The hair of the girl was wild like a bees nest, her dress was made of a strange pale material with brown pieces of … something! She had a necklace with an island on it, she was Neri – but not Neri.

Another girl beside her looked a little less wild with her perfectly straight hair, but she still had the same dress and necklace.

The wild girl looked around eighteen years old and the other girl looked around fifteen years old.

The two girls had a longing look in there eyes as if they wanted something, but what?

Neri stared at the map of islands and asked Brett if anyone lived there.

"Most of the islands are uninhabited," Brett answered.

"I want to look"


"Must make sure there are no more survivors of ship crash"

"Alright, I guess its something to do; I'll get Jason and a boat"

He wondered how Neri would react if they actually met anyone!

He came back with a boat pass and Cass but no Jason.

"Where's Jason"

"He's on duty"

"Let's go"

"Undine, I am going for a swim," Tallulah yelled out.

"Yes sister."

"It is your turn to cook the meals remember."

"Yes sister."

"Make sure you keep in the water, it is a hot day."

"Yes sister I am not a baby."

Undine rolled her eyes, Tallulah was so bossy. She started to collect some fruit for dinner when she heard someone yell "Neri, come over here."

Suddenly Tallulah was by her side, "Intruders are on our island." She suddenly looked anxious, "But they are not strangers, the one in the dress like ours is our sister – what do we do?"

"What do you mean what do we do? Let's go!"

"The other people may look friendly Undine, but we don't know what they are really like,"

"Tall, I am not going to pass up an opportunity to meet our SISTER."

Undine started walking towards the voices.

"Undine come back here, UNDINE," Tallulah was frustrated, she didn't know what to do, father told her long ago that she must look after Undine at any cost. "Oh well, I suppose I'll have to get her," she mumbled as she started walking.

Undine was nervous – a sister she had never met before! Tallulah had told her that she had two more sisters. She explained that father had been with them on a ship and had dropped them off on an island saying they had to stay there for 100 new suns because they would not be safe on the ship. If he did not return they had to stay there and not contact any outsiders. Undine and Tallulah were sent to the island because there was only one safety capsule. This one capsule was to have the youngest chills Mera inside it. The oldest child Neri (older than Tallulah by a few minutes) was to be on the ship because she was the 'chosen one'. The voices were quite clear now, this was it. She stepped out and saw a boy and a girl and … "Tallulah," Undine shouted.

"AAAAH,"the boy screamed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you."

Tallulah stepped towards her and Undine realised that she mustn't be Tallulah but … "Neri."

"Yes I am Neri …,"she trailed off.

"Tallulah, I am sure I know that name, I'm sure…,"Neri trailed off.

At that exact moment Tallulah appeared out of nowhere.

"Neri," the boy screamed.

Neri fainted.