Love Is More Than You Can Imagine

Summary: SasuNaru. After Sasuke has returned to Konoha, Tsunade has sent the Kakashi team on a mission. But something went wrong and they returned with an unconscious Sasuke who wouldn't wake up.


This is a SasuNaru.

A SasuNaru this is.


Tsunade was looking out her window. "Shizune, any news from the Kakashi team?"

The mission was simple. They have to retrieve the prince of an ally country from the village of Redwood. Apparently, the prince has been kidnapped by a group of hired ninjas of the Redwood village princess herself. Their ally country, the country of the Pearl, wanted to get their prince back. Tsunade shook her head in dismay. Some countries tend to depend too much in Konoha. Few countries chose to focus on their defense, and therefore, they just keep asking help from the nearby ally nations. It's not that Tsunade didn't want to help them, it's just that they also have to learn to defend their own country and not depend on others all the time.

"None yet, Tsunade-sama." Shizune replied.

Tsunade frowned and closed her eyes while pinching her nose bridge, "It has been four days. The mission called for only two."

"Would you like to send someone to look for them?" The hokage's assistant suggested.

Tsunade thought for a moment. Two days wasn't that long. Maybe they just took a longer way home, or happened to pass by a town. She really shouldn't worry. After all, the ninjas who were with Kakashi were all taught by the Sanin themseleves. But still, no mission could be taking too much of their time like this. Maube she should send someone just to be sure. "If by sunset, they're still not here yet, send the Gai team."

"Hai. Tsunade-sama."


Strong feet ran swiftly across the forest. The autumn leaves that were falling from the trees were blown away by the slight blur of a golden flash. Along with the quick sounds of sprinting, a fast but steady breathing could be heard. The yellow blur was moving so fast, heading for the direction of the northern part of the village.

The villagers started to look, out of curiosity. Something was moving incredibly fast and it was headed north. It seemed to be a blonde boy. When the runner neared the Hokage tower, his sprinting slowed, but it wasn't slow enough. The door to the Hokage's office burst open with such a powerful force, it almost fell off of its hinges.

The hokage stood behind her desk, with her eyes wide with shock. The figure that just entered stopped and panted heavily as dust around him finally settled on the floor and revealed a blonde boy, with a few torn patches on his jacket. His eyes were glinting red and in his arms, was a pale, unconscious boy with black hair.

"Tsunade." The blonde growled, his voice was so different. He was still holding the boy in his arms and then spoke again, "Sasuke."


After Tsunade had led them to a room inside the Hokage tower, she left for a moment to get some supplies that she said she needed. Before she left, a persistent Naruto shouted after her to get back as soon as possible.

Kakashi sighed. Naruto seemed to have returned to normal. This never would have happened if they hadn't lingered long enough in the Redwood castle. They have almost eliminated the group of hired shinobi, and the prince was already in their guardianship. Kakashi has ordered for the team to leave when one of the dying shinobi's aimed one last attack at them. They weren't expecting it, for they have thought that everyone was already down and couldn't fight anymore. The dying shinobi just pointed its fingers at them and a red spiraling ball of chakra charged at them. Kakashi instinctively tried to protect the prince and Naruto stepped in front to protect Sakura and Sasuke. But Sasuke did something unexpectedly and pushed Naruto away.

The next moment, Kakashi heard Sakura screamed Sasuke's name as the Uchiha fell lifelessly against the marbled floor of the castle. Then everything else happened so fast. Naruto's chakra hummed furiously in the air and his rasengan flared up in a matter of split seconds. His anger alone, mixing with his chakra had killed the survivors. Kakashi and Sakura had to shield the prince from Naruto himself. When the strong wind has died down, the ruins of the castle greeted them. They saw Naruto kneeling beside Sasuke's body and his fingers gently pressing Sasuke's neck. Kakashi felt that Sakura has moved towards Naruto and Sasuke, saying that she needed to look at Sasuke and see if she could heal him. But Naruto seemed to be no longer aware of his environment or of the people around him. He just carried Sasuke and ran off for the direction of Konoha.

Which brought them here, finally back to hidden village. Kakashi stared at Naruto, his eyes were blue already and his fangs have gone. Although he was still giving everyone a very uneasy feeling. Naruto refused to leave Sasuke's side. This was rare. Even Sakura was cautious on approaching Naruto. Kakashi was watching them carefully in case Naruto's rage might take over again. Naruto was snapping at the jounin nurses to go fetch the Hokage now or he'd break their necks. Kakashi shifted his weight on his other foot for he could feel Naruto's anger radiating inside the room.

Even if Naruto was terrifying, he was still a student of Kakashi's and the jounin sensei has never been afraid of Naruto. Even if Naruto could sometimes wield an incredible amount of deadly chakra, Kakashi believed that he would never hurt his friends. Kakashi walked towards Naruto and placed a hand on the blonde's shoulder. "Naruto, calm down. Tsunade will be right back and she will tend Sasuke." Kakashi waited for the blonde's recognition to reflect in his eyes, "Do you understand?"

At least, Naruto stopped shouting at everyone. "Hai. Kakashi-sensei." Naruto looked back at the black-haired boy on the bed. He was still unconscious. Sakura wrapped her arms around Naruto's arm and tried to comfort her friend. Kakashi has seen how his three students have gone so close to each other. Intimate touches between them were no longer considered strange. Well, maybe for Sasuke. Sasuke never showed any affection, yet. But he never bats away Naruto's or Sakura's friendly touches anymore. They were the only two people who could do that. During the retrieval of Sasuke, Kakashi has seen the closeness that developed between Naruto and Sakura. But Naruto seemed to grow up finally and he treated Sakura with more of a brotherly love now.

