Title: Letters from the old days

Date written: 04/07/06

Author: TanteCarla

Summary: Darcy gets released early from Light Haven. When she gets home she finds an old picture album from when they were kids. Takes place at the end of Season 1, LD never attempted jailbreak

Author's Notes: Don't sue :p ... Oh and if I made any spell or grammatical errors please let me know

Disclaimer: Winx Club is owned by Rainbow


Darcy sighed loudly when she flopped onto the dusty couch. The travel from Light Haven had been long enough. Especially since her powers were brought to minimum and she couldn't teleport. It didn't help that bus drivers and taxis refused to give her a ride. She was released for good behavior. She smirked at that thought. Since when did she behave good? Icy and Stormy where still there though. As much as she tried to convince them to put on an act and behave good her attempts were useless. Icy's anger and lust for revenge grew every minute and Stormy's frustration made her more aggressive than she already was…

Darcy lied on the couch,… without the both of them it was too quiet. She was always the loner but never got the chance to be on her own, they always did everything together. Weird, she never thought she would miss Icy's commanding or Stormy's screaming.

What to do? She stood up and walked towards the cupboard. She looked inside to see if there was anything that could peak her interest. Some boring history books about their coven, mom always read from them. The girls always pretended they liked them but the truth was they didn't give a damn… At least Darcy didn't, she wasn't sure about the others. She then noticed a worn brown cover. She hadn't seen that book for ages. Carefully she pulled it out and dusted it off. It was a picture album their father had made from when they were kids… She quickly sat down and opened it.

It started out with baby picture. She turned the pages slowly, carefully studying each one of them. She stopped when she saw a picture of the three of them sleeping in her bed. Darcy ran her fingers over the picture. She was only three then but she remembered everything like it happened yesterday. Ever since Stormy was born, Darcy felt like she didn't belong anymore. She hated Stormy for that and one day decided to run away.

"Dacy" little Stormy stumbled into Darcy's room. Her small legs almost giving under her each step she took. Her small hands groping whatever they could to keep her in a standing position.

"I told you to stay out of my room!" Darcy said annoyed. "And my name is Darcy, say it right for once!" She finished stuffing her important toys in her backpack and passed her little sister on her way out she shoved the little girl to the floor.

Stormy sat on the floor eying her big sister curiously "Dacy?" she tried again, tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm leaving so you can have my share of the attention too" Darcy left. Finally she was rid of that little crawling, drooling monster and it wasn't like they would miss her anyway. Mom was always to busy with bottles and diapers and dad and Icy were all over the little brat. Darcy saw it to clear that she had become unnecessary in the family. She managed to sneak out the house and wandered a few blocks.

When she sat down to rest a creepy adult came to her and offered her a home. "Leave me alone!" Darcy yelled. Then man quickly backed off since there were so many people passing by. Darcy sat wondering if it would be better if she returned home… No, she didn't exist for those people going back would be useless and stupid.

"Darcy!" Darcy's head flew up when a familiar voice called to her. She saw her parents running towards her. She jumped off her bench considering, should she run or should she stay. Just when she made the motion to run her mother grabbed her arm. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She snapped angrily. "Let me go!" Darcy tried to pull her arm free. "No way you're coming home" Darcy stopped her escape "Why should I all you care about is Stormy!" She yelled. "You are so grounded!" Her mother only said. "Darcy, why would you think we love Stormy more then you?" Her father tried to soothe her "Because you do" He smiled at her "Nonsense we love all three of you equally and…" Before he could finish his sentence her mother had picked Darcy up "Touching" she said sarcastically.

That evening Darcy was sent to bed early. Why did they find me? She wondered, like they care. She turned to her side, trying to hold back tears. She heard her door creaking open but refused to see who it was. Instead she pretended to be asleep. She heard footsteps coming towards the bed and pressed her eyes close. "I know you're not sleeping" Darcy looked up to her older sister. "So?" Stormy let go off Icy's hand and crawled into Darcy's bed huddling close to her big sister. Darcy wanted to protest and push her out but Icy laid down on her other side. "I'm glad you're ok," she said while she stroked Darcy's hair. Darcy said nothing. "Goodnight" Icy said and rested her head next to Darcy's. Stormy was already sound asleep.

