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He was in the kitchen when it broke. He didn't hear it fall, but he heard the aftermath. The muttered swearing, that wasn't meant for his ears. And then the unmistakeable sound of tears. She kept it in most of the time, but he knew it hurt. The way they averted their eyes when they see her in the street, the stilted conversations when they have no choice but to talk to her. When it is virtually impossible to pretend they haven't seen her.

Her so-called friends did what no one thought they would ever do. They abandoned her. Just left her when she took up with someone they thought was unsuitable. Some friends.

Walking into the study, "Hermione love, what happened?"

Rapidly blinking before looking up at him, "Oh I was so silly, I was reaching for a book on the shelf above it, and I accidentally knocked it down."

Watching her pick up the shards of glass, "Why don't you just spell it back together?"

"I…uh…I think it's broken beyond repair," she muttered. "Some things don't want to be fixed."

He watched her pick up the pieces slowly and carefully, sticking them on the frame, kneeling down, and said, "The post came a minute ago, there was a letter or two for you. I left it on the table for you. I'll finish this."

She gave him a small smile, "Thanks," kissing the top of his head, leaving him to the broken picture.

"Hermione he's a Slytherin!"

"Really Ronald, is that the base of your argument? That was five years ago, people change you know that. What about Pansy?"

"Well that's a completely different kettle of fish…"

"It is not!"

"Hermione, please…"

"No, not you too Harry. I thought you would be on my side."

"I understand how people can change, look at Malfoy. But Flint…we'll he's the same brutish thug he was at Hogwarts, surely there is someone who is better suited to you."

"There isn't Harry, he's it for me. I don't know why, but we fit together perfectly."

"Well, I'll make it simple for you Hermione. It's him or us."

"What! You cannot be serious Ron, how can you possibly make me choice between, that is not fair."

"Just tell me Hermione, him or us?"

"No Ron, I will not choice between the two of you, and the man I love. I wont do it."

"Alright then…"

"Ron! Where are you…Ron please! Harry?"

"Reparo," he muttered quietly watching the glass fit together perfectly. He opened the drawer of the desk, placing it under a multitude of papers. She didn't want to look at it now. He understood that. Looking at it brought back memories of happier times.

One-day maybe, when the two thickheads got over themselves.