Tiny stood as Hugo, Mama, and Baby left. Baby headed upstairs while Hugo and Mama headed outside, through the backdoor. Riley and Maureen sat at the table, looking around. Tiny grabbed Riley's hand and headed for the backdoor. Maureen jumped up as she watched her step sister follow a seven foot tall freak.

It hit her as soon as Tiny touched the door knob; they were psychos and they were probably going to kill her. "Riley!" Maureen jumped up and grabbed Riley's free hand. She pulled, but to no avail. Tiny was strong and held his grip on her. "They're gonna kill you!" She screamed frantically.

Riley freed her hand from Tiny's and slapped Maureen across the face. "What are you fucking talking about?" She screamed.

"These people are fucking freaks." Maureen replied, grabbing Riley's arm violently. "They're gonna kill us!" Maureen pulled, but Riley, being much stronger than Maureen, didn't move. Instead, she pulled her arm away and grasped the knob. She twisted and pulled. "Don't!" Maureen shouted. "They're going to kill us!"

"Kill us?" Riley asked, pulling Maureen outside. There was a large, dark stage, which was illuminated by strings of white and red lights. Bright decorations lit many spots along the perimeter of the stage. There were various seats with mannequins and life-sized dolls seated in them, which represented the audience. "Kill us?" Riley asked again.

"Kill you?" Mama was suddenly behind Riley. "What're you two talkin' 'bout?" Her voice sounded sly and slightly creepy.

Maureen stared deeply into Mama's dark brown eyes while her breathing started to get heavy. "Nothing." She said darkly. Riley touched her shoulder, but Maureen drew back. "Don't touch me." She whispered. She walked past Riley and sat in one of the chairs in the front, directly in front of the stage. "What the hell are we doing?" She shouted to whoever was listening.

Mama smiled, "We're gonna have fun."

Maureen grew even more uneasy as Riley sat next to her. She would glance around every so often, but she was mostly staring at her feet, which were outstretched. She could sense something wasn't right.

After three minutes, Riley started to feel uneasy; like someone was watching her. She, nervously, glanced around, but tried not to make it seem obvious that she was looking for someone. Still uneasy, she sat up straight and watched the spotlight move to the stage. It focused on a tall, blonde girl wearing a long, white, sequin covered dress and white face make-up. Riley stared for a moment and realized it was Baby.

Baby winked at Riley from up on stage and smiled a childish, yet attractive, grin as music started to play. It was an odd melody that matched Baby's personality. Riley thought for a moment and then realized what it was. It was Helen Kane, or Betty Boop, singing 'I Wanna Be Loved by You'. Riley watched as baby trotted around seductively while she lip-synched the words. Riley smiled and started to mouth the words.

Baby walked down the stairs to the stage and grabbed Riley's hands, "Come sing with me." She laughed.

Riley pulled to get away, but couldn't help a chance to sing in front of people. "Oh, alright." She nodded and followed Baby to the stage.

"Pick up." Baby said.

Riley thought for a moment and listened to which part was on. She picked up, though she was still nervous. She kept up with the song, but didn't make any sort of movements. "I couldn't aspire to anything higher than to fill the desire to make you my own paah-dum paah-dum doo bee dum, pooooo!"

Baby laughed and glanced up with an evil grin on her face. Riley saw what she was looking at; Otis was standing in the doorway to the area where the stage was located. He had his hands to his sides and she noticed he had a knife in his left hand. She dismissed it, somewhat because she really didn't think it through, but mostly because she thought he was gorgeous in a crazy sort of way.

Her voice got seductive as he walked closer to the stage. He sat a seat behind Maureen, which made her very uncomfortable. She inhaled, waiting for something like a knife to her neck, but nothing happened. Riley at him and began singing again, only this time, she sang louder than the record, so her seductive voice could be heard.

"I wanna be loved by you, just you, and nobody else but you. I wanna be loved by you alone." As the song progressed, Riley walked over to Tiny and then to Hugo in a very seductive manner. She pranced along the floor and then headed for Otis, whom she had been waiting for. She got close to his face, as if to kiss his lips, but she started to sing. "I wanna be loved by you, just you, and nobody else but you. I wanna be loved by you alone."

She, then, walked back onto the stage as the song stopped. With her back facing the "audience", she glanced behind her and winked over her shoulder, which was a perfect end to the song and her performance.

Baby and Mama, both, let out squeals of enjoyment and delight. Riley blushed and rushed to her seat. She turned around and stared directly into Otis' eyes. She, finally, broke free from his gaze and focused back onto the stage. She glanced around and noticed Maureen's green eyes staring directly into her blue ones. "What the fuck were you doing?" She whispered harshly.

"What?" Riley laughed. "I was just singing."

"No." Maureen glanced around and looked at Otis. "Him... and those other people." She nodded towards Hugo and Tiny. "What were you doing? That's not you."

Riley hadn't even realized she had nearly kissed Otis. She didn't even realize she'd stolen the spot light from Baby, pranced around like a whore, and flirted with most of the males in the Firefly family. She didn't know what came over her.

She was about to reply to Maureen's question, when she noticed Otis get up and head towards the door.

"No, no, Otis." Mama's voice rang. "We still got T.V. and you're not gittin' out of it this time."

"C'mon, c'mon." Baby laughed, pulling Riley by one hand and Otis by the other. Baby drug both of them into the living room as Maureen followed. She hated it here. She wasn't the center of attention and she had a terrible feeling about everyone and everything. She sat in the loveseat with a close eye on her surroundings.

Baby sat Otis on the couch and Riley in the chair to his right. She, then, rushed upstairs, mentioning something about taking the make-up off. After Baby had returned, Mama came in with Hugo, Tiny and Rufus.

"Girls," Mama said, standing in front of the T.V. "once every few weeks the whole family gits together and watches T.V. It's just our little way of spendin' time together."

Tiny sat down in the loveseat, next to Maureen, Hugo and Rufus sat on the couch, and Mama turned on the television and sat down in the chair next to Riley.