Disclaimer: I don't own SK, and will never have enough money to buy it^^ Introducing a new OC, my best friend at that time, who had a minor crush on Lyserg.

Janie's got a gun

Diana walked towards the bathroom (her destination from the beginning), when the door of the karaoke club opened again and another girl walked in.

"Hey!" Diana turned surprised, recognizing the voice and looked at her friend.

"Mariko! When did you get here?"

"Just now. What's up?"

Mariko wore a sleeveless green top that matched with her green eyes and wore black trousers. She had her hair tied in a low ponytail and wore a golden necklace and had a small backpack on her shoulders. She was all smiling and Diana noticed that Mariko had grown a few inches since the last time they had seen each other.

"I just broke up with my boyfriend. And you? How was your holiday in Greece?"

"Very nice! I met someone…oh; perhaps I shouldn't talk about this tonight. Here, I brought you something" she said giving Diana a nice necklace

"Thanks, it's beautiful!"

Diana hugged Mariko and put it around her neck.

"Your Mum said you'd be here, she said you and Dominique left a few hours before…where's Dominique?"

"Over there, flirting with a new boy. Hao"

Mariko checked her friend's sad look on the face and understood.

"How about I'd sing something to make you feel better?"

"You don't have to! Your presence is enough to lighten my day"

"Very nice. So what's wrong? Besides the boyfriend part"

"Dominique dumped me for him"

"Let's get her back, then!" Mariko said cheerful. "Follow me!"

Mariko dragged a bored Diana back at the table.

"Heloooooooooooooooooo, Dominique!" Mariko said cheerful.

"Mariko! You're back!"


Mariko threw herself (practically) on Hao's lap, one arm around his neck, making him feel insecure and painful on his feet because of the pressure. He let out a small moan of pain.

"Oh, darling, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!" Mariko said with her sweetest voice possible.

Hao frowned, stood up and left their table and Diana dragged herself a chair.

"Mariko-chan, what did you do that for?" Dominique asked.

"I'll explain you right away" Mariko winked and ran at the DJ.

"All right, people, I give you one of the finalists of last year's Karaoke competition, Mariko doing song number 70!"

Mariko smiled as the stage around her became dark. Suddenly, a red light was lit above her, as her voice was heard.

'Ch' dum dum dum, honey what have you done

Ch' dum dum dum, it's the sound of my gun

Ch' dum dum dum, honey what have you done

Ch' dum dum dum, it's the sound, it's the sound

Janie got a gun

Janie got a gun'

People began to cheer as Mariko was one of the best singers in the entire club and naturally, all people knew her. Of course, this meant she could sing whatever she wanted and the DJ put on the best effects for her. She was a star! Diana and Dominique cheered form their tables. Lyserg froze with his glass half-way to the mouth.

'Whole world's come undone

Lookin' straight at the sun

What did her daddy do

What did he put you through

They say when Janie was arrested

They found him underneath a train

But man he had it comin'

Now that Janie's got a gun

She ain't never gonna be the same'

Hao in the mean time was thinking how easily he had given in to her and his mind worked on pleasant ways to kill her because of the way she talked to him. His face dangerously reddened, Mattie saw that there was no way she could survive a conversation with him. Jeanne smiled slightly amused, thinking that she should get Mariko to join the X-laws.

'Janie got a gun

Janie got a gun

Dog days just begun

Now everybody is on the run

Tell me now it's untrue

What did her daddy do

He jacked a little bitty baby

The man has got to be insane

They say the spell that he was under

The lightning and the thunder'

Dominique began to understand what Mariko had meant. Diana was indeed miserable. Looking better, she saw Diana's ex-boyfriend coming in with his new girlfriend. Luckily Diana's back was turned towards him so she hadn't seen them. Dominique's face paled. This was going to be a long evening.

'Knew that someone had to stop the rain

Run away, run away from the pain

Run away, run away from the pain

Run away, run away

Run, run away

What did her daddy do

It's Janie's last I-O-U

She had to take him down easy

And put a bullet in his brain [alt: she left him in the pouring rain]

She said 'cause nobody believes me

The man was such a sleaze

He ain't never gonna be the same

Honey honey, what's the problem

Tell me it ain't right

Was it your daddy's cradle-robbin' that

Made you scream at night'

Mariko ended the song and jumped down from the stage, walking fast towards Diana and Dominique's table. Her eyes turned towards Diana studying her face reaction, she failed to notice a certain green haired boy coming towards her. The result was a nasty collision that knocked them both on the ground.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't watching…" Mariko mumbled. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" he said, rubbing his forehead. "My name is Lyserg" he said, stood up and offered her a hand to pull her up too.

"Mariko" she said taking his hand.