Kankurou going a week without wearing kumadori makeup, or having to let out a high-pitched squeak every time someone said his name filled Kiba's thoughts as he and Naruto exited the slightly crowded fast-food restaurant.

The walk back to Kiba's household was rather uneventful. (Kiba and Naruto had of course attempted to spy on Uchiha Sasuke once again, but had come back to realize that there was no longer anyone near the Uchiha's porch.)

The two talked absentmindedly, not noticing as their conversation drifted to odd places, such as how long Jeffrey Dahmer had lived after getting a broom stick shoved up his ass.

Kiba scratched his head leisurely. "I bet he had to have died of blood-loss pretty quickly." Naruto shrugged, agreeing in a noncommittal way. The brunette let his gaze drift forward, only then noticing a figure slowly walking towards them.

40 feet.

30 feet.

20 feet.

Kiba's vision locked instantly onto the approaching male. It would seem that he was about the same age as Kiba and Naruto, although the way he held himself indicated otherwise. His head turned towards the traveling duo, Kiba's actions mirroring that of the enigma's. His expression was unfathomable, features set in a veritably unreadable way.

5 feet.


Kiba shook his head wildly, as if waking himself up from a non-consensual daydream.

"Woah…that was weird." Kiba frowned, running a hand through his hair uncertainly.

"What was?" Naruto asked, cocking his head cutely.

"The dude that just walked by. Did you see the look he gave us?"

Naruto blinked. "I don't know what you're talking about."

It's a curious thing, gravitation.


McDonalds: Popular Japanese after-school attraction. It feeds the need. Just like Karaoke.
Orthostatic Hypertension: Head Rush

Abhorson: Without cliché, we wouldn't be able to properly enjoy the originals, am I wrong? Reviews aren't commendable, flames are encouraged. (I suppose the optimist could bring it upon themselves to reverse those?)

Umm. This is sort of side-lining story. I should have never attempted to write aanything whereas Kiba is a main character. My characterization of him…frankly…isn't that great.