Since that day Darcy had become more tolerable of Stormy, even came to like her. They became a tight group, inseparable. They used to have so much fun together. Fooling around… What had gone wrong? When did those three fun-loving kids turn into three nasty bitches, who did only care for them selves and make other people miserable? Darcy turned a few more pages. Maybe the answer was in here? Her eye felt on a picture of a very messy kitchen and she smirked. How could she have forgotten about that?

"But I hate broccoli!" 5-year-old Stormy whined. She was last at the lunch table. Their mother was getting ready to go shopping. "Stormy, eat your broccoli and stop whining, you sound like a faerie!" The young witch propped her head on her hand and poked the green stuff on her plate. She was crying softly, how could they make her eat that horrible stuff. "I'm leaving now, you girls behave! See you tonight" Their mother left and Stormy was alone in the kitchen now. She considered throwing the stuff away but their mother always found out.

After a long while Icy and Darcy ran into the kitchen looking very exited. "Stormy! Stormy! Look what I can do!" Icy chirped. She grabbed Stormy's glass of water. "Watch closely" She smiled broadly. In a few seconds the water turned to ice and she handed to glass to Stormy for further inspection. Icy beamed proudly when she waited for her sister's comment. "Cool" Stormy said indifferently while she turned the glass upside down, the lump of ice fell on the table.

"What's the matter?" Icy asked her youngest sister. Stormy rubber her eyes and answered in a small voice "Mom sayed I can't leave the table until I eated all the broccoli" She sniffed. "Maybe Icy can turn it to ice-cream" Darcy boomed. Icy looked at her surprised then looked at Stormy who's eyes had turned into big pools of hope. "Oh… I'll try" She grabbed Stormy's plate and closed her eyes in concentration. Darcy and Stormy leaned in close so they wouldn't miss any action. "It's working" Darcy chirped happily. Icy opened her eyes and looked at the frozen vegetables. "Here" She handed the plate back to Stormy. Stormy looked from her lunch to her sisters and back.

"Well try it out" Darcy pushed her. Stormy carefully picked up her fork and unsuccessfully tried to pick a piece of broccoli. "I can't pick it up," She complained. "Then use your hands!" Darcy said annoyed. Stormy laid down her fork and looked seriously at Darcy "Mommy sayed we can't eat with our hands" Darcy sat down in front of Stormy and leaned close "Who cares what mommy said, she's not here now, is she? No eat already!" Icy lied a hand on Darcy's shoulder and sat down next to her "We won't tell" she said while she watched Stormy expectantly. Stormy sighed and picked a piece of green carefully between two fingers. She wrinkled her nose at it and carefully stuffed it in her mouth. Icy and Darcy's eyes widened while she chewed it. "It's hard" Stormy said "But it tastes much better" she added with a broad smile "like chocolate ice-cream" Darcy grabbed a piece "Can I try" but before anyone could say no she stuffed it in her mouth "More like strawberry" Icy followed her sister's example and tried it out. "Hey, that's mine!" Stormy yelled but Darcy picked another piece "And this one is like vanilla" "DARCY!" Stormy screamed but

Darcy was already with her head in the fridge. She came back holing the bottle of lemonade "Icy, can you make ice-cream lemonade?" Stormy quickly followed her sister's example and ran to the fridge. When she came back holding a slice of cheese Darcy's bottle had been frozen. Darcy tried to drink it, unsuccessfully. "Should have put it in a glass first" she muttered. While she continued her battle with the bottle Stormy had grabbed the ham.

After a few minutes the fridge was as good as empty and the kitchen was full of frozen drinks, fruits, meat, eggs,… Icy had frozen everything her sisters had given her. She was very proud about the development of her magic. And Darcy and Stormy admired it so much that they all forgot about the state of the kitchen…


Author's Notes: I'm splitting it in two to make it easier to read.