The real happiness

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Chapter 1: The project

Friday, 7.50 PM

It was the last class of the day for the 8th grade. All the students were waiting impatiently for the end of the day at school.

Somewhere in a desk, Yoh Asakura was almost asleep.

'I'm so tired' he thought 'just another ten minutes and this hour will be over'.

Behind him, a hand raised and smack him hard in the had.

"Try to stay awake" whispered Anna. "The teacher will choose the pairs of students for the projects."

"Bah, I'm not interested. Really, Anna, let me sleep just for two minutes!"

Anna hit him again.

"Will you stop it!" whispered Yoh

"Pay attention, Yoh!"

Many heads turned towards them, disturbed by the noise.

"OK, students, it's time to give you the subjects for your projects. Every team is made of two students. You will receive grades, so work on them" said the teacher. "Asakura!"

Yoh's head rose with hope. "Your project will be about Queen Elisabeth I and your partner is Oyamada Manta."

'Great,' thought Yoh 'he's smart and he'll do the research work for us while I sleep!'

"Kyouyama Anna! Your project is about Stonehenge and your partner is Alicia Thomas…" said the teacher, pointing towards a girl with brown hair and blue eyes that Anna barely knew "…our new transfer student. You are presenting next week "

Until the end of the class, every student had a theme for the project and a partner.

The bell rang, and all students left…all except for four.

"Wait here" said Anna to Yoh and Manta. "I'll go talk to Alicia about the project."

"OK." answered the boys


"Oh, hi."

"We'll be presenting the project next week," said Anna "we should start working on it. Tomorrow is Saturday, come at my house"

"OK. I'll search on the Internet and I'll bring books about Stonehenge." replied Alicia "But where do you live?"

"Here's the address, you can come at 4 o'clock in the afternoon" said Anna, giving Alicia a piece of paper. "Don't be late"

"Don't worry, I won't."

Anna left with the boys. Alicia was starring at the piece of paper. Then she started running across the corridor.

"Anna! Wait!"

"What?" asked Anna irritated

"You gave me list" said Alicia handing her the paper

"Bread, fish, salad, apples, milk…" read Manta and Yoh started laughing

Anna threw them a threatening look and the boys froze.

"Sorry, here's the real address" said Anna

Alicia returned in the classroom, got her schoolbag and left.

Saturday, 4.00 PM

Alicia was standing in front of a traditional Japanese house, looking at the paper in her hand. 'I think this is it. I should knock at the door 'she thought.

So she did, and a boy with blue spiked hair answered the door. He looked at the girl from head to toes.

"Who are you?" he asked

"My name is Alicia. I'm looking for Anna Kyouyama. Does she…does she live here…?" replied the girl with an uncertain voice

"Yes, she does. Come in" said the boy and closed the door behind her.

"By the way, my name is Horo Horo but you can call me Trey. I'm a friend of Yoh

"Nice to meet you. I'm working with Anna at a school project" said the girl

"What is it about?" asked Trey curiously

"Stonehenge. Hi, Anna!" said Alicia, seeing her classmate and three other boys around a small table. "Hi, Yoh…Manta…and…" she stopped

The other boy raised his head and looked at Alicia. He had violet hair with a spike at the back.

"…I don't know your name…" continued Alicia

"Come on, Ren, don't be shy," said Yoh, smiling at him. "She's Alicia, one of our classmates."

"Uh…hi!" said Ren blushing. 'Dammit! Why do I always have to blush around girls?' he thought

Anna got up and took a notebook out of her schoolbag.

"Let's go upstairs, in my room." said the girl. "And Manta, don't forget- tonight you're cooking dinner since Ryu is missing."

"All right" said the boy.

The girls climbed the stairs and started working on their project.

Downstairs, the boys were watching a kung-fu movie at TV.

"Hey, Ren, what do you think about these guys?"

"Bah, I could beat them up."

"Really? You could do that without using Bason?" asked Yoh with an innocent look on his face

"Piece of cake, Yoh" said Ren smiling proudly.

Manta was in the kitchen, truing to cook dinner.

"Hey, guys! Yooooh! I could use some help with the rice!" cried Manta

"Manta, shush! If you disturb Anna, she'll kill you!"

"Gulp! … Um, guys, do you think Alicia stays with us for dinner?" asked Manta, whispering this time

"I don't know." said Yoh

"Yoh, I guess you should be showing some hospitality to our guest" said Manta with a serious voice

"Right" said Yoh. "And what should I do?"

"Here, take these glasses of lemonade upstairs. They've been there working for two whole hours. And you can ask Anna if Alicia stays for dinner." replied Manta

"No, Yoh, give me those I'll take them upstairs. You stay here and help Manta with the rice" said Ren


In the mean time, the girls had taken a break. Anna told Alicia she had to go somewhere and she'd be back in 15 minutes and Alicia was alone in the room, looking at the project. There were about four books, two notebooks, 10 pages on the table and their project had already five pages.

'It should be enough' she thought. 'Now, the only thing I have to do is tape it at the computer, put the images in it at print the whole thing'

Then, she heard a knock at the door.

"Come in."

Ren entered with the lemonades.

"So, how is it going?" he asked

"Fine. I think we have the final form of our project here" said Alicia pointing to the papers.

"Where's Anna?" asked Ren

"She went somewhere but she'll be back in 15 minutes."

"I brought you some lemonade. Manta thought you could be thirsty."

"Thanks. Hey, do you want to read what we did so far?"

"OK. Umm…let's see" said Ren reading the project. In five minutes, he had finisher reading.

"So, what do you think?" asked Alicia

"It's very good. You'll surely get an A+"

"It's nice of you to say that. Come on, tell me the truth!" insisted Alicia

"I told you the truth. It's brilliant. Nice work!"

"OK. Thanks!"

Ren turned to exit the room.



Ren blushed violently.

"Will you have dinner with us?"

"No…I'll have dinner with my family at home. I'll go as soon as Anna returns."

"Do you want to come and stay with us downstairs? We're watching TV and Manta's cooking rice."

"Sounds really tempting," said Alicia smiling "but Anna told me to wait for her here" replied Alicia

Ren got out of the room and met Yoh on the corridor.

"What are you doing here, Yoh?"

"I noticed you weren't coming so I was curious what you were doing."

"So you came here and listened at the door?"

"Not really. So, what did Anna say? Is Alicia staying here for dinner?" asked Yoh with the innocent look on his face

"Anna is not here, but she may return any minute now. I asked Alicia and she said she'll have dinner with her parents" said Ren

"So what did you talk about with Alicia all this time?" asked Yoh playing innocent

"Her project…" replied Ren without looking in his eyes

"It's very good. You'll surely get an A+" murmured Yoh imitating Ren

"So you HAVE listened at the door, haven't you, Asakura!"

Yoh laughed.

"You like her, Ren?"


"Do you like Alicia?"

"…well…yes. But please, don't tell the others!"

"OK, I won't!"

"Thanks, Yoh!"

During the while, it turned out that Manta had burned the meal.

"Kusooooo! Anna is going to kill me!" said the boy, almost crying

Anna was in the living room talking to Yoh and Alicia was preparing to leave.

The blonde girl raised a brow, angry, and Alicia rushed into the kitchen. She gave him some advice and helped Manta cook a new, fast meal. When they were over. It was already dark. Alicia decided it was time she left.

"Goodbye, everyone! Thanks, Anna!" she said, waving her hand

The four boys and Anna sat around the table and started eating.

"Umm, delicious!"

"Yeah, we should bring her here more often" said Anna

"I agree" said Ren "She's delicious"


"I meant…it's delicious" said Ren, blushing

The boys started laughing. Suddenly, a cry was heard.

Amidamaru appeared.

"It's that girl…she was attacked by a gang on motorcycles" said the ghost

"I'll go!" said Ren

"Go with him, Yoh" said Manta

"No, I can handle them alone"

"Be careful not to expose us. Don't use Bason!" the girl warned him

"OK" said Ren and started running.

One hundred meters away, Alicia was in trouble. A member of the Diesel gang held her.

"Give us your money, pretty girl" he said

"I already told you I don't have any!" she yelled "Let me go!"

Out of nowhere, a fist hit the boy who released Alicia and she fell on the ground. Ten seconds later, every member of the gang was K.O.

"Are you OK?"

"Ren, you saved my life!" she said "I was so scared!"

She went towards him and hugged him tight. Ren's face turned red but he smiled.

"Come on, I'll see you to the train station" said Ren

"Thank you! How did you learned those moves…?" asked Alicia

"I took some courses and I watched many action movies. Tough neighborhood!" he continued. "Fortunately I was on my way home when I heard you."

"Thanks again" she replied.