So, There are a few changes I have made to this story.

1. I changed Riley's appearance. I wrote her appearance when I was younger, so it was what I wanted at the time, now it's more grown up and cute, instead really odd.

2. I toned down the swearing. When I first wrote this, all I would to was curse, now there's a bit less of it. There's still a few curse words though.

3. I edited the grammar and the punctuation a bit. It was very messy before. Also, there should be little to no spelling errors.

I edited each chapter to my liking. They're still the same as they were before, just a tiny bit revised so they weren't so messy and childish.

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"You know, you're the dumbest piece of shit I know." Maureen said, messing with the broken air conditioner that hadn't worked the past twelve times she tried it. "You can't even fix the air conditioner in this stupid car."

Riley sighed. It was an extremely hot day, and having to put up with Maureen, 100 degree heat, and Texans had to be the worst thing in the world to her. Maureen Marezz and Riley Shunard were the most opposite step sisters in the history of the world, and Riley's father, Maureen's step dad, decided they should go for a cross-country trip to get to know each other better. They weren't thrilled, but it was the only way they were going to get their dying father to smile, so they did it with good intentions, even though Maureen is loose with anger problems and Riley is an impatient punk who can't stand any type of arrogance.

Riley looked in the rear view mirror to check herself out and to see what the heat had done to her. Normally, Riley's short black hair fell an inch past her ears, but spiked out a bit on the sides; the heat had pulled her hair flat and frizzy. She then looked at Maureen, who was much more beautiful then her, even when the sun had made her sweaty and greasy looking. Her curly red hair was falling over her shoulders and blowing in the wind of the open window as she stared at the passing trees. She was more beautiful, but she was also more annoying and Riley wished she could push her out of the moving vehicle.

"And another thing-"

"Shut the fuck up!" Riley shouted as she turned the radio up to drown out Maureen's voice.

Maureen glared at her and then looked at the gages. She turned the radio down. "We're out of gas and I'm thirsty." Her voice was smug.

"What?" Riley looked down. "Shit!"

Riley looked around to see if there was any sort of station anywhere. As soon as she thought she was going to be stranded in a weird town with Maureen, a sign zoomed past.

"What did that say?" Riley asked Maureen.

"Captain something's place of something and gas, I think." Maureen replied, turning the radio back up.

"You're a lot of fucking help, you know that, right?" Riley shouted sarcastically as she closed in on a small, rundown looking place on the side of the road. Riley read the sign aloud. "Captain Spaulding's Fried Chicken and Gasoline', asshole."

Riley pulled in with her radio as loud as it could go. She turned off the car and sat for a moment, trying to get prepared for the ten foot walk from the car to the musty, old building.

Maureen gave Riley the finger while they both stepped out of the car. Riley attempted to walk along the moist ground in her black heels. It was a hard walk and it only upset Riley more. Maureen walked through the door first and Riley second, but the instant they entered there was an odd smell to the place. There were mummified body parts and what looked like, skeletal structures of people. There were dead animals everywhere. It was like an old museum of crazy and disturbing oddities.

As creeped out as they both were, the girls dismissed it and headed for the counter, at which sat an older man with clown make-up upon his face. Maureen and Riley glanced at each other as the clown stood up and smiled, revealing neon yellow teeth.

"Can I 'elp you two?" The clown asked in a southern accent that seemed to pour out of him. Riley was about to reply when Maureen leaned on the counter with her cleavage clearly exposed. She had a sweet smile upon her face as she replied to the clown.

"Well," Maureen smiled and read the tag on the clown's stained shirt. "Captain Spaulding, me and my step sister, here, need something to drink. We've been driving a hell of a long way." She pouted her lips a bit and started up an attractive southern accent. "You think you could help us?"

Captain Spaulding grinned a mischievous grin and replied, "I have some hot coffee and some piss warm beer."

"That'll be fine." Riley burst out, pushing Maureen aside. "And, what my step sister left out was that we need gas, too."

Spaulding's smile went away for a moment but returned as soon as Maureen started talking again. "I'm sure you can help." He handed the girls a bottle of beer each.

"I just might be able to." Spaulding replied. Riley rolled her eyes and started looking around. Out of nowhere, a giant clap sound rang through the building and rain started to pour down outside.

"God dammit." Riley said, looking at her car's open windows. She drank her beer quickly and rushed outside to close both of the windows. "Fuck!" She yelled as she sat on a wet seat with her hands on the wheel. She looked inside the building and saw Maureen flirting with the clown. There was nothing else to do, so Riley stood in the cold rain and pumped a full tank of gas into her car. She sighed and headed through the rain, back inside. "C'mon Maureen, we're getting out of here before the storm gets too bad."

Maureen smiled at Spaulding, who was now holding onto Maureen's beer, and walked past Riley and into the car. Riley sighed, lit up a cigarette, and glance at the smiling Captain Spaulding. "She's a little whore, isn't she?" He asked

"Hell yes she is." She replied, after taking a long drag.

Spaulding laughed a wheezy laugh. "She's got a nice tush though. Like I always say, 'The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'."

"Um, yeah, I know what you mean." Riley lied, trying to get off the topic of her sexy step sister. "Here's what I owe you for gas. You can keep the change." She put out her cigarette, which still had a little left, and threw it on the floor.

"Well, thank ya kindly ma'am." Spaulding said in an odd, sort of mocking southern accent. His happy, clown-like expression didn't change at all, but Riley could sense a dark vibes coming off of him. "You drive careful now, we wouldn't want two pretty, lil things like yerselves getting lost."

Riley, who was now scared, smiled and rushed out to the car. She started it up as quickly as possible, and drove off.