A rainy meeting

Kagome had just moved to Tokyo, and she didn't like it every thing was different from her old home out in the suburbs. Kagome was never realy fond of the big city life but her mom was transfered so she had to, leaving everything and everyone she cared about behind.

That day had been her first day of school, wich was awfull. She couldnt wait to get home even though it wasn't her home. She was walking home after having to stay in class late for some dumb reason. She was having a hard time finding her way home and it was geting late very late. Kagome looked up to the sky she could tell it was about to rain...

"uhhh...I think I'm lost...sigh..." it was begining to lightning and thunder wich scared Kagomea bit, and then began to rain hard.

"awwww come on! danget! hmmm now how am I supose to find my way home I can bearly see the side walk in front of me!"

Then she heard some give a light laugh and put something over her to prtect her from the rain it was a very deep red jacket wich was seemed to belong to a teennage boy.

"huh!" she turned around to see avery wet boy, slighly older then her with long silver hair amazing golden eyes and cute lil doggy ears.

"Hey there, you look lost can I help you out in anyway?"

"uhhh? w-well uhm" he gave her a little laugh and gently smiled ather. "You're new around here aren't you? "

"uhh yeah..." she blushed a bit. "You go to my school don't you?"

"uhh I think so..." he gave her a small laugh again

"So is that like your fave word or something? 'uhhh' ...now dont go blushing ."

" Im...Im...Im not blushing!" he laughed again.

"You're cute..." (hes pretty cute too lol) "...now isn't that cute you're blushing again." he said with a small giggle.

"You know you're pretty quiet I dont scare you do I?"

"N-n-no its just..." "Well how bout I walk you home you tell me where and I'll take you there...is that ok?" he said while taking out a small umbrella from he school bag and opening it.

"oh no thats ok I'll be fine but thanks for the offer..." and with that she handed him his jacket and ran off but that wasn't a very good idea cuz as soon as she started running she slipt and fell realy hard.

"Whoa are you ok?" he said droping all his things and ran (carefully) up to Kagome to make sure she was alright. "Hey babe are you ok, you're not hurt or anything are you? You landed pretty hard babe." he said to her. "No I think I'm ok...and did you just ...did you just call me 'babe'!"

"huh? oh uh yeah sorry 'bout that I didn't no what els to call you cuz well I kinda don't realy no your name." he said with a cute lil smile.

"oh uh right my name's Kagome." "Cute name, mines Inuyasha." he said while helping her up.

"Now if you dont mind telling be where you live and I take you home k."

"uh no thats ok I'll be fine realy." "Cute, now come on it's already 6:00 and its dangerous for cute lil thing like you to be trying to find your way around a big city like Tokyo this late in the day now come on cutie." he said while picking up his stuff and covering her with his jacket and the both of them with his umbrella. She laught a bit "I'm guseing 'cute' is your fave word?" she asked him with a lil smile

"hmm...Only if she realy is cute." he said with a smile and winked at her.

The rain continued to pore down on them as they walked to her house it seemed to get worse and darker by the minute. They came accros the park and well the grass was very slippery and well they kinda lost their ballance, and fell in the soken wet grass and couldn't get back up for a few minutes,
they almost lost controll of the laughter but not long after that they were only a few blocks away from Kagomes house thankfully. All the way to her house on their walk they were talking about themselfs and where they came from and all that stuff. Soon they reached a pale blue house wich was Kagomes.

"wow we finaly made, it uh what time is it?" asked Kagome "uhh 11:00" "WHAT!" after seeing her reactions he couldn't controll his laughter. "Call down babe I'm just playin' with ya its only about 6:53 so don't worry."

"Did you just call me babe again?" said Kagome a bit anoyed. "huh oh yeah I guse I did sorry bout that." he said while walking her to the door. "sooo..." said Inuyasha "sooo...uh well now what?" asked Kagome. "Well you should get inside and chage out os those wet clothes, and I better head on home." "uhh but what about y..." "Dont worry 'bout me I only live a few blocks down from here." said Inuyasha cutting her off. "oh ok..." "Hey do you want me to pick you up tomorrow for school cuz I dont mind." "uh sure, yeah ok thanks." "Sure, no problem babe, I know, I know you dont like me callin' you babe right?" "Right."she answered."well do you have a boyfriend?" 'wait what,were's he going with this!' thought Kagome "uhh n-no." "hm well then deal with it." 'deal with it who dose he think he is? Kagome asked herself gettin a lil angry. "Well then be sure to be ready at about 7:30 and I'll be sure to bring my car this time." he said with another cute lil smile "7:30 why so early?" "Well I was hopeing on takeing you out for something to eat befor school, that cool with you?" "Yeah ok I guseuh hears your jaket back." the rain was begining ro stop and the moon slowly came out. "Cool well I'll see you then Kags baby and you can keep it." and with that he gave her a small kiss on the side of her neck, and started walking. "uhhhh..."was all Kagome could say befor she started blushing big time. "Now dont you start blushing again." and with that he was gone. 'sigh' "Well at least Im finaly home."

Later that night as Kagome was just about to go to sleep she was thinking about Inuyasha and how thanks to the rain she was able to meet him. He did seem to have a nick-name issue not that they weren't cute or anything it was just wierd since they had just meet but he seemed nice exept for that "deal with it' comment he was a pretty nice gut or so that what kagome thought.

Well I hope you guys all liked it so far I kinda got the idea while reading some InuKag fanfic and it began to rain alot and I did this at about 12:00 am! and finished at 1:30am! I sould be asleep by now! anyways hope you guys stick aroud to find out what happens, and check out my 1st fanfic
it's not done thought I'm waiting for a few more reviews well that all for now cya!


P.S. Isn't InuYasha just soooooooo cute! lol I know I'm using 'cute' alot ;)