Title: Love Is More Than You Can Imagine

Summary: SasuNaru. After Uchiha Sasuke has returned Konoha, team 7 was sent on a mission. Then they came back with an unconscious Sasuke and there's only ONE way to wake him up.

This is a SasuNaru.
A SasuNaru this is.

Chapter 5: Sasuke, good morning.


"Sasuke, it was me! I kissed you while you were sleeping!"

Naruto told the tree.

"Damn, this wouldn't work."

Naruto looked at the tree once again and took a deep breath. He imagined Sasuke's face in front of him.

"Noooo…I can't do it." But he had to.

Naruto had been practicing his confession for almost an hour, but he still couldn't decide how to say it to Sasuke. He knew he should prepare for the worst: denial, disgust, rejection. Dreading this, Naruto's shoulders slumped again. As much this terrified him, he couldn't live with himself if he didn't tell Sasuke.

He pushed himself from the tree he was leaning against and decided to head off and find the Uchiha. But Naruto stopped after taking a few steps. Where should he first look for Sasuke? At this time of the day, Sasuke would usually go to the training grounds.

Naruto closed his eyes for a brief moment. He waited and listened for the wind. Everything around him stilled as he focused his chakra on finding a certain chakra signature. His mind wandered past the trees, the forest, the streets … until his mind saw the sea. Then he opened his eyes. I know where he is.


And Sasuke was right there. Sitting on that wooden dock, just like the little Sasuke that Naruto often saw in the late afternoon when they were kids. Naruto stopped and just stared at Sasuke's back which was still proudly wearing the Uchiha Clan symbol. Sasuke was sitting, facing the setting sun. His sword lay just on his right side. Naruto stared at how unguarded Sasuke seemed to look.

"Hey dobe. Come here."

Naruto was startled. He really shouldn't have been surprised, he thought. Because Naruto was so preoccupied with his own worries that he even forgot to mask his chakra. Which really, wasn't necessary, because somehow, Sasuke always mysteriously knew if Naruto was present. Curiosity moved Naruto's feet. He walked towards Sasuke and stopped beside him. Sasuke reached up to grab the edge of Naruto's shirt, until Naruto bent down a little then finally kneeled down next to him. Then Sasuke had pulled him down for a kiss.

Naruto jerked away the instant their lips met, not because he was disgusted. He was just startled. This wasn't what he was expecting, of course. "What was that for, Sasuke?" Naruto was kneeling beside Sasuke and his face was not so far from him, even if he backed away a little.

Sasuke looked back at him, innocently. "Well, you came up to me looking like that. And I just couldn't resist it, and I felt like kissing you."

Naruto was at lost for words. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again. He ran a hand through his hair in frustration then titled his head and looked at the setting sun. Naruto tried replying again, but he was staring at the sun's reflection in the water. "Sasuke, you can't just go kissing people just because you felt like doing it."

"Really? You mean you didn't feel like kissing me when you did?" Naruto didn't have to look to know that there was a smirk somewhere there.

"Wh-what? Now you're saying that it was me who kissed you?" Sasuke was sometimes full of himself. So now, Sasuke must be so smug at knowing that Naruto was crazy for him. Naruto was stammering, "So…So, you woke up because … because you think that I like you?" Blonde eyebrows frowned in confusion and disbelief. Naruto took his gaze away from the sea and looked at Sasuke.

Sasuke stared back at him. Their stares held each other for a few seconds, before Sasuke spoke, "No… because I like you," Sasuke was the one who looked away this time and stared at the sea. "Usuratonkachi."

Naruto was surprised. He was actually waiting for a Katon to flame him in a few seconds, but instead, he got this reaction. All right, lay it to me slowly. "But Sasuke, what if… I don't like…"

"But you do. We both do. That's why I woke up, right?"

"What if you don't like this, this fact that you like me too?"

"Naruto," Sasuke brought back his stare at Naruto. Naruto noticed that he was frowning a little harder than usual. "Why are you so worried? Don't tell me it's you who doesn't like it."

