The Pants

I don't own SK, or Superman, or George Bush and his government, or Sadam Hussein. Enjoy! (and review); not my usual writing style, but I'm open to experiments.

My name is Lois Lane and frankly, apart from marrying Superman, I never thought life could get any weirder.

"The Paaaaaaaaaaaaaants! We Must All Worship The Golden Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants Of Light! The Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants! Bow Down To Hao's Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaants! We Shall Make A New Religion Called Pantsism And Have Hao's Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants As The Center! Hoo-ha!"

These are the words of a true Hao fan. I heard it while I was on one of my writing-unblock trips.

His mouth must have been prophetic or something, because one month later, it happened.

Someone obtained The Pants.

With my investigation skills, I learned that George Bush bought Hao Asakura's Pants at the reasonable price of 3 million $.

Since my husband has flown on Kryptonia or something, I have to do all the work for the both. Careful and prudent, I adventure myself into one of the many rooms of the White House. I click the button of my hidden camera to turn it on, as I move forward. I can see a light coming from my left.

A Shrine dedicated to Hao's Pants.

I hear music, and I see Mr. President and the entire government kneeling in front of his Pants. The Pantists.

"Oh, Hao's pants, please help us dispose the world of that Sadam Hussein! Help us find the bastard and get all of Arabia's oil! And we shall always worship youuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

The candles in the room light up, by fire. Maybe the Pants have answered him. Or Hao's Spirit of Fire. Bush finished his prayer and silently walks away. I shrug and leave. Weird.

Even weirder?

Bush's army ACTUALLY managed to catch Hussein.

What will Bush prey for next?

I look us the window and see the White House burn in flames. Well, he DID ask for oil. I wonder who lit the match…