Flashback "Now. Which one will it be? This puny girl or your world?" Spectre asked as she held Sam high above the ground. "What's the difference?" Danny asked avoiding eye contack with Sam.
End Flashback

Sam's POV "Why do I care that Danny said that so much?" Sam wondered . Then she answered it herself. "Because I love him." That was the first time she had ever thought that. "Oh my gosh! I have to tell Danny!" Sam practically screeched. But then she saw what her alarm clock said. 11:00 pm. "I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow" Sam thought. But she was saved from having to wait by a soft tap on her window. "What did you have to tell me? Can I come in?" Danny asked from outside of her window. "Yeah! Sure!" Sam said. "Thank goodness he came tonight!" Sam thought.

Danny's POV "Why did I come here tonight?" Danny wondered. He knew the answer. "Because I lover her." It wasn't the first time he had thought that even though it still gave him goose bumps. "Love is a wonderful feeling." Danny thought.

"Now. What did you want to tell me?" Danny asked. "Sit down. I need to talk to you about something." Sam said sitting on her bed. She patted a spot at her side motioning for him to join her. When Danny had taken a seat on her bed Sam continued. "Remember a few weeks ago when Spectre had me way up in the air and told you ot pick between me and the world and you asked her what the difference was? Well I just wanted you to know that that meant the world to me. I...I love you Danny." Danny reached out and put his strong arms around Sam. But she didn't feel the strength. She felt love, warmth, and compassion that radiated from Danny's arms and heart. Sam slowly craned her head up only ot meet Danny's baby blue eyes staring down at her. Without hesitation Sam leaned forward and kissed Danny square on the lips marveling at the taste of Coke-a-Cola and Hersheys chocolate as she slipped her tounge into his mouth. After a playful battle they broke apart and Danny said "I guess that means you're my girlfriend now huh?" "Oh yeah." Sam said. Danny pulled her against his chest and held her there as they watched the clouds drift over the moon. "Oh and Sam?" Danny asked. "Yeah?" Sam inquired. "I love you too." "I know. Now."