It was a beautiful day in New York City, and it was a wonderful day for Jack Driscoll. His new play was going to premiere the following night, and his wife Anne Darrow and his best friend Jimmy were going to attend the event. Jack was starting on his new play when Anne and Jimmy decided to go to the fruit stands. The shopping was going lovely, but Jimmy seemed nervous about attending his first social event. "It's only a play" Anne chuckled, Jimmy only smiled and nervously tossed an apple back and forth with his hands. Anne suddenly got a great idea in order to get Jimmy to smile and lighten up. "Jimmy look!" Anne shouted. Jimmy faced Anne as she juggle three apples in the air and began doing cartwheels and acrobatic tricks in the middle of the streets. Jimmy saw a car powering down the road, "Miss Driscoll, watch out!" Jimmy cried. Jimmy grabbed Anne and pushed her out of the way, just as the car raced by. "Jimmy?" Anne called out. She gasped when she found Jimmy laying in the streets, his face was bleeding and his body was brusied. "I can't feel my legs" Jimmy moaned. Jack had saw everything from the apartment window and raced into the streets and to Jimmy's side. "Jack?" Jimmy whispered. "I'm here, pal. I'm right here." Jack said in a comforting voice. Jimmy opened his eyes slightly and smiled up at Jack. "I didn't want her to die." Jimmy said simply. "I'm going to call a hospital" Jack stated, Jimmy grabbed him by the shirt. "Don't leave me, Mr.Driscoll. Not now" Jimmy begged. "Anne?" Jack asked. She nodded and rushed back into the apartment. Jack clutched Jimmy's hand in his own and ran his fingers through his hair, hoping to keep him calm until the ambulance came.

"You can still go to your play if you want" Jimmy groaned. "Jim, I'm going to stay with you. Okay? I'm not leaving." Jack said assuringly. "Why can't I feel my legs?" Jimmy asked, Jack looked and saw Jimmy's legs weren't moving at all. Before they knew it, the ambulance had pulled up...a couple of the paramedics moved Jimmy onto a stretcher. "Mr.Driscoll?" Jimmy began to panic when he saw Jack getting further away. Jack leaped into the ambulance with him, Jimmy seemed to be going in and out of concious. "What's going on?" Jimmy asked groggily. Jack put his hand on Jimmy's brow and smiled slightly, "We're taking you to a hospital to get you cleaned up" Jack explained. That's what Jack said, but in his heart...Jack knew something was seriously wrong with Jimmy's legs.