From where Kakashi was standing, he could hear faint whispers of Sakura to Naruto about not having to worry and that Tsunade would heal Sasuke. Then Kakashi noticed something, he looked closer. Naruto's eyes looked different. They were the Kyuubi's eyes with the sharp, sinister slits. But what was stranger, they were not red at all. Kakashi looked away as the door opened and Tsunade came inside. The jounin nurses let out a sigh of relief as they exited the room.

Naruto only quieted down when Tsunade entered the room. He narrowed his eyes at her as if scolding her for coming in late. Tsunade just raised an eyebrow and simply touched a spot behind Naruto's neck and the blonde fell unconscious as Sakura caught him before he fell. "That wasn't necessary, Tsunade-sama." The girl had said.

"Yes, it was. Naruto gets uncontrollable when fury is running his brain." Tsunade stood beside Sasuke's bed and placed a hand on the Uchiha's forehead. Kakashi helped Sakura put the unconscious Naruto on the nearby chair. Then she stood beside the Hokage while Kakashi stood there quietly beside Naruto.

While Tsunade was inspecting for physical injuries, Sakura was putting the pieces of events together to explain what happened. Tsunade nodded once in awhile, to show that she was listening. After Sakura's story, Tsunade had cut open Sasuke's shirt with her chakra. Kakashi and Sakura were both surprised as they saw two slashes cross, marring the left side of Sasuke's chest.

"Sasuke will stay here. Sakura, take Naruto back to his apartment. He should wake up in a few minutes." Tsunade ordered. She headed for the door and looked back before going out, "And Kakashi, see me in my office."


When Naruto and Sakura left the Hokage's office, Naruto finally gained consciousness and was totally pissed that Tsunade did that to him. Sakura explained to him what happened and they both agreed that Naruto would stay behind and wait for Kakashi-sensei to know more about Sasuke's condition. Naruto promised Sakura that he would tell everything to her as she left for home and Naruto went back inside the Hokage tower.

While Naruto was nearing the Hokage's office, he immediately masked his chakra. He learned this technique from Jiraiya who was the master in sneaking around and spying on people and … naked women. Naruto knew, that just beside the Hokage's office, is another room with just paintings and pictures of the old Hokages of Konoha. And in that room, there was a small patch, whose walls were not thick enough. Naruto discovered this when he was still a kid who spent time wandering around the hokage tower. He knew more about the place than anybody else did.

When Naruto entered the room, he searched for that familiar spot. It was near the window. Naruto walked slowly and pressed his ear against the wall. He was hearing voices alright, now all he had to do was find the thinnest area. "… asked you to stay behind because there's … I have been meaning to ask you." Tsunade spoke. Naruto could barely hear her but he could sense that her voice was very serious. It was the same tone that she used when she instructed Naruto on A-class missions.

Kakashi replied, "I see. So, you know what's happening to Sasuke?"

He knew it! Tsunade no baachan knew what was wrong all along! Why did she have to lie to them in the first place? Naruto had to restrain himself from becoming too angry again. He knew his chakra was even louder than he was. If he found out what was wrong, then maybe he could finally help Sasuke out and snap him out of this unconsciousness. It was a brilliant plan!

"He's under a simple spell." Tsunade explained.

Eh? What spell? Naruto thought.

Kakashi spoke, "Hmm. Then that's a better. Every spell can be broken. So how do we break the spell?"

"I have the slightest idea."

... Tsunade no baachan has no idea how to break it? This was unacceptable!

"But I do have a theory."

"Interesting. How?"

Upon hearing that, Naruto had to press his ears harder against the wall.

"I was looking at the marks on him a while ago…" Tsunade continued,

"Yes, it was the one near the heart, right?"

"Yes, that one. I think someone has to breathe their own life force into him."

"Well, then that's simple. Let's try it." Naruto heard the sound of the chair squeaking as if someone has stood up quickly.

Breathe their life force into? How do you do that?

"You obviously don't understand me, Kakashi... and sit down, you're very hasty."

"I meant that breathing in life force.. I mean sealing the force with their mouth."

eh? Nani?

"I see. You mean kiss. Then we won't have a problem with that. A lot of girls would kill to kiss Sasuke."

Tsunade didn't reply.

"Don't tell me that not just anyone can kiss him?"

"Well, in my theory, the only person capable of bringing in life in him is somebody who feels so strongly for him."

someone who feels so strongly for Sasuke. So that was it! But where would I find that person? Ahh! Sakura-chan!

"Hmm. We could try to get Sakura." Kakashi replied as if answering Naruto's questioning thoughts. Naruto nodded at this.

Tsunade didn't reply again.

"What? You don't think it would work?"

"I don't know. But I don't think Sakura's feelings for him are enough."

"Do you know anyone else who has strong feelings for him, in the first place?"

Naruto waited for the next reply. It was a long time and Naruto thought that maybe they have sensed him nearby that's why they stopped talking. A sweat rolled down Naruto's forehead and he swallowed the lump in his throat.

He was about to leave when he heard, "You should know that, Kakashi. Sasuke is your student after all."

Naruto waited for a few moments more, after the conversation has ended. He knew now what was wrong. So all he had to do was ask Sakura-chan to try it as soon as possible and get Sasuke to wake up. That was so simple. Naruto nodded his head and went out of the room.

He was determined to be the one to save Sasuke this time. Then the blonde left the room with a determined smile. Naruto's mission is to find someone who has feelings that were strong enough to bring Sasuke back to life.


… to be continued.


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