Zeke, the pyromaniac truck driver

Zeke: How dare you call me a pyromaniac? And since when am I a truck driver?

DeeDee: Ehehehe…

Hao: Thanks for making me and Zeke two different persons. I can't stand my dub!

DeeDee: You're welcome.

Hao: Disclamer- DeeDee doesn't own me or Zeke, um, well, the names, because she gave us different personalities and made us human, so there will be no Spirit of Fire in her story…

Zeke: And if she makes fun of me, she'll pay grins evilly. I'm the Shaman King and I can use my Spirit of Fire on her...

DeeDee: Shaman King in your dreams! And I rule here! I am the Supreme Authoress and I can write whatever I want to!


Hao: Oh boy! Here goes…

It was a fine day of summer. The sun was shining, birds were singing and the sky was clear; no clouds could be seen. It was 7 o'clock and people started waking up.

Suddenly, a loud noise disturbed the quiet morning.


The fire department arrived a few minutes later. Neighbors hurried towards the enflamed house, trying to help. In all the chaos, nobody noticed a pale man walking outside looking very pleased with himself. He was about 25 years old with brown eyes and long brown hair that he kept tied at the back of his head.

"How did it happen?" a neighbor asked the man whose house was burning.

"I don't know…it happened really fast!"

"Look! The police is here!" another voice said

A police officer walked towards the man.

"This looks like other four cases we had only this summer. Did you see how the fire started?"


A moment of silence, then the man asked the question that had been troubling him.

"Who was it?"

"We are not sure. We believe that you became victim of The Pyromaniac "

"Oh my God!"

"Well, at least you are OK and the fire department did their job"

"Thank you, officer"

"You're welcome. We're getting closer with every case; we'll capture that maniac eventually"


The officer walked away, leaving the man alone in front of his house.

'How did it happen? How did he manage to set fire at my house? And why didn't I see him? I could have prevented this if I saw him. Nobody knows who he is, what he looks like…after setting fire to houses, he disappears like a ghost. Or maybe it's more than just one Pyromaniac!'

He looked desolated at his house which needed repairs.

Meanwhile, the brown-haired man had watched intensely the men's efforts to stop the fire. He smiled; it gave him a lot of satisfaction to see fire burning. The bigger the house was, the better he felt. He threw one last look towards the burning house and then he started moving across the sidewalk slowly.

Zeke felt the hot air brushing against his face and closed his eyes to enjoy it. Summer was his favorite season. He liked the heat.

Suddenly, he turned around as he remembered something and started running. He was sweating but he didn't care. He ran like this for another fifteen minutes, until he arrived in front of an old-looking building. He sighed relieved when hearing a voice behind the door.


"We live to burn"

The door opened.

"Welcome, Mr…." said a 45-year-old man.

"Laden. Zeke Laden."

Got it? From Ben Laden I got his name! Hehehe! Review!