Dial 9

Summary: Napoleon and Pedro stumble upon a cleverly disguised time machine, and fall gracefully (not) into a twisted, buff future.

Disclaimer: I do not own Napoleon Dynamite. Am I happy? I think not.

Napoleon and Pedro were cruising the shops. (Well, actually, they were in the grocery store, looking at llama food, but if anyone asks, they were cruising the shops.)

Suddenly, Napoleon remembered something. "I forgot to call Grandma! She's gonna be so mad. I gotta call now!"

"There is a phone booth out there," said Pedro, pointing to the door of the Shop 'n' Go grocery store.

Pedro and Napoleon ran outside and squeezed into the booth. Napoleon punched in his number. "It's not working!" said Napoleon. "Maybe you're supposed to dial nine," suggested Pedro.

Napoleon dialed nine, and both boys felt an uncomfortable jerk behind his navel. It took a minute or two to see that the booth was moving, spinning across town faster than you can imagine. All of a sudden, the phone booth crashed into the ground, shattering the glass windows. Napoleon and Pedro looked around, and stepped out of the booth, glass crunching under their feet.

"OW!" complained Napoleon. "Glass hurts when you aren't wearing shoes!"

Pedro looked around at the town. Hover-cars flew around everywhere, and overly muscular people carried their children in large metal baskets. "Napoleon, look. Everyone is buff here."

"Whoa, you're right. Gosh!" A tall woman with a six-pack came up to Napoleon and Pedro.

"You are to skinny!" The woman flexed her muscles. "I take you to gym NOW!" She slung the boys over her shoulder and sprinted the half mile to the gym, where she gave Napoleon and Pedro fifty pound free weights and put them on treadmills.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" the boys screamed. "Help us!"

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