Naruto waved his arms frantically, "No… NO! I mean Yes, I do like it… I mean…" He marveled at how articulate he could be when he's under pressure. Naruto was aware of what he was feeling for Sasuke and how he regarded this whole matter. Everything was just at the tip of his tongue but he still couldn't explain it. Naruto took a deep breathe and recalled his past experience for the last week. "Of course, it was … you know, shocking when I realized it at first, destroyed the forest and all… but…"

Sasuke cut him off. But instead of being harsh, like he always was, Naruto thought he heard that hint of worry in Sasuke. "Then why are you so…scared, Naruto?"

Seeing Sasuke with all his defenses down like this, it was just too painful and beautiful to see. "It's just…" Naruto took his stare away and looked at the sun again. He couldn't bear looking at Sasuke when his eyes were very open. "This…"

All thoughts were one again completely forgotten when Naruto felt Sasuke's hands holding his face. Sasuke pulled him close and kissed him again. It didn't last long. It was as if Sasuke was just replying to a question that he just asked. This time, it was Sasuke who pulled away. "You were saying?" Naruto opened his eyes to stare into Sasuke's black ones. Their faces were so close that Naruto remembered every single detail of what happened last night.

Everything else was happening just like before. Naruto losing himself and drowning in Sasuke's scent as Sasuke's lips parted to ask something which Naruto failed to hear. He was getting lost again in this wonderful world of Sasuke. Naruto stared intently at the parted lips and still, he thought of the same thing: Sasuke was still incredibly beautiful. Naruto leaned forward and kissed Sasuke, this time, he wasn't aware that it was himself who moved first. He felt the drumming of his heart in his chest and the funny feeling that he was having in his stomach. Before he closed his eyes, he knew that Sasuke would respond back.

Naruto felt Sasuke's arms tightening around him and he embraced the other boy as hard as he could. "…Sasuke?" Naruto whispered.

"You don't have to explain anymore." Sasuke pulled Naruto to his chest and the blonde was now cradled in his arms. "…and I hope I don't have to explain myself either. I like the reality that I like you, now shut up."

"You're funny, Sasuke." Naruto was taking in all detail that he could. If it was possible, he wanted to stay like this forever. "I just want to say that, I can't believe that something good like this could happen to me." He continued as he listened to Sasuke's beating heart. "Is this really happening, Sasuke?"


…then Naruto just woke up.

Something soft was pressing against his lips. He opened his eyes and saw Sasuke's eyelids open slowly to reveal black irises. He was leaning just over him, a few centimeters away.

"Morning, dobe." His whole body responded to Sasuke's husky voice. Sasuke was lying on top of him, with a few locks of his hair sticking to his forehead. "Had a good sleep?"

"Had a better wake-up call, though." Naruto held the other boy's face and pulled him down again for a quick kiss.

"Of course, this works every time." Sasuke leaned down again for a kiss and he was about to deepen it, when Naruto suddenly squirmed.

The blonde was ecstatic this morning. Naruto was flailing his arms again, every time he would start getting excited over something. "Sasuke, Sasuke! I just had a really great dream!"

"Really? Where were we doing it?"

"Bastard! Not that!" Sasuke received a playful punch on his shoulder.

"Alright, what was it about?"

"Remember what happened to me in our mission in the Hidden Redwood Village? That was about two years ago, I think."

Sasuke 's expression suddenly turned serious. "How could I forget that, dobe?"

"Well, guess what! In my dream…" Naruto tried sitting up, while still embracing the boy that was on top of him, "… it happened to you INSTEAD!"

"…and in your dream, you were the one who woke me up, right?"

"Ahah! That's the best part! It was Gai-sensei!"

Then the blonde boy jumped out of bed hastily. He was laughing like a maniac at the raven-haired boy who threw shouts and curses at him. Promises of death and torture were hurled around the Uchiha house that morning.



the end.

Deepest thanks to everyone who appreciated and supported this story. Thank you so much.

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