Darcy surely remembered the trouble they got in that day. Their mother always could be so angry while their father was amused by their rascal behavior. "They're just kids" This always got mother steaming most when he said that. Maybe if she were home more often they wouldn't have done stuff like that… They always got in trouble after she came back from one of her outings… but it was always Icy, who got the biggest blow of it. Darcy saw a picture of the three of them dressed up in their mother's clothes… Who would ever forget that day?

They were home alone again but this had become a habit. It was quite late in the evening. Their father was working late but that never stopped their mother to go out. At one moment Darcy thought she heard something. They huddled together in front of the couch. Then outside the wind blew a pot of the table and it landed with a loud crack. The three of them shot up, turned off all the lights and ran upstairs, hiding in their parents' bedroom, the only place they felt safe. After a long while they stopped hearing things and felt safe again.

"Look" Darcy pointed at their mother's wardrobe. It stood creaked open a bit. Normally it was al locked up to keep curious little girls out. Darcy opened the wardrobe "Wow" She stood astonished by the huge amount of clothing.

"Okay, you saw it" Icy said nervously "Now let's go before mom finds out"

Darcy picked out a long brown skirt and tried it on "Well?" she asked. "You look pretty" Stormy said, she herself had found a sleeveless shirt and silky scarf. "Come on guys put it back" Icy was getting really nervous. Darcy got hold of a black dress and tossed it to Icy. "Try it on" Icy hesitated but did as she was told hoping this would satisfy them and they could move.

After a few minutes they had gone up so much in their game that they didn't hear their father come home. He started laughing when he saw them. "Girls!"

Stormy ran up to him and bounced "Daddy, aren't we pretty?"

"Yes you are, let me find my camera" he said amused. The girls followed him, giggling. After their picture was taken they heard the door slammed shut down stairs.

"Uh oh" was their fathers reaction. As expected mother was furious. Their father tried to back them up, as always.

"Shut up! You!" Their mother snapped at him before turning back to the girls. "And you! What do you think this is? A fashion parade? That's for faeries!" She was yelling. The girls were staring at the floor, ashamed. "Are you witches or faeries?"

"We're witches" the three said in union.

"Stormy, Darcy to your room!" Both girls obliged without question. Darcy looked back over her shoulder at Icy. Being the eldest, Icy was supposed to keep them on the wrong path. And since she easily joined in on their games, she had lost her mother's favor. After Darcy heard Icy return to their room, their parents got in a huge fight.

Their father left two days after that. And since then their 'training' had started. Silly games and slaking was over and soon they transformed from sweet little girls into nasty brats. What would father think of them now? While he is reading his newspaper? Darcy flipped a few more pages and suddenly a few pages fell out… She unfolded them and her eyes widened, she had forgotten about these. The day after their father left they had written a letter.

"I have an idea" Darcy chirped "You know, with mom wanting us to be evil and all, we could write a letter to our older selves, telling us about the past and wishing us well… and stuff"

Icy pondered this "You know, you're right"

"I'll get the crayons" Stormy yelled.

After they got settled Icy and Darcy started writing. "I'm wishing myself a cute boyfriend" Darcy gleamed while she scribbled the words down

"I can't write that well yet" Stormy complained. Darcy took her paper. "I'll help you… what do you want written down?" Stormy thought about this "I don't know" she finally said. Darcy smirked "You want a cute boyfriend as well?" Stormy wrinkled her nose "No! Boys are yuck!"

You know, Darcy thought, maybe they haven't changed that much.

"You can write that down so I don't forget… oh wish me lots of candy and toys!" Darcy finished Stormy's letter and handed it back so her little sister could draw on it a bit. After they finished Icy took the papers and placed them in their picture album "Mom won't find them here" she said.

Darcy slammed the book shut and walked back to the cupboard. She placed the book back and stood up.

A letter to my future self...

Am I still happy yet again?

Have I grown out 'pretty'?

Is daddy still a good man?

Am I still friends with Coleen?

I'm sure that I'm still laughing...

Aren't I?

Aren't I?

Hey there to my future self

If you forget how to smile

I have this to tell you

Remember it once in a while

Ten years ago your past self

Prayed for you happiness

Please don't lose hope

Oh, oh without pain, me and you

Put here to feel joy, nothing blue

Sad times and bad times, see them through

Soon we will know, if it's for real

What we both feel

"Guys. Miss G called me to her office" Stormy walked in their dorm at Cloud Tower.

"Are you in trouble" Darcy asked, enjoying the idea of her sister in detention. Stormy shook her head and caught her breath. "She had received a call… Mom's been in an accident… she died" She said carefully.

Icy stood up "Really"


Darcy sat down "Wow" was all she said "Guess we're on our own then"

Icy nodded "We'll be fine"

After a moment of silence Stormy asked "How's the snake-rat plan going?"

Though I can't know for sure how things worked out for us

No matter how hard it gets, you have to realize

We weren't put on this earth to suffer and cry.

We were made for being happy.

So be happy, for me, for you.


They never wept for their mother's death. Darcy, personally, felt relieved. She always thought Icy was as well… But they carried on their plans as they were told, only they failed miserably. Darcy hoped they could start a normal life since now,…

She took the letters from their past selves and decided to pay her sisters a visit with these in a few days. But right now a nap sounds good, Darcy thought while she walked to her room.

Oh, oh without pain, me and you

Put here to feel joy, nothing blue

Sad times and bad times, see them through

Soon we will know, if it's for real

What we both feel

We were put here on this earth, put here to feel joy...

We were put here on this earth, put here to feel joy...

We were put here on this earth, put here to feel joy...

We were put here on this earth, put here to feel joy...


Author's notes: I can so imagine the pressure they received from home, especially Icy being the oldest… The song I used is 'Letter – From the old days –' by Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack (It is also played shortly in the movie)