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Chapter 4: An exhausting day

Anna woke Alicia at 6.30 o'clock. Everyone else was still sleeping. They had a quick meal and then went outside. Anna handed her classmate the package.

"I looked for a sword for you all yesterday and I found this one"

"Thanks, it's very beautiful!"

"And strong, too. I also looked for a spirit and I found Fujiko.

She is a samurai and her skills are as good as Amidamaru's. Now, you have to learn to perform Unity with Fujiko. You must concentrate on your purpose. The words are Spirit form! Unity . Do you follow?"


"Perform Unity and let your spirit guide you. Let her moves become yours."

Anna turned to Fujiko.

"You must trust Alicia. She has a good heart and she'll use you to do good things. It's time to know each other. I hope you'll become good friends"

The samurai girl nodded.

"Ready?" asked Alicia, looking at her guardian spirit.


One, two, three…

"Fujiko! Spirit form! Unity!"

Fujiko became a small ball that could fit in Alicia's hand. Then, Alicia took the spirit to her heart. Now, the two girls were like one.

The first hour, Alicia's moves were uncontrolled and they didn't always correspond to Fujiko's. But soon, they learned about each other and began to trust each other. They hit Anna's targets precisely. At nine, the boys were awake. Anna stopped the training, saying that Alicia should take a break.

"Ok" Anna started, looking at the boys "whish one of you wants to fight against Alicia and Fujiko?"

"I'm hungry" Trey said. "I never fight on empty stomach"

"Lyserg…no, he uses Oversoul. Ryu?"

"No thanks, I don't have time to teach her, I have another date"

"Ren…probably not. Yoh!!!!!!"


"You'll fight against Alicia or I'll make you run 100 km every day and no TV for a month!"


'I'll defeat her in two minutes and then I'll eat' he thought while grabbing his sword.

He went outside.

"Oh, nice samurai. And where did you get the sword?"

"Anna gave them to me. So, are you ready?"

"Ready! Amidamaru!"


"Spirit form! Unity!" said the two at the same time.

Lyserg, Manta, Trey and Ren went outside to see the battle.

"Hey, Yoh, take it easy on her!" Trey said

"Yeah, she's only a girl, remember that!" Lyserg continued

Anna interfered.

"I don't want you to take it easy on her. If you do that, she'll never learn. Attack her as if she was Hao!"

Yoh narrowed his eyes. Hao? He blocked the first and the second hit, and then started charging at the girl. Alicia was now in defense. Then, she attacked again. Ten minutes passed like this. A samurai-vs.-samurai duel.

'She's really good!' Yoh thought now. 'But let's see if she can take this!'

"Celestial Slash!" cried Yoh, sending the attack towards her sword.

Alicia jumped and started twisting into the air gracefully.

"Long-spin Slash!" she shouted, sending a green light towards the red one. Her attack neutralized his. Then, with a strong hit, Alicia made Yoh's sword fly and thrust into the ground a few meters away. She pointed her sword towards his neck.

"You lost"

Anna couldn't believe it. Yoh had been defeated by a shaman who had practiced only two hours!

"Impossible!" Manta whispered.

Alicia lowered her sword, and then helped Yoh get up. She looked at Anna who was still shocked.

'Where was this girl during the Tournament? She could have helped us so much…' the Itako thought

"Anna, what is it? Did I do something wrong?" Alicia asked

"No, you did very well. It's just…I didn't expect you to defeat Yoh, that's all. Officially, you've only been a shaman for two hours, and you accomplished a lot. I'm proud of you!"

Alicia looked at the ground blushing.

Anna turned towards the others.

"Which one's next?"

But then, Fujiko talked.

"Miss Anna, Alicia is exhausted. Please don't make her fight her more"

"All right, Alicia, you'll fight against Trey in the afternoon and Ren tonight. And this will happen until you defeat them both. After you defeat them both, I'll teach you how to use your furioku."

"Furioku? What is that?" asked Alicia with curiosity

"It's shamanic energy. You must find a way to canalize your spirit into an object. That is the second level" Yoh replied

"Oh, OK. Thanks, Fujiko! You were great!"

"You're welcome. You are a strong shaman, and you proved this in battle. I decided to stay with you from now on" the ghost said

Anna, Alicia and Fujiko left talking.

The boys stayed behind discussing the fight.

"She was so fast!" Lyserg said

"And did you see the long-spin Slash, Ren? Looks like you'll be in trouble if she uses it on you!" Trey added sarcastically

"How did she manage too…did you see how she destroyed my Celestial Slash?" Yoh asked

"She's going to be a strong adversary. Don't underestimate her, Trey!" Manta said

The weather suddenly changed. Grey clouds covered the sky. A strong wind started blowing through the trees.

Yoh's twin brother appeared with his Spirit of fire.


"Indeed, Yoh. I came here for revenge…prepare to die!"

"Weren't you supposed to be dead?" Anna asked him.

As a response, Hao's spirit hit Anna with full force and sent her flying then falling to the ground a few meters away.

"Anna!!!" Alicia shouted and ran to help her master. The Itako was unconscious, but not dead. A few seconds later, Yoh, Trey, Lyserg and Ren were attacking Hao together, with no results. The Spirit of Fire hit them all and sent them to the ground the same way as it did with Anna. Hao was preparing to burn Yoh.

"Fujiko, it's up to us now! Enter the sword!" she whispered, calling all her furioku.

"Long-spin Slash!"

The attack surprised Hao, who got hurt. The Spirit of Fire dropped Yoh.

'Another shaman! She's a strong one, I'll make her join me' Hao thought.

Throwing one last look at the shamans, he disappeared in a fire ball.

"Thank you, Alicia! You saved my life!" Yoh said

"You're all hurt…oh my God, I'm going to call an ambulance!"

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later. They were all installed in the same ward. Ren asked Alicia to come closer and took her hand into his.

"Please, be careful. Now that Hao knows who you are and since you managed to hurt him, he'll probably come after you. He'll probably kill you!"

"I'll be fine, don't worry. He could have killed me then if he really wanted to"

"Maybe, but please, be careful!" said Ren with a soft voice

"Why are you being like this" Do you really care about me so much?"

"I don't want to lose you…I love you